Alpha 2 Build Uploading..

Update 0003: The build is there check your emails =).. I am working on the next build and thigns are really shaping up =).. Small things here and there.. The last big thing is the problem Doom and MrSpud are having.. back to work

Update: Done rebuilding the certs for adhoc at least… now I am about to test the build on my 2g to be sure I can send it out.. =)…

Update: ALL of my certificates and profiles were expired by apple. Not totally sure why. But I am having to rebuild everything and along the way deal with erroneous information from my mac… SOOO… when I get to where I can actually WORK again I will let yall know here =)… day wasted due to apple and their “strange” methods =P….

Well this guy spent 2 days full time where apple has me in a corner =)..

Note to new Alpha members and Novaro =).. I did not have time this morning to add new uids to the tester pool I will attempt that later today. =)

Email coming soon:
Mr Spud and Doom try this build on those devices it has a TON of optimizations and fixes that may fix what yall were seeing. If not I will focus on that before I move on.

To start a quest you can go to the warp machine and type Q then the number of the quest 0-7. Level 1 and 2 are the only ones you can warp to. The stats progression are not done yet and won’t be for a while. We need room to progress before that really gets tested. =)

The online player pic is off for now. I am working on that. =)

Again stat progression is not in.. that will be what I work on today and Sunday. I wanted to get all these fixes and quests to you guys to beat on =)..

Sounds are a bit goofy. I will also hit that today and tomorrow with some fixes I now have to go back through the codebase argh…

As for the arena…when you test please first thing just walk over and join the arena and close the wait window then you are in queue and if anyone joins you will be pulled into the arena. πŸ˜‰

Sorry for the bad typing my wife is rushing me out the door and I want to get this out first…in a hurry as always.. =P

Into testing Alpha2

Looks good for a build tonight.. I want to get it out to see if all the work I have been doing fixes mr spud and dooms device…. Then focus on those problems if not. =).. I have just 2 issues to resolve first. =)

New video showing quest 6 and its bomb =)

I have level 1 and level 2 in I am testing and fixing as I go.
I need to finish recording the audio for 3 quests both intro and reward cut scenes..

After that it is a push until alpha2. A few days should see a build =).. things are moving faster and faster as I re-factor code for speed of production..

Next stage of testing….

Update: I think the drill rooms on level 2 will give you guys a hint of what this engine can do =).. cannot wait to nail out the bugs and get it to yall =)..

CHEAT CODE HINT: Whats my name! =P

While waiting on the next build you can play with what is coming.. most of the skills given are not done but you do get heads to buy all the pvp armor..
Stat bonuses are still in flux also. =) .. that will be that way until we hit levels 11-20 I suppose.. =)

Will be when I get level 2 and all its quests tested now. I cleaned a TON of code up to get ready to plow through all the quests. The intro cut scene system was revamped for creation speed thus the intro looks a little different a logo for ME is in there now let me know how to make it look better…

I should ship this in the next few days (after I hopefully figure out why MrSpud is having problems). .. then I expect to release the next after levels 2-10 are done…
that would be all of episode one complete at that point.

back to work then the day job.. =)


at the warp maching type Q(LEVEL) ie Q3 will start you fresh on quest 3.. and 1 or 2 to warp to either open level =) Just putting it here so I do not forget to tell everyone =)

Let the testing commence =)

Level 2 drill shaft room =)

Going to the casino tonight to have fun loosing some money but after that I will be full force fixing bugs and finishing levels 1-10 for the next phase…

Is anyone else experiencing what Mr Spud did where the game ground to a halt with serious performance issues? If so please be sure you deleted the older release before installing the new. IF you still have that issue PLEASE let me know…

Please please please let me know how the game could be better -=)

Happy friday all!

-Be sure Mr Spuds issue is not just reinstalling…
-Cannot move some menus… (new menu bug)
-Data being uploaded is currupted as far as actual kills and the like… so rankings are wrong =)
-On site pictures are not showing =)

-Sounds now are positional..Kill


On my way to 200! quests! all with cut scenes and audio! ….

Update: Website is feeling better cron job was not running.. and yes I noticed for some reason the upload is AFTER the pic is taken… argh

I now show the TOP 3 pictures.. =)

-Cannot move some menus… (new menu bug)
-Data being uploaded is currupted as far as actual kills and the like… so rankings are wrong =)
-On site pictures are not showing =)

-Sounds now are positional..Kill

Update.. You have unlimited energy for now for testing so fire away on the abilities… next build you will have to be playing as the average joe =)

Update: There was a HUGE menu revamp in code to clean up and speed up… SO please let me know of menu anomalies =)

Ok I worked really hard to get it to this point. I am sure there are plenty of issues.. but 50 people beating on this build could save me a TON of time working on the build. Create your character (I think there are website issues.. the accounts are there though… So I will look at that tomorrow after accounts are made.) I will release the cheat code at a later point to give yall the fun toys for tier 1.

This is my first shot at internet multiplayer solo so let me know how it goes the shard server is up and running waiting for yall.. just goto the malice machine and click enter arena when someone is available you will head right in to fight…

Let me know of any issues here please and I will quick release builds this week until we are all satisfied then move to the next phase of levels 2 – 10… but lets get the nagging issues here before they multiply by 10. then phase 2 – 3 – 4 and 5

levels 11-20 , 21-30, 31-40, and 41-50.. then the final push testing.. =)… GET ER DONE!

Thanks all for the help and input… please pass the word because even if people are not in the alpha they can comment on opinions here =)


Update: Attmepting the build release tonight.. =)…build uploading email in an hour or so =)

Update: Found a serious bug so I still have to get it fixed then maybe I will keep yall posted =)

Still small things like name tags being to low and the like… BUT almost there! =)

here is a video to tide ya’ll over.. please pass on the news of this game I really would like the most input possible!


Update: Day Job =)… Tonight push to the end of alpha I hope..

Update: things are going well.. I am finding things here and there. The moment I can play through without noticing a problem or a rough area I will hand out the alpha for you guys to beat on -)..good stuff..I would guess between tomorrow night and thursday night…

Single player for alpha (the first 4 quests) is DONE.. I am now just working on some multiplayer issues and messaging -).. After I finish testing and fixing that I will be blasting out the final rounds of alpha builds. Finally we need to make sure the game not only works everywhere but FEELS right… IE is fun / paced right story wise and advancement wise…Keep your eyes peeled =).. hopefully I can finish the little items tonight and get a first build out tomorrow =). I really appreciate the testing I really need it with just how huge this game is.. =)… After that OFF TO THE RACES!… I will create level sets with the story quests (cut scenes) and release them with premade characters to test each phase.. (which also can be taken into the arena =) )…..