First day back at the day job…

SWAMPED!….Man does work pile up!… =)… Hopefully I get some time before new years celebration tonight. But I would not give that much of a chance. I am still finishing the descriptions on all the bazillion mods and items and spells… I am backing them all up with lore as hopefully next game or so I can expand into an explore-able cursed realms universe. Then the lore could be expanded and explored…

then I will have to produce about 50 icons for them. I need to also lock them down and add the loot system to the game. After that I will finally be back to finishing level 1 and the entry menus for alpha. I suspect I will be back to the later near Friday.

Happy Monday!

More when I get time….

Time to finish the traps today…


Now the purchase / inspection screen has been updated to the new system

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz233


I have updated the research graph to the new system. I still need to update the item description which I am doing now =).. Good stuff!

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz232


1 left! =)

Here is the spike trap that sits in the ground and rips up through flesh and bone =)

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz226

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz227

And traps are done break time =)

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz229

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz228

Research design updated and now I am implementing…–Research

Menu now shows research… now to add the button to open the research menu =) Also cleaned up the menu some more…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz230

More later….

Still nailing down menus…

2 traps left! =)… (for now more will be developed during alpha I am sure…)…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz225

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz224

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz222

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz223

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz219

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz221

Change of design I think… What do you all think?
The loot thing has been hard to squeeze into this type of game but I have an idea and a way to break some molds. Cookie cutter big house name games all use the research or skill tree that limit the way you progress in their oversized amusement parks. How about we open all the items (Per episode) and you must find them in game. Each item will be manually placed on an AI in game and some randomly drop if there is not loot specified on the enemy AI. Every time you loot an item you already have it gives you another level to that item up to 100. Each level adds a certain percentage per level to the power of those units. You then have to research to get level credits… some abilities cost more then others to level. Thus feasibly you could have all episode one abilities unlock on level one if you are REALLY lucky and choose your own path of power ups. This makes the game so customizable there might even spring up guides online on how they decided to level their toys….

You have no items… then an enemy drops the phaser turret. You then press on it and the research menu opens and adds the research turret to things you can research at level 1. You then dedicate some medics to research. They get to about 300 research points and you decide to spend them on the turret again to get it to level 2. Then another AI drops another turret tag and you press on it leveling the turret to level 3. Etc for all items in game and there are a TON…

Example 2:
An enemy drops a advanced brain design. You press on it the research menu opens and you now have a level 1 advanced brain you can add to minions. (I am designing it where minions get 1 modification so choose wisely. All minons of that type get that upgrade.) You then have 300 research points that you can choose not to spend on the turret, but on the advanced brain that increases speed and damage for all minions of the type…..

I like it a lot what do you all think?

I ALWAYS want to buck the curve as I can take risks Big studios cannot and that is one of a very few advantages I have over 10-60 man crews =)….

Also updates spud turret to trap as I had way to many turrets already…
(cut from database so its ugly but readable ignore spelling and typos as that comes last =))
s name |Spud Trap|
s desc |If you ever have too many spuds what do you want to do? Add some alien poison vapor producing microbes that create special toxins that poisons your foes.|
s history |Warpwit the mad discovered a toxin that is toxic to metals and flesh on touch in his adventures in the abbadon fleet. It infects and disolves metal and flesh while replicating. A very dangerous programmed virus that stops replication upon death of the vessel. Ingenious…|

Interfaces take a LOT of work.. Most studios have more then a few people dedicated to just the interface from the art into the code and scripting. I have ME =)…

Today I hope to finally be done with the research menu items and icons. I still have to construct a few traps and icons. Then back to level one with a more functional game. I still need to go over the intro screens for alpha…. but it is getting closer every free hour I find I can dedicate =)…

Getting better =).. The whole thing is animated with a static like effect.

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz217

When you press an item to learn more here is its menu… no off to create the rest of the traps after a workout =)
iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz218

Ok family Christmas almost over

So full on work time again today =)… I had some family in town I see once a year so I had to take yesterday off. I will post as I go. I have quite a list to get to today. Merry Christmas all….

Working on the research menu icons and functionality… getting the game working together with the data =)…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz205

Getting there.. Had some stuff come up today but I will have a BUNCH of time this week for cursed realms =)

Here are some more icons in the research tree…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz214

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz213

Avert your eyes mr spud… tones of typos and miss-spell-erin going on dere =)…

Day off means day on ;)


Rocket Launcher turret:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz192



iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz193

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz194

Next: DOOMSDAY 😉 Time for an upgrade Doom….get ready =)…

Your projectile Doom directly from M.E. 😉 I remember “I want a cannon that shoots skulls and man they have got to have blue eyes” cannon coming as soon as it is done…


Meet floating hell turret Doomsday… =)
iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz197

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz196

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz195

tried this and going back to skull and less blood….skull cap metal
iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz198

like this
iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz199

And the skull
iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz200


Skull Away for massive damage:
iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz201

And finally the Kirk-Krakon device… do not get to close =P…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz204

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz203

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz202

Moving along

I am tossing the rest of the traps in….heres the cute little mini-Phaser turret

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz184

and dead

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz185

And the mini gun… going down the list =)…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz187

More as I go =)..

Plasma gun with plasma shot

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz188

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz189

Got down to the rocket launcher… almost done with him I have to make the rocket and effects for it…. then a few more and the trap items are done! =)… back to the research menus after I make the trap icons from their in game counterparts =)…


Update: new device…(ignore spelling soon the whole thing goes through a spell check before shipping =)… typos galore…

tree MedicalBenko
s name |Medical Benko|
s desc |This device will slowly heal your non dead units by firing medical darts at them contianing life saving nano bots and medical supplies. The bots deliver the medical aid to the injuries helaing the minion.|
s history |This device was developed by a person by the name of Benko. Its sustaining qualities have helped immensly on the battlefield in keeping our units alive against the massive amounts of pain the invading forces can deliver. Keep these at the ready!|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 2,0
s icon |_b_Cancel|

Now I need to generate the icons for these guys and spruce up the research tree =)…

Tweet, send smoke signals, buy airplane billboards… Mission Europa Standard is free for a week to celebrate Cursed Realms coming close to alpha!…..

Back to cursed realms:

Medicalbenko I need a weapon name for you as you have been active enough to deserve one -)….. is “Medicalbenko” good?

Hellspawn you too… can I use hellspawn as its name?

Here is the raw data for the current traps… ignore the figures they are all in testing mode…

tree PhaserMiniGun
s name |Phaser Mini Gun|
s desc |This drop and forget turret was used in the beggining of the great war. The design is simple and damage weak but multplie turrets will get the job done. |
s history |They were developed by the human clans at the start of the great war. At first large batterys of turrets slowed the onslaught through the rips in reality. However, our older weapon designs like this one have been found to be very weak against the other vicious realms.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 0,0
s icon |_but_Item_PhaserMiniGun|

tree MiniGun
s name |Mini Gun|
s desc |It seems to fire an abbadon type projectile that has many smaller talons on the bullet that actively dig into the target when hit….devilishly evil.. I love it!|
s history |Warpwit devised a cannon system from the Abbddon technology and wrapped it in a deceivingly human looking shell. I wonder how Warpwit would let these out of his sight. I am amazed he can thrive inside the Abaddons belly so long. Their immense fleets have no idea of his clan’s infection in their bodies.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 0,1
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree PlasmMiniGun
s name |Plasma Mini Gun|
s desc |This weapon fires highly charge plasma from its barrels. It is a very high damage turret with a decent rate of fire. Place these babies on the ground and do not get in their way.|
s history |Gorerip developed this technology for use in his nasty appendage ripping experiments. He adapted it to a defensive mechanism so he could continue his experiments while these stood guard. Good thing these schematics leaked out to the rest of the clans. I wonder what he has that we do NOT know about.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 0,2
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree RocketLaucherTurret
s name |RocketLaucherTurret|
s desc |Rocket turrents are good for area defense. Once the rockets hit their target they explode doing moderate damage all around the target. They are created from User fuel sources and Atlantian explosives.|
s history |Bonebrood of the Fallen has been producing these in mass to down the angles so he can fight them on the ground. He has thousands upon thousands targeting a single angel. I will be happy with just a few of these little stinkers.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 0,3
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree Doomsday
s name |Doomsday|
s desc |Created by a nomad traveler by the name of Doom. These turrents harvest trapped souls from hell expelling their lifeforce as a reconstructed skull for MASSIVE damage.|
s history |Doom is a wandering traveler spotted many times and only known to have spoken to a chosen few. He developes tech from the powers of Hell and shares his knowledge with no one. His motives are unkown.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 1,4
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree Mine
s name |Mine|
s desc |Place these undetectable explosives on the ground and watch the enemies dissolve into a spray of blood mist…devil-ishly fun…I like these!|
s history |Bonebrood of the Fallen created these large land mines to annoy the angels gaurding heavens closed gates. He some how is able to sneak near and lay them on the ground. Then an angel steps on it shrugs it off and keeps going. The useful side to this is they are undetectable by enemies even angels.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 1,0
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree TheRipper
s name |The Ripper|
s desc |Using some Atlaintian power supplies and some Abbaddon tech this schematic allows you to create a sawblade like gun that spins at super speed through your enemies.|
s history |Gorerip likes his twisted toys. We belive this weapon was developed just for his pleasure of killing with the most agony possible. These do more damage then the mini-guns but their shots are more wild and out of control. Fun and deadly yet a bit innaccurate.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 1,1
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree TeslaCoil
s name |Tesla Coil|
s desc |Constructed from stolen Atlantian tech that has an almost infiite power supply coils Fire lightning at any approaching enemies searing them to a nice crisp..I can almost smell the Bar-B-Que now….if I had a nose of course..|
s history |Hungergut the Devourer developed these machines to allow him protection from the onslaught of demons and evil through hells keep. He uses these in such quantity it is said the night sky lights up for miles. He still resides just outside Hell’s keep so he must be doing something right.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 1,2
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree VoidBomb
s name |Void Bomb|
s desc |Boom is all I have to say… a big BOOM..These machines draw energy fromt he void into this universe creating a mini-rip. This rip unleashes hellish amounts of energy that is instantly sucked back into the void as to not destroy this universe.|
s history |These are very strong undetectable land mines. An upgraded form that Gorerip of the cauldron developed. He needed something that could actually tear demon flesh. Energy from the void between universes was the ticket and he weaponized it into these mines.|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 1,3
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree MiniNukeTurret
s name |Mini Nuke Turret|
s desc ||
s history ||
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 1,4
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree SpudTurret
s name |Spud Turret|
s desc |If you ever have to many spuds what do you want to do.. launch them…. except these are special. They have a special toxin injected that does damage over time to each unit hit in an area.|
s history |Warpwit the mad discovered a toxin that is toxic to metals and flesh on touch in his adventures in the abbadon fleet. It infects and disolves metal and flesh while replicating. A very dangerous programmed virus that stops replication upon death of the vessel. Ingenious…|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 2,0
s icon |_b_Cancel|

tree Kirk-krackon
s name |Spud Turret|
s desc |Unleash the krackon they say… this baby does that. It unleashes the void on unsuspecting enemies weaving destruction at the cellular level. Targets will dissolve into a pulsating froth of death.|
s history |Hungergut developed this tech from his adventures into hell. He discovered devices that would dissolve sections of flesh then rebuild them so as to add to the agony. He however was not able to finish the rebuilding part. No matter I like the agony part….|
i cost 900
i factoryCost 200
s type |trap|
ia menuLoc 2,0
s icon |_b_Cancel|

Chugging along…

Here is the information you can get on each item in game inside the research center that opens all items up to use….
iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz004

I will be including a looting system as it seems to be very important. I will post the new design soon. First I need to finish the research menu. I got about 2 hours of work in tonight. Being a busy busy monday that is not to terrible. I have the research menu opening and loading item icons from the database. Then when you press on it opens a menu on top describing in detail the research item for the game. =).. pretty nifty. Tomorrow I want to get the research menu completed after my Brazillian Jujitsu class. Then move back to loot. The current idea straddles a lot of yalls ideas and combines a few. I believe it will come down to when an enemy dies it has a chance of unlocking a research item (there are 74). Certain levels will only drop certain ones. And some ai are hard coded to carry them. Other loot would be a boost to mana or gold. Also one use spells. I think I will stack up to 10 in the spells menu thus you can keep them around until you want to use them…. that would give a fair amount of loot and only add a few evenings of work… what do you all think?……

For now sleepy time. I played a little to hard last weekend instead of working for once… and now I need some sleep =) way more tomorrow…

Loot Poll

Ok I am trying my best to get a loot system in that works with the design goals. Really I do not see a good way of having loot and making it fun. I would hate to have a drop on the other side of the map that I did not even see get lost due to me not having the camera over that area….or beating a level and seeing a major research tile go lost due to the next level script. I am not sure it really adds anything to the game. Currently you have:

1. Mods Armor
2. Mods Speed
3. Mods Damage
4. Healing
5. Damage
6. Debuffs
7. Buffs
8. Summons

That you research in a tree. The original idea was to have them drop as loot BUT I am just not liking that. I would rather as a player just open the research window when I build up a research point and pick the skill/spell/item I want. So what do you all think. I personally think loot is just over doing it and not helping….This is not really a loot like game (watch dungeon keeper videos as that is pretty much what this game is like)

This is a big one so please give it a quick vote.

Updated research page with description of how it will work this week when I finish it. =)–Research

Saturday means WORK!

Update: Wow amazing what a few hours of available work time provides Cursed Realms..

Here is the base research menu all those tabs at bottom are all new menus of items to research…. quite a freaking lot! =P…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz183


I am adding some lore so I can finish up the item names and who constructed them. This is still rough and just an overview that will be flesh out in game as you play =)..

Main Wiki:

Realm Overview:–Realm+Overview

Warpwit the mad:–Warpwit+the+mad


Gorerip of the Couldron:–Gorerip+of+the+Couldron

Hungergut the Devourer:–Hungergut+the+Devourer

Bonebrood of the Fallen:–Bonebrood+of+the+Fallen


I get to work!

So I need to firm up the research today. Possibly get into getting the menus done…then back to level one and start making the game play from intro into level 1. I need to design out the syndicate part of the game where before the level you construct the minions that will be available to you during the level. You get 3 minion types and an imp. Research garners you more items to implant in them…More later work time now….

Still working on the tutorial level script

Preliminary Research tree released =). not pretty but the tree is there..I will work on it more this weekend. The tutorial is about complete so I need to finish the research tree and the front end menus… ALPHA IS GETTING CLOSE! =)… Just need more off time to work and guess what christmas is coming!!–Research

Still working on the tutorial level script (not a video you play through it as the game progresses brain fart last night). It really takes a very long time to create as I have to explain a TON about these systems to get players up and running. This is no one touch game =)… I have Brazilian Jujitsu ( ) tonight then after that if I can still move I plan on tossing some good time at Cursed Realms. Soon I will pull back to 2 practices per week and not 3 as it is just beating me to death =)..

Got my first double heel hook takedown from full guard today while fighting…it was awesome…Now back to work…

I am working on the tutorial as always =)… muscles are BURNING =)…

Getting polish

Wow was the brazillian jujitsu class hard.. 45 min workout 45 wrestling wow… Good stuff and only a few very minor injuries… I will be back tonight 😉
After class I will be back to the game 😉

I have the tutorial about 2/3 done I think then the level scripts, testing , front menus, and alpha test!

I plan on redoing the right side icons and removing the text. Then I will alter the area one from a research icon to a square that looks like an area. Less programmer art and more art =)…

More later,


Here is the new icons on the right way better… off to get in a fight 😉

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz182

Really coming along…

I have Brazilian Jujitsu training tonight (Joined a competitive team …yes I am nuts but I need the outlet =)…) but after a shower I will be back on it. I am finishing the tutorial and I think this week the tutorial will be completed. Then I will just need to script up the rest of the level, play test the combat, finish the intro scenes and menus. Then test for an alpha test phase with a crew. THEN finally complete the other levels which should go very quickly with the tools I finally have complete -)

It really is getting closer…again if I was not a one man band doing this after hours we would have seen 3 games come out =P…. I have to pay the bills though =)…

Happy Monday!


I want to add a new type of effect with just particles moving no life and a sin cos based position around a center. Thus I can have flies =)… MrSpuds Idea… this should not take to long =)…Then back to the tutorial. I am about half way through it. After I get it done the level creation should go very fast as I have to teach quite a bit to the player before they will get the simulation. =)

The vote seems to be a good amount of control of minions but not micro managing. Of course you always can just take one over and run hog wild into the enemy lines =)

More later!

Easy enough… new effect type also.. I can do some fun stuff with that one =).. They circle a target at settings decided by the settings in the graph..



And with some tweaking they now look like they are flapping wings =)…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz999


So I am wondering what level of participation would a player really want in the minions actions.

Expect a lot of these polls as we go. Building the best game possible is why the blog is here. =) PLEASE VOTE!

Current Scripting Commands Released =)

Here is how it is currently (Option 1)

You can pick a general mode.. IE build, work in factory , work in research, attack offense, defend, patrol….

Option 2 would add a bunch of buttons to that menu to sub work each guy.. I think it might be to big of a mess in option 2 to micro-manage your imps to that level….

AND THE LIST IS REALLY SHRINKING!!! I am making the tutorial at night and it is a little time consuming but not to bad!…

Check out the to do list:

Still working the list And then playing and fixing

The ai is really shaping up. I refactored all the ai code into different files so as to be easier to work on. As always if a problem is to big break into smaller more manageable parts. The same goes with code. Break it into smaller files and functions then your problems will show themselves. 😉

I will be back at it soon tonight when I get home I will post more then…

Hope you all had a great day!

I know this game is taking forever but as a second job it lands in my spare time =)… unless some super rich person decides to sponsor its dev I will stay there =P… I did also join a compettive Brazilian jujitsu team today =),,, I am nuts btw… It will not interfere to much with development. I need some more competition in my life and it fit the bill. Anyway I am running tests on the AI … I am placing scenarios in place to be sure they behave as they should. IE long distanc medic to corpse the medic should win. Short rant the corpse. Long range 3 corpses to 1 medic the medic should take down 1 and the other 2 make progress and get into the group of medics killing them. GAMEPLAY SHAZAAAM! =)… moving very well… I will be back to level 1 tomorrow ! =) mass combat seems done…