Work time!




Going to post some tonight as I work 😉
Lots to do as I need to ship this bad boy!

LOL wow… rejected due to low resolution…

Umm hello Necro is 6 years old and ran at a super high framerate on an iPhone 3G! … Welp going to have to do some more work on necro it seems…It does not seem to bad though I just need to redo some textures. I should be able to do that tonight.

One last build for Necro…

Hopefully.. I remove the need to press loot to open the loot window as that was annoying. Now you just walk up to a corpse pile and the loot window opens. I also fixed a counting system for the quest that caused some items not to count as quest items.

FINALLY back to cursed realms…. I will upload the test build first then send the same build to apple.