Dumping that menu system.

I just do not like it. It works in VR pretty nicely and it is pretty. However it is more pretty and complex then usable in a hurry. I am looking to simplify at all places as to actually be able to finish. I am going with something like the last system. Sooo off to the races… First I am going to look for a pre-built ui system that might work and save time.

Working with VR/PC interaction

I have a tough goal but I think I can manage it. I want to have an interface that is EASILY used with a mouse/keyboard, VR, or touch screen.
Plan is to use a grab game object that all systems use and selection classes independent to each devices with simple commands all objects understand. We shall see how it goes =)… off to experiment more later.


I am going to restart working on Mission Europa 2 (Day job willing).
I have a lot to do to remember just where the heck I was.

I have had many people ask to get it done eventually -)

SOOOoooo… here goes again.. I will probably create a new project and bring over the pieces individually to keep it as clean as possible in the new version.

Anywho I will document the fun here!

Update: well the upgrade went really quick!
Up and running now to start digging into it again.

Working on the cobat and item system

Spitballing here….I want it to be as open as possible but also as compact and doable as possible. It is hard to balance the best operating method. Every item you wear may have a special ability on attack or defend. So far I have item effects. On weapons and abilities they get a down, held down, and up command and each item effect decides what to do. IE a ballistics weapon would on down fire a shot. Collect the closest enemy hit and operate on them and the attacker. It would 1 reduce the ammo count 2. Tell all equipped items there is a attack on X and do what you want. There is a helm with a 1% chance of life steal. It adds a life steam to the attack. Your chest piece might have a chance of butterflies attacking the enemy on hit (just an example of how different it could get down the road). However, when you are wearing all life steal I want to add it all up and use that. On the other hand the hundereds of other possible effects would be impossible to add. I think I need to look at the base stats of Health, Energy, and armor. Use them as a baseline somehow and all other effects would be their own thing. Then again there goes the open idea of having crazy effects like a possible pathogen that spreads to nearby enemys. I know there is a greay solution sooo… tonight I think =)… K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid..

Well did the exit hit…

Not worth the calculations as most times it is barely visible…. yeap shoulda known that.. but things are moving very quickly now… bringing the old systems over and converting them to a new modular systems. It is working well. I expect some amazing things. I really want to focus on the mission syetem and story telling soon. It already was next gen when I stopped. So a little extrea could make it really intersting. So today recap … got the ragdol system done with a new base skeleton. Gotthe cobat system done with a new collision skeleton. Got the item system and stats back in. Got the blood effect system back in with a read directory system so if I add more effects it auto adds in… got the item stats to add to an attack.. tomorrow who knows -)… moving fast… I want to spend the most time on the story delivery in the end… and in VR this is a whole new game.. So we shall see!

More later….

And please ignore my spelling and grammar these posts are for speed =)