I am thinking I need to test the VR waters with a more simple game to make. Basically ME and ME2 are a 30-50 man team normally… so lots of work..

I am going to think of a smaller game for VR to test the market. Any ideas are welcome. I need something that could make a little cash to afford making ME2.

Ideas are welcome. Goodness knows I have time now the main job has dwindled.

Anyway please post ideas I will be researching ideas of what works and what I like making… =)

I am still not sure but ME2 is a looooooong way from done.. I do not like releasing a half baked idea… I may just try for it but income may become an issue in the near future…..

Damn I am on the fence lol. Even writing this I want to finish ME2……We shall see… I am still looking into my ME2 assets to see where I stood.

OK now after sitting staring at my screen I want to do ME2. I need to redesign a little. I have the story line done and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it…. so I just need to get to work!.