Working on saving tonight I think

Eat a fireball Avatar!!! ;O

I was going to have alpha be JUST playtesting but I think serialization is important for this stage… SO going to toss that in too =)..

Again things are coming together I am just running into bugs and squashing them as I go. Adding flare here polish there.. effects here and there..

Off to the day job… man I wish I could toss my full time at this game… it would already be out there! 2x over =P

Not Much to report

Still cranking along I want the game to be the totally complete first 3 levels with all menus and options along with the online brag board…some in simulator items and in device items are not functioning in the same manner so working on that tonight. Along with just playing and tweaking =)…

Not to much farther really.. it is really shaping up. Controls is the last big thing I think.. beyond fixing the online storage system =). I will have to make the account system in beta 001.. not 000 as 000 is just gameplay =)..

On second thought I will have to get the account system in to so alpha people can reserve their names and create their accounts online..

Almost there!

A shot of me playing hot potato with a grenade and a mean wrobot.. ;0

The list:
-Tweak all skills and abilities.
-Tweak controls.
-Check create system

and just polish left. I am playing it making a list and tweaking .. no telling how much of that is left.. but then alpha… Life got in the way big time this weekend but it is the summer =)…

The List as it stands

-Investigate multiplayer
-Account creation System.

-WHAT IS LEFT FOR Build 0000
-go up
-check drops.
-Adjust drop ratios.
-Tweak all skills and abilities.
-Tweak controls.
-Create Reward cut scenes for quest 3
-Create Reyem Neas Reward Cut Scene.
-Check create system

-Reyem rooms disjointed
-icon strangeness for helms…. argh going to be hard…
-Reyem Neas Lair needs door blockers and exits…
-health potion BG
-Reyem check aI
-Darken all back grounds.
-Effect for teleport machine.
-die music
-Create die effect
-reyem baddies no pain sounds.
-reyem baddies path finding
-reyem baddies have bad textures..
-Create warp device for town…
-Create possession effect for story when entering levels.
-bots 2 and 3 lost their mojo glow give it back
-create reyem neas’s character.
-make floaters all move up and down as if floating
-ADD in totems for chance to obtain summons there are 4. (summons do not drop also only obtained.. and every time you try to obtain it it gets harder)
-create floaters for reyem neas.
-new zombies right foot missing must have ate it
-bots arm shoulder joints are not compatible right now. owach that is a time suck!
-AI Path finding.. something wrong in there..
-AI finding a spot close to you that is not blocked by another AI.
-On View Item buttons need to work (melt , use , equip)
-Added Keyboard Menu
-Added Split Menu
-On Close Wait much longer to put back up.(seperate avatar and stores timers)
-Store Menu Loot…
-increase ammo counts in store not 1 but 50 per item
-Find town music.
-add base damage to the item being displayed.
-Show Quality of item in name
-Materials in store menu when viewed do not have right texture in item view window..
-On Skip intro blank screen.
-On skip intro gracefully exit.
-+level description
-duel wield icon
-When menu open do not show health bars or names.
-Always place ammo according to level and potions in store then fill out with armore and weapons.
-fill out skills for the tier ones available story!
-if click on menu do not pass to joysticks movement
-shields are darker then they should be check vertex colors on model
-shields need to show armor bonus
-potions not showing in store.
-Create duel weild left hand MINUS
-do not allow passive skills into the action bar
-Add in level up icon that will add a full point to any skill wanted. Give 1 per level. on inventory NOT full. ALLOW FOR RANDOM DROP.
-Click on Ammo number for reload!
-reload anim sometimes skips
-On 1 bullet it still reloads.
-hands gone =-)
-show both weapons in compare…
-Turned metals texture got screwed =)
-Name gone on death.
-Randomize level of bad guys more in level.
-Show name of bad guy with level over head of last hit.
-Raw Materials and Potions need a different color background.
-Add Abilities to Gore Worm
-Add Level Of Gore Worm over head
-Add Boss Names over head.
-Add in the random spawn boss. (“Gore Worm”)
-Store Menu Textures for items.. (steel)
-Store menu fix the Menu itself it is messy.
-Scope out the action menu drop an ability.
-Story for items should add all points up and not say each names bonus.
-Fix Store!
-AI Hurt sound is not sounding off on pain.
-get different camera view on icon generation.
-Add ability to combine skills of like type to power them up.Every added skill adds .25 of a a Level to a skill.
-AI walk animation needs to be scary and more clumsy on level 1
-Some map collision ai maps are off at the room joints.
-AI Speed on alert from patrol..
-AI alert radius much smaller.
-Create Reyem Neas the Ressurection summoning ability…. MUAHAHAHHAHAA
-Blood Bolt sound.
-Some map edges show through
-room_0_1 has a strange collision issue around the hole.