Getting there

I rewrote all the item creation systems, inventory systems, and tons of other stuff over the last week and a half. I updated them all to be a HECK of a lot more robust and work the way unity works. I have a few pieces left but the hardest stuff is done as seen below the character is back to assembling the icons back to being created. The item is a game object in world that is disabled now under the inventory slot. Really a lot better way of doing things. Keep on keeping on… cannot wait to get this all together finally and get a testable game done!…


Workingon the AI

I have all the systems in I am adjusting the ai to be better and also working on making the game totally work together. I have almost EVERYTHING done I just need to start tying together the game. IE running around in my fish bowl level and fight AI and have everything work!…. A bit to go but I will update as I go =). more later…

busy busy

Life is getting busy but all week I plan on working on ME 2 I need to get the AI working again. I may drop rain with the new AI systems Unity released recently. I need to research it today and make a decision before I waste any more time. Other then that I am REALLY happy with the refactoring I did with the code. The systems are 500% more robust and allow REALLY quick quest creation!…. After AI i need to get cut scene systems working… and start polishing for testing with testers on PC and Mac…. Then we make the game happen together =)..

All is going well when I get time to work on the game

Lots going on this summer. However I have the item system up and running great in a MUCH more awesome unity based system. I can toss mods under a game object and they automatically assemble. Same thing for the skeletal meshes… I will elaborate more when I get time for now I need to work!

The day job has been rough lately trying to pull out of some problems and keeping the real paycheck coming….

Upgrading the item system

After learning a TON about Unity I am redoing my original item systems to a much more robust and easier to work with system that works along with unity in a much better way.. .I will post as I go it is pretty busy in life right now however!.. I am still putting in week nights hard core. Tonight I do have a late meeting that will eat a little time out. More later

Creating a firing range =-)

Unity is so nicely designed I am pretty much assembling my weapons to work in a firing range to test everything via messages to the items =)….. anyway I will expand once I get more done on the range and the saw working this way!…

Here is the range =).. and the button to use an item… Almost there.. I need to get the Item database and the Mod database updated =)… but a much better solution.. now all items only respond to hold down… release.. much easier…


Got a ton done last night

I have the first mission fully working… I also have the new awesome radar working like aliens.. I love it!… The pulse goes over the radar scopr and as it passes a target it lights the target and it fades.. It will have a blip sound also as it detects it. Objectives are always lit up. Other items only when in range. I plan on items and enemies both appearing on the radar.

Now back to items. The current system is far to complex and as I have become a master of Unity I see much better ways to create the items =).. Sooooo I will be looking at that system, refactoring it, and then adding in the items to play level one. Then the last step of tying it all together and creating the intro-load screens and intro. Getting close to a testable game!.. I am also dedicated to getting it there now. I am spending every night working on it. So the push to a playable testable game is on!.

More later!