Rolling again.

What a couple weeks!.. I am starting a tutorial and FAQ section on the forum to teach people about the complexities of Cursed Realms. I am also working on the FPS side still and the bug list. I expect a build again soon as my day job finally is letting me come up for air! =)

I hope everyone’s day is going fantastic.

Got some new tweaks in and some fixes

I still want to get a bit more of the list culled down before I ship a new build. Life has hit me hard but I am slowly getting back at it. All will be back to normal over the next few weeks and we will ship this game!.. =)

Got these done last night:
Ok good, there seems to be some flickering tile fog issues, where the fog isn’t doing its job properly too, you’ll have to take a look at that.
— Added iPad detection to switching to first person and back

Adjusted FPS controls for autowalk

Reduced feeler length for walking

Reworked rendering system too allow for a really cool blur effect

Walk Hit Box

More to come….

Ok most issued resolved in my crisis time.

I am getting back to the list and will most probably start hitting Cursed Realms hard Monday. I will have a little time here and there to get some work in this weekend. However, the family has decided to move due to the crisis we went through. So this weekend we shall be packing up and cleaning out our beloved house for green pastures. It was time for an upgrade!…More as the dust settles….

Back at it

Appreciate what you have when times are good all!.. Things are getting better for us and we are leaning on Christ my savior. Now back to Cursed Realms as this project has to get completed!.. I will be getting back to things today and I think by the end of the week have another build. I am starting to wonder if I should skip the tutorial and offer a you tube video showing how to play? What do you all think?

Family emergency

Update: Still working issues out I will be getting a little time today and more as time goes on..

Update: This will take a few more days I believe. Sorry for the delays and thanks for the testing and patience

I have a serious issue that developed in my family yesterday and it will be a few days until I can get back to cursed realms.

Hope you all stick around and see you soon

Imperator Posted a new video of Cursed Realms Below.


Upcoming in 1.81 so far

11) Bridge tile (important for traversing water)
— hmm will have to add.

3) Clanking footsteps when treading over your owned tiles in first person mode, we get the soil sand currently even when on this part. These are metal tiles, I want a walk tile clank sound
— In and pseudo expensive for the little effect. Took an hour but its there now… Pretty wild what can take hours and what takes seconds =)..

Food floors now make sloppy water sound when you walk on them in first person.

alter buttons and switch lightning and corpser

4) Increase sidestep speed when possessing a minion
— Done

12) Corpser button for ease of access


BRIDGES ARE IN!… Now you can bridge water. Currently only in editor mode until level 2



Under the weather a bit today but still at work.. More when I get a few moments =)


Getting a TON done… even my son is really liking the game now =)… he says its awesome and I cannot get him off my test iPad lol


— NOW imps will dig and gather gold way in advance of anything else it is by distance but gold and

Tutorial has been fixed with stuck point. The new skip broke something.
– Bad news it was the code not you. =)

make medics wonder long distances randomly… small chance they go for a stroll. and find some trouble.
–they stroll longer distances randomly

1) Medics still getting caught on the corners of walls, can be really irritating
–I set up new maze and did great I might have fixed. Will need more testing

2) Get rid of ghosting/double vision when as a medic

Just downloaded, the next step will be to sync the audio to the skip, so when you skip that section the new audio syncs with the next part.

Bug found: selling your tiles has stopped working.
It has something to do with beds, it removes the bed but not the tile.

–Skip just key to key in script?
Idea: Turn on skip and set script name to it then skip will skip to the next key. No matter what. Look for errors of adding effects to something that is not there. This should also take care of the load screen weirdness. Close the skip prior to script ending by a second.

–Soldiers should naturally patrol, it helps the dungeon feel alive, they should do their day to day activities such as eating .
–They wander around it just takes time and random luck to wander into something.


UPDATE: Big fix testers. You could not proceed beyond the imp part due to an order of process error I had.. the slower the device the more likely it would happen. My

Words of fear in Dungeon Keeper now are in Cursed realms for the next build =).. Each unit costs 25 gold a payday currently… if you have insufficient funds the minion will wait around about 30 seconds and if he is not paid he will start shooting your place up =)…

More as I work!.. Long work day on Cursed Realms today.

Working the holidays!

4 days off and I wil be PLOWING into Cursed realms.. Today I am going to only work a few hours but the rest of the week will be work only =) I hope to be at level 2 by the end of the holiday . We shall see how close I get!

I will have 1.6 ready tomorrow with a TON of fixes and I will also start level 2. Night fight!



Beds in

New build on its way to you all… Not a whole lot but the beds and sleeping in them took some time along with the new skip button. Also I did not work the weekend.. Then my day job started kicking my butt =).. Any-who new build out soon and I am back on the list… the corpser button did not make it yet.


Imp laziness
Ryan Be sure your retreat flag is not up! and they have food and homes.

Combat tweaks

NEW SKIP BUTTON only skips that window.




Area effect attack. Decent damage but to many at once.. groupped up units will suffer losses big time.
Ryan:Done and damn they are fun and devastating…

6) Individual unit beds, Imps a little hole of soil or something similar.
— I like it.. I will add this to the to do =)..
Ryan: Code in I have to make the dang beds now!… argh.. one per type!..


Beds done on to the rest of the list 😉


A couple issues to note.

Tutorial currently stops where I removed the buttons I have to go remake that part just skip it.

And imps lost their way 😉 fixing that tonight for hopefully a new build