I am thinking I need to test the VR waters with a more simple game to make. Basically ME and ME2 are a 30-50 man team normally… so lots of work..

I am going to think of a smaller game for VR to test the market. Any ideas are welcome. I need something that could make a little cash to afford making ME2.

Ideas are welcome. Goodness knows I have time now the main job has dwindled.

Anyway please post ideas I will be researching ideas of what works and what I like making… =)

I am still not sure but ME2 is a looooooong way from done.. I do not like releasing a half baked idea… I may just try for it but income may become an issue in the near future…..

Damn I am on the fence lol. Even writing this I want to finish ME2……We shall see… I am still looking into my ME2 assets to see where I stood.

OK now after sitting staring at my screen I want to do ME2. I need to redesign a little. I have the story line done and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it…. so I just need to get to work!.

5 thoughts on “OK

  1. Can we at least please get mission Europa 1 and necromancer rising for the current phones? I loved ME and had the collectors edition on my phone. I was ok with waiting for ME2 but if that’s falling in the back burner we should at least be able to play the old games. I’ll pay 5.99 or 9.99 if I have to again if that’s the problem. Been waiting for over 2 years to play some form of Mission Europa since I lost my phone.

  2. I can look into it, however the new systems would require so much work as I would have to rewrite my game engine.

    I am concentrating on ME2 right now. Thanks so much for the interest! It really makes me happy!

    1. I too would like to put forth that I am excited at the prospect of more ME content and was sad to see you cannot play the original on modern phones!

  3. Sometimes thinking so much about what to do next, you give yourself writer, or in your case, “creators block.”

    I suggest giving yourself some time to decompress and play Boneworks on VR! At the very least, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail they put into the game.

    As far as a game to generate revenue in the meantime…

    Maybe a VR Minecraft-like simple graphical interface, with a few levels of the gameplay of what you’d want Mission Europa 2 to feel like? …Maybe call it Craft Europa or Europa Craft… If that could be done and at a price point of around $5, I’m sure it would attract enough attention of people willing to give it a try.

    I think bringing back Mission Europa like the other post suggested to play would def get you some $ too. I’d pay for that as well.

    I watched your dev video on YouTube of what you’ve done with Mission Europa 2 already… It looks great and the video is 5 years old! Not sure what engine you’re using to build mission Europa 2 in but if you needed help with coding (It’s been a while but I’ve got some very basic C++ and Visual Basic experience). I’d be more then happy to help… I’d sign whatever NDA/copyright forms you wanted.

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