Update Now for one of the last 2-3 major systems I need to write. Well I do not consider this one so hard. I need a buff/debuff system that can be applied to AI. So the slow bolt will actually slow the target. Or a sickness might make an AI explode, or a bug attack that does DPS and confuses… etc.. This is getting good…

The system design.

Combat occurs with a direct bolt hit.

Combat AI is sent the damage info and it is applied.

Then the buff manager is sent the ai hit, the attacker and the item stats used.

Slow has a – 0.5 stat for speed that is a -50% to be applied to the AI…

Apply it until it is over and restore stats.

Pretty easy…

The next system will most probably be the story delivery systems… now that is the exciting thing for me….More later

Made a fireworks show =)



Keyboard controls in =)!MissionEuropa2_Hi

Hit now to find out why the puff of smoke is rocketing off to the left…only when it hits an ai

Abilities in!

Here is the effect when your bolt impacts something =)…

GOING Really well!


Now the last step for both weapons and abilities tying them back into the original combat system before RAIN was integrated! .. Good stuff! I love it.. Now I can start to fly even faster that the systems are designed!

I need to add in some keyboard controls for testing first.

More later!


Going to Keep It Simple Stupid so the K.I.S.S. method will be I create use effects as I was going to and allow for multiple use effects on each mod of an item. One will respond to charge building a glow. One may respond by firing a bolt on fire mode. Etc… one will may do it all.. Just depends on the script. I will separate them out to individual pieces so I can mix and match them. I also want them also to scale by the level of item used and add effects as they get higher level so some scripts will just not fire below a certain level. ….. this will be awesome =)… So for example a lighting bolt will have a small glow before firing and on hit a small shock at level 1. At level 100. Upon hitting the target a bolt will also come from the ground up into the sky on hit and when firing the glow is very bright with sparks coming off of it… Good stuff! I am finally getting work time!

Planning time

I like to think out loud on the blog and plan systems here. Right now I want a more data driven design for the items and abilities. That means code that transcodes data into gameplay thus the rock solid code is safe and the easily changeable data is the path the gameplay takes. So here goes..

So the actions needed:

And the problem I have is prefabs are game objects that require more attention by the cpu then a script alone… Then again I cannot create a data driven prefab without a game object. So the decision is to store the scripts to fire off in the mods as usual however allow a list of them so things can be combined. This means a game object will not be required for each different effect. And a game object requires many things, from updates to rendering to many other calls I can reduce. So now the mods themselves will have a list of scripts to access. These scripts are like I have them now as item uses effects. They will be independent and thus the lego design I desire. IE I add a use script that upon charge will build a glow on the hand. Then a script that responds to fire and will send off a green slow bolt. Also a script that has a fire effect leaving the hand. Thus I can make several scripts and combine them for many different effects. I am still pondering this approach as I will have to live with it for the next several months… It will be the base of everything in Mission Europa 2. The big issue I have with Unity is I cannot set script data without a prefab unless I create my own database. Which might be the next item I do. The weapons effect needs to have settings that can be applied. Tomorrow I will decide the path I need to think of the route… I think I have decided settings in the weapons effects that can be applied to all. I only need a few. Color, Scale, pulse speed, etc….. that maybe the best path… anywho more later below is what is required for each weapon type.


Muzzle flash

Bullet casing

Shoot effect

hit effect

applied effect

Flame Thrower:

Flame effect

hit effect

applied effect to target

Sword / dagger /mace /axe:

arc effect

hit effect

applied effect

Start effect

Charge effects

Fire effects

applied effect

Bolt Thrower:

bolt effect

fire effect

applied effect


fire effect

applied effect

Another late night at the day job


I have to get the bolt and battle working but the system is there!

Start Charge


Charging =)




So I finally made it to the abilities. The AI has been constructed to be like a player now. The way I want the ability to work is the same as the other items.

Player or AI triggers item use by

starting (pressing the button)

charging (holding the button)

firing (releasing the button)

ending (auto clean up after firing)

So for slow I want your right hand to be your ability hand.

You press the ability on the side of the gameplay window.

It starts a glow on your hand.

You hold for a while and it builds to a max size.

Then release it producing a bolt.

The bolt is a prefab that has a bolt script attached.

The bolt script contains the AI_Node that shot it or null

The prefabs list to attach to the base GameObject

And the item that shot it.

The bolt then travels to the target impacting. It then adds a buff/debuff of slow to the ai_nodes list of buffs/debuffs

the hit AI’s stats are then reprocessed with the buff list.

Then the player mows it down with a machine gun.. =)

Anywho that is the plan for tonight.. I hope I can get the whole system in one night…more later


I have one project that is really really hard to complete. Hopefully within a week I will finally kiss it goodbye and send it back to the hell it came from. Anyhow I am at a stage in that project where I can finally put some M.E.2 time in. I have had VERY little time the last week and a half… So I will throw some stuff up here later about what is happening. Keep the ideas coming =-)