Doing the day job now!

Both versions are back in with 4!!! unanswered emails to apple asking about what dirty things they are doing to my App!… 😉

Tonight.. after fam time I will be back on the exporter and shaders. I hopefully will have a build of SouL_EnginE 2.0 soon.. and a pretty demo of the shaders at work!..

I sure will need an ipad soon!

Other failed also

it is only failing due to my anti piracy code … Sadly I have to try once and wait a week to see if it worked… I am starting to think they do things they should not … Until I get an answer I will be trying new ways…. Sadly I cannot release withou some sort of protection the last time I did that 98% of my games were stolen… And with multiple player servers I cannot afford that….

So sorry guys still trying and waiting on a response from apple

One Failure one still in review…

Ok now that that is back in back to parralax shaders! =P..

Checked and double checked… re-uploading…

Update Fixed a few things now VERY CAREFULLY following apples process… one version is still in review and I am putting this one back in…

Update: I should be able to get it back in today.. I have a few things I want to fix and then just need to test it out…

I must have fouled up a setting going in and the build was bad for one of the versions… good news though the other is still in review.. so if it makes it that means as soon as I resubmit the other we are good.. So goes apple… wait wait wait wait… GO…. wait wait wait wait wait…


So as I expected…there will be another submission… I must have got confused with the TOTALLY new submission system…. I have to get everything perfect or fail. Anyway back to submission.. ;)… waiting makes the heart grow fonder right… or is that distance.. ;P


I just wanted to say it again…
With open GL ES 2.0 I finally get my shaders back… SO.. I have to write a new exporter that supports the new UV coords and I am saving the normals and tangents out also to save calculations at load time.. ( I hate making the user wait while tangents are calculated )

So in 1 evening I went from 0 to finished exporter (still need bone data though. =) )

LOVE BLENDER!.. I am using blender as in the future I have been contemplating letting users make their own dungeons down to uploading new art (that would go through an evaluaiton before being allowed.) Blender is FREE.. I would give the exporter out free also =)..you find an imaging tool and away you go making your own game happen… Anyway, right now a pipe dream Mission Europa is the focus!!! .. back to the day job then tonight I get to return to happy happy joy land of shaders while I wait on apple! (Kinda of sick that I like it that much…it has been soooo long!)


I revamped the controls completely now… they are spot on.. The testers wanted one more whack so they get it… After they get a quick play I bet this bad boy is going to apple.. I will have to submit two builds at once .. 😉

I would say within 72 hours I will be watching that submission progress bar =).. weeeeeee!!!!!

The day has arrived!

Starter Video:

Here is icon in ipad simulator

DO you all like a little purple behind him? I am not sure.. maybe black and white back there?

Almost done icons

I am asking the testers on the forum if they think we are ready to submit the first time to apple for approval…

I feel like it is very ready.

The endless late nights are almost over!!! I cannot wait to start getting some impressions out there…

Ok back to finalizing. If anyone runs a site with decent traffic I still have a very few preview builds available….

Mission Europa

Preview builds going out soon!

Correction:Slide to play is the only website that asked for a Preview build NOT touch arcade.. no response from touch arcade…yet hopefully .. =)

While I finish and find the last issues I am going to send out a preivew build (to so far only Touch Arcade is interest) with the first Release Candidate 😉

RC1 goes soon out to testers as a complete and locked down game!.. =)

I am shooting for tonight!

Promo video inc..

Had a bunch of regular job work today but put in 8 hours of playing yesterday and soon to be 8 tonight.. after a bunch of tweaks I plan on putting out the preview builds tomorrow after work … cannot wait for a normal life for a while and not 16 hour days ;)… been a year now of that.. ;P

BACK TO WORK… Day job is through!

landing tonight

80 whole views on the video ;P… any ideas on getting the word out? I have preview builds going put the next few days… any other ideas?

Getting there peops…

A note to other developers.. I lost an entire night due to this… I went back to test my iap for the standard version. All the previously working systems returned invalid product IDs .. I had not changed the code what so ever. After 4 hours I finally just made a new App ID. A new itunes app, Downloaded new profiles… yes it stank…but all the sudden it works… argh…

Anyway .. I am getting there any day now we should see it go to apple. -)