Need testers for Mission Europa

Update Test build out to testers lets see if that works… =)

Update: I think I might have found something that could cause an issue. A new depreciated window control kinda thing. I will be pushing a build to testers asap =)…

Update: Doom to the rescue he has one of the required devices I just need to reprovision it into the system. I rebuilt the entire window interface so hopefully that will fix the black screen on certain devices. A shot in the dark but I have a hunch on that one. I am going to try to get him a build today or tomorrow.

I am trying to shoe horn this almost 3 year old app into the new os (It was started beforethere was an iPad even). I only have an iPad2 iPad3 iPhone 5. It works on those!… but something is wrong with the resolution settings or window settings for the other phones. It works great in the simulator sadly.

If you have the below device and you would be willing to test and help please email me at
iPhone 5s
iPad Mini retina

I will be working this weekend to get Mission Europa back up and running.

Sorry for the delays.

Back to Cursed Realms.

I have the final design doc up and in stone…. this is a go ;).. I will (X) as I go and make sure it all works.

I am making cursed realms a LOOOOOOOOT faster to match the pickup and play style of the device while I DREAM of Mission Europa the Cursed Realms =)…. yup there is a reason why the cursed realms were formed and it ties into cursed realms. Probably my last not FULL fps game… I love FPS which is in cursed realms but is not the main focus..


Europa is on test flight for those still there able to try it out.


I just have an iPad3 and iPhone5 so I cannot check the 5 or so other devices except on the simulators which stink. So tossed the latest build of Mission Europa up to testflightapp after a million switches and changes for the new OS 7.0 from 3.1.3. Anywho back to Cursed Realms…


SOOOO many updates since IOS 3.0.
I will resubmit it today. I might try to test flight it also.

Got some new things I am putting in Cursed Realms.


There are 3 paths of battle now.
1. Player to player where you attack other players.
2. Player to AI base defense where you press the event button saying you are ready for a random event that attacks your base constructed from your level. You garner loot from all the soldiers you kill.
3. Single Player Campaign. (The original game but sped up to match the fast paced online game.)

Any-who back to battle!

Time for some tweaking!

Time to add new ways to make gold. Currently you can dig it out and when you log out it has a chance of spawning back when you return. I also want a gold drill. This operates all the time generating cash. I am also accerelating game play and making more random events that trigger while you are playing. I am thinking of new ways to make the game play interesting, fun, and spontaneous.

I also will be looking into Mission Europa as someone said it is not working for them. That means updating XCode, All my Devices, and the dev kit. ARGH… ;/

And the new wiki location is here: