Still working on the overall script…

It takes a lot of time but working without a design doc is asking for a project that will never end and cost a ton more to create….I have seen many a big project fail due to the lack of a design document or simply just not following it.. =)

You can follow along here as I add in all the scripted items. After this puppy is done I will create the first 10 levels. After they are done imo I will start to look for the initial Alpha crew that will help guide the rest of the game =)

I plan on getting the first level in game to feel things out a bit and then go through the rest..

The not so fun part….

For the next few days I will be finalizing EVERYTHING that will appear in the final product. What that means is I will be writing the script the game will now follow to the T. Up until now all my systems have been designed for general application and is perfect for the simulation. Now I need to add the extra scripting and event based systems to truly make this an interactive and evolving experience.

Yo can follow along as I write my brains out here:

Off to write!…

My hands already hurt from all the typing =)

First Pass Movie!

Tonight: Massive setup on the docs. I need to layout ALL the missions and get this bad boy nailed down. Then I can go about forming the game mechanics together finally… I am starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel…or at least a train =)…

Here are all the test vids I created to see how the shaders, textures, and models are working out. So far I am very pleased as they look great up close even when usually you will be looking at them from about 30 – 50 feet above them at an angle. Off to setup the title screen at least the beginnings of it.

Check it out!..FIRST PASS!

First Pass in game demon in game…Lighting is broken and I need to fix =)


Battlefield 3 ROCKS!… funny how the screens are from the computer version. It looks like PCs have taken the lead again in Graphics. But man I am sitting here at work wanting to play and unlock that next gun!…What I love the most I think is the map designs. You actually can play tactically and “camp” or play smart. Modern warfare series are VERY careful to always have 2-3 entrances to your spot from more then 90 degree angles. That rewards the idiots that just run and gun. So then you are stuck doing the same. Run kill 2-5 die because someone ran in behind you. So far the only major disappointment is the destructibility. IT is there, however it is very muted as opposed to BF2. The biggest issue to me is the language. The stupid argument that this is a war sim and you are blowing people apart dude so what is an F-Bomb drives me insane. So when I blow a deer apart or a boar while hunting do I jump up and yell F- YEA!!!! Mother -F-er! I Mother s!@#ing F!@#ed you in the A##…ooooo F@#$ING GRENADE!! (if I see a grenade I am not taking the extra seconds to CURSE before I let everyone know to get down…) Seriously I think EVERY line has a curse in it in multiplayer. I switched to FRENCH so my kids could watch. Sheesh….It REALLY takes away from the game. I mean REALLY. It jars me out of the immersion every 2-10 seconds with Mr potty mouth as my wing-man. I wish I could just crank off that language at least in multiplayer. It would be pretty damn easy… In the random line selection Flag the bad language and then when picking notice I like to have my 10 year old watching and not learning “Dad likes to mother f@#$@# f@#$@ that F!@#!@er in the face so many F#@$@#ing times he S!@#!@ is F@#$#@ing pants!”… ;P

Today movie of the classes as I tested them last night also when I was able to take a break from BF3 =)


Here is the correctly lit Demon:

Tomorrow I will get a movie up showing all the classes and all their shading techniques combined (had to do it to check anyway)…


Now you will have to excuse me I have some BF 3 to play!!! =)


THIS IS THE FIRST PASS! So please let the ideas fly on all these guys. I plan on a BIG art pass after the game is playable and in testing with a tight beta crowd… =-)

Something is wrong with his lighting.. I will look into it tonight… for now of to a site visit! Argh!!!! I just hate wasting time but the mortgage has to get paid somehow =p..

Let me know what yall think! Doom already has some great ideas =)

I tihnk the lighting is just blender giving me hell again with their inverted red channel… argh…

Abaddon Progress… BAD DOGGIE!!!

Hi poly Demon with ambient Occlusion:

Low Poly with same:


Starting to create the Hell Guard… Here is his head. No eyes just pits like a snake has to sense heat =).. Its dark and scary in Hell -P…..

A little more sculpting then off to texture =)


Tonight DEMONS!!! .. then I will get back to getting the whole game done and will make a final art pass during testing I believe as breaks from bug hunting =)…


Weee… I like the wolfie!.. I am still at about 50% on the first pass for the puppy. =)..

After this is my favorite the Demons =)..

Here is the start on demons =0