Rolling again.

What a couple weeks!.. I am starting a tutorial and FAQ section on the forum to teach people about the complexities of Cursed Realms. I am also working on the FPS side still and the bug list. I expect a build again soon as my day job finally is letting me come up for air! =)

I hope everyone’s day is going fantastic.

Got some new tweaks in and some fixes

I still want to get a bit more of the list culled down before I ship a new build. Life has hit me hard but I am slowly getting back at it. All will be back to normal over the next few weeks and we will ship this game!.. =)

Got these done last night:
Ok good, there seems to be some flickering tile fog issues, where the fog isn’t doing its job properly too, you’ll have to take a look at that.
— Added iPad detection to switching to first person and back

Adjusted FPS controls for autowalk

Reduced feeler length for walking

Reworked rendering system too allow for a really cool blur effect

Walk Hit Box

More to come….

Ok most issued resolved in my crisis time.

I am getting back to the list and will most probably start hitting Cursed Realms hard Monday. I will have a little time here and there to get some work in this weekend. However, the family has decided to move due to the crisis we went through. So this weekend we shall be packing up and cleaning out our beloved house for green pastures. It was time for an upgrade!…More as the dust settles….

Back at it

Appreciate what you have when times are good all!.. Things are getting better for us and we are leaning on Christ my savior. Now back to Cursed Realms as this project has to get completed!.. I will be getting back to things today and I think by the end of the week have another build. I am starting to wonder if I should skip the tutorial and offer a you tube video showing how to play? What do you all think?