Working my butt off on the list.

Not much to say. I got the new particle system in and some blood sprays. I am 75% done with the beam effect. Then its on to the next thing on the list. When its done alpha starts =)…

Here is a video while I worked. I was working on the beam you see in purple. The other effects are there for fun and pus bucket just likes sparkleys (he is not so bright).

Crazy Jeeper =)the red one needs to be checked for jump jets…

The list…

I am digging in . I have new particle systems running and I will be running down the list tonight. By the way if you are offered Ghost Pepper Cheese….. think twice.. owach. I eat habeneros for breakfast but man that ghost cheese was HOT… (and good)… More when I get it. I hope to get some videos and images over the next few days for review and ideas up here.

Deep breath and diving in =)

No pics tonight all code.. and boring ;)… still going and I will post tomorrow =)..

Target alpha I plan on some late nights this week and probably next also to push towards alpha. I will get some posts tonight as I go. As always any ideas on anything I post or is on the list I would love to read =)….

Day job! Hope your day goes great.

Happy Memorial Day

A big one to the vets we have a few in my family that gave a good chunk of their lives saving other people from monsters even back to world war two and that evil that was stopped.

I had a bunch of family in this weekend so I did not get to get much done. Next week though I am going to start my big push to Alpha. I plan on putting in many a late night to finally get this game to a playable distributable state so we can get this baby rolling 😉

Have a GREAT GREAT Memorial day.

Diablo 3 impressions after a very long play session…like my opinion matters =P….

I 100% agree with Kirk. Diablo 1-2 are still good games. Diablo 1-2 still looks pretty good as it used pre rendered graphics. The team that made the original Diablo was way more into it if you ask me.

You can view them here =)

There was a true love there. This Diablo 3 feels VERY VERY VERY bleached commercial clean. I find myself feeling like I am playing W.O.W. on every level. I really seriously forget it is diablo. From the timer cool downs to the baby cartoon graphics with a little blood here and there. You will notice in the original Diablo you did not have timers. You have mana, health, and potions. I think that is what SUCKS in diablo 3. In Diablo 1-2 you could just go absolutely BALASTIC, NUCLEAR, BAT S___ NUTS at the expense of all of your potions. The cool down on potions is R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D as it retards your characters nuclear abilities. Thus you could store up for a skin peeling attack and really have fun. In D3 the timers hold you back and limit you. Even with the potion overload it was way easier to die in the original. Another huge detraction is the artwork. The artwork in Diablo 3 just does not fit the story at all. This is HELL PEOPLE….

Orignal Butchers room:

New Butchers Room:

The new one hellish and scary… nope… I just do not feel like I am fighting the powers of hell at ALL. Right now I am after the witch and she looks like a fairy tale.

Is that scarier then Mephesto!

NO way in HELL…. -=(

Heck check out this… it compares to the modern Diablo 3 where you also cannot move the Camera

Got potions? I hope so… got timers and cool downs? I hope not!

Imagine if the original team had the power of modern computing and graphics cards. What an amazing thing that team could make. Anyway I will keep playing as it is moderately fun. I do not think it deserves the name Diablo though. In the past diablo was SO FAR ahead of the competition. Hell it still got a patch 9 YEARS after its release!. Released in 1996 here is some of the RPG competition..

Dragon realms!

Final Fantasy was better back then also 😉

YIKES… yes we played these -)

Yeap….We have come a long way sadly Diablo has not. ;/

Day Job time then back to Cursed Realms.

Hey whatcha doing?

Just flying a blood dripping mutant around is all…

Small test level trying out the flying… found a bug at the end =)… still a ways to go .. Very different game huh =) hopefully not to different.

This is running on a 4 year old or so Mac Mini in simulation mode so please ignore the FPS it SCREAMS on newer devices.

More when I get it =-)