Level 3 almost done ;)



Moving to level 4 soon 😉

This is the prison break level level 4 will be an escort mission. You will hve to stay alive and keep your caravan alive ;).

Level 3 is very different as you do not have a corpses and cannot create units you will have to break them
Out. If you run out of imps up to 3 will warp in to help you 😉 no fog
Of war on this level.

More later

Level 3


Update you get land mines on level 3. Boom!

Level 3 should be done tonight then on to level 4!.

Level 3 is called Jailbreak. You are sent to break out a human army detachment of tanks and medics. The users have captured them and plan on using them to produce more Bliss. There is a long path with lots of bridges over caverns that lead to cells. On one side there are the cells and on the other side there are large numbers of user turrets, tanks, and medics. They all will be trying to take you out so you have to do the best you can to rescue enough survivors and set enough traps before you open the last area where the Warden is.

More later.

Mr Spud points out EA Mythic competition coming.


We shall see the rooms seem really small and it seems as if you can only have a few characters on screen. Should be interesting. It would be really hard to do dungeon keeper on a cookie cutter engine. I love competition though and it motivates me for sure =).. Wonder if anyone will mention Cursed Realms there in the comments and this thread with copious pics… ;)…














Final build until next week coming today.

Update: With my absence for the 2 week period we lost a lot of people here so votes count. What does everyone think about dumping the in game tutorial and going with a website / faq that explains everything? So you would press a how to play button and it would push you to a website with all the information. I feel the tutorial slows down the game. I want to get in and get busy not be lead through it. While testing level 2 without the tutorial lets see what everyone thinks.


It is a first pass at level 2. Enjoy the blitz =)

This level gets pretty intense and is set at night. The final boss is not complete but is there. And the story has not been set to audio yet. No cut scenes yet either I would like to start nailing down the gameplay while I finish my big day job project due Monday. Then I will start the late night push to release. The levels go together very quickly with my tools. =)

It should be out in a hour or so. To play it press the level 2 button at the top of the title screen. =)

Going to be a slow last of the week.

Update: I have to get some sound work done tonight then I will release the next build with level 2. Just press test level 2 from the title screen at the top. =)

I see with a little more tweaking and after the big day job project ships about 3-4 more weeks of dev time then this bad boy will be ready for a full beta.





The day job will be eating my time Wens to Mon. However, after that the major project will finally be done and I can really work on the moonlight job. I have to pay the bills with the day job =). I can create a level a day with the in game systems so it should go rather quick from here on out for the first 10 levels or the User campaign.

More later!
I plan on a build tomorrow for testing while I finish the day job major project.

So to put it short. I have to finish this game asap after this big project goes out and make it as good as possible =)… So I will be kicking the afterburners again and having those late nights to get it done. Episode one will be 10 levels.