Working tonight….

Update: one of those nights where the bug was staring me in the face but the complicated system of making an AI think for itself hide the issue. ARGH… fixed now moving on.. Not sure I will have a cool pick mostly fixing crap =)
I have an issue with the imps behaving. So I am working on that. Nothing to amazing graphically but interesting in the way my AI behaviors work =)..

If I see anything screenshot worthy I will post it.

Wow what a weekend

Update: no cool screen shots tonight just running over scripts I should have some good shots tomorrow as I progress 😉

Well this weekend I got drug to two pool parties and very little done cursed realms wise. However, I did get a major recharge I needed from the day and night work. I am down to finishing level one. Then I will be play testing and polishing for alpha. I am thinking I will leave out fog of war for alpha 1 and then may put it in for alpha 2 and see what the testers think about it.

More later!



I need to do a little work on the first person mode when you take over minions. Then I will move back to making level 1 awesome. After that I need to do some performance tweaking and sound recording. Lastly I will have to update my devices and XCode to the latest IOS and build. Then ALPHA!… So judging the time left is a little difficult but currently I need about 15-25 hours of work + the update to the latest IOS as this is a total UNKNOWN. You never know how many obstacles Apple has laid out for you. So getting close!…

More later!

Profiling time!

Update : Below I am testing the foot step sounds when you have possessed a minion and are walking around fighting as them.. Back to work




I am taking a break tonight from level 1 (which is constructed I am just scripting cool stuff into it..) to profile. Last night I increased the main shaders speed . Tonight I need to look at the skeleton update,skin update, no spec no glow shader, and shadow map shader. I want to squeeze out all the performance I can =). So far it is SCREAMING fast even with a ton of guys on screen I am getting a solid 30 fps. I need to profile combat before shipping but after this I will get back to making cool stuff on level 1 =).. I think I want to make more props also but we shall see.


Getting awesome ;)




I brightened up the shader for level 1 a bit. Level 2 will be dusk I think. Here are some shots of me testing 😉 I also adjusted a lot of minion behaviors. I am just about to the point of just play testing level one as most can see I think!

Alpha is coming soon finally! Man I wish this was my day job I would have been done a long long time ago!

Again if you could spread the word Bout Cursed realms I
Would really appreciate it . The more input the better!

I got a lot done yesterday!

Zangy with a tom of loot.


Update: Also please pass along that we exist here. Use the pics on the blog in other forums =). We need to start growing soon to get more input during alpha to make Cursed Realms all it can be =)…Use whatever you want on the blog and when alpha members get their copies take whatever pics you want to send out. =).. No media control here as in the big boys what you see is what you get =).




I an this from yesterday I just love debug lines 😉

Running screaming fast !





Shots from yesterday…

Really coming along!

Look! A Happy mr spud 😉 got it done last night with a crafty fix 😉 so far nothing broke and we have commas in commands! (I know easy compared to everything else
In the engine just neglected way to long )


I am adding in something I should of a long time ago to my command parser. The capabiltiy to use escape characters. Pretty easy just takes a little time. I found a good way to slip it in and it turned out to be a lot easier. Just place a /, instead of a , when using commas. Then it will skip and reform the string when it sees that. Anywho I will try to upload some shots later today while I perfrom my day job =). Busy busy busy… Happy Tuesday…

Its a Monday





It is Monday and I might actually get more work done tonight then the whole weekend! My wife kept my butt busy. Go out Friday night, run an obstacle course that was 5 kilometers long. Then that night go out past midnight. Sunday go to a big bbq. Then throw a pool party at night. I am TIRED! =P….

So now back to the push to Alpha. I will be back on tonight after my day job and post as I work!

Have a great Monday all!

Great idea from imperator!


Update: I got very little done this weekend sadly we had a 5k foam run and tody was family time. Tonight hopefully I will get 3-4 hours in and all week I will be full speed ahead 😉 I and man the lighting on the after shot is freakin funny looks
Like I have a hell of a gut lol no idea.. Did have a ton of
Mud in my shorts lol 😉

Final! Thanks Imper. For the idea keep them coming all! I cannot wait for alpha!


I redid the message menu and cleaned it up. It was about 20 minutes of work that really paid off!

More later as I have a big day at work entertaining new clients.



Got a ton done last night

West Texas next to itasca had a hell of an explosion we felt here 100 miles away. I have extended family there. I will be following my texts now. The number dead I am hearing from friends is insane … Terrible our prayers are with them signing off for the night …












Update TUTORIAL DONE!! (Minus my grammar and spell check!)

Now finally just fun scripts in the level!… Sooo excited!.

Here are a BUNCH of high res ipad screens as I tested the tutorial (YES I KNOW THE TEXT HAS ISSUES -=P)

Hopefully tonight is as good 😉

Watch the list as I go to
Know where it stands. Just has to be perfect is all 😉


Updated an Abaddon type (Episode 2)

Ravengers of the Ancients

Class Description:
Large ancient Abaddon that where launched to almost every inhabited planet for preparation of assets and war. Prior to an Abaddon Grim Reaver Ship arrival they awaken and gather/prepare all the living flesh on the planet for integration into the evil machines. This is of course after first laying waste to the civilizations of the planet. These lumbering monsters are starting to awaken on earth with the premature arrival of the Abaddon through the rips in space and time. They are ripping themselves out from their long buried sarcophagus-es and reeking havoc on the world. Be wary of these dangerous beings.

Still building level one



Imp does not have really good vision 😉



Training Imps currently…I am making them a little smarter. When you direct them to areas or drop them near a job they will take up that job.

More later its a working night….


I am finding a few issues Issues I will have to fix but for the most part things are moving very well.

Here is a shot as I work and it also shows a few issues I need to address =)


More later!




My boys are awesome!

I spent all day yesterday at the NAGA tournament with my family. I did not get to compete due to a bad shoulder (getting old sucks). They ROCKED!

Oldest son:
1st place no gi
2nd place gi

Youngest son:
1st place gi
1st place gi

Freaking awesome!! Here are some

Cursed realms will get worked on tonight for sure. Still cannot set a date for alpha until I get done and start converting to the new iOS. Of this was my main job I could give a better guess as I would have set work times. However, I have to weave cursed realms dev time into my off and free time.









Trying to finish level 1

Update: Working until midnight again. I FINALLY have the tutorial almost done (again)… then I move on to the actual fun stuff in the level with scripted events and cool stuff… tutorials are such a PAIN to create no one LIKES creating them. Especially since they are at the end of a project you are so ready to ship… O well so goes!.. and this one will be good. Alpha will help to move the tutorial to an even better state!… more tomorrow probably but we shall see!!!


Once it is done it will be time for me to play it. Then I will need to upgrade all my devices to the latest OS test it and we start alpha!… I am going to wait to voice over the tutorial until we have all tested it. I just cannot afford wasted time re-recording it when changes are requested.

More later!

I got a lot done last night and tonight FAR more…

Did I mention the to do list sure is short!


I will try to get some images up of what was done last night.

Mostly running over menus and fixing some bugs that had crept in. I want to get the combat music system in now. There will be 3 classes of music currently Combat, building, and cut scene. I need to add a command to fade to new music via command.

If anyone wants to create music for the game here is the type of music I am using. I want orchestral with modern flair at times (Or just awesome orchestral) and folk music in between. The evil world represented (The Cursed Realms) by the larger then life orchestral and the folk by the player and his clan of minions meaning they are small but close and completely out numbered.

I created

Title Screen:

Character Screen:
It is like these two combine the artist took down the one I bought…

General ambient slightly scary sound background


If you create something and it works out I would love to include it and you in the credits… =)

And even if you cannot make music I would love some help picking some out. Some have already been picked by people here. Just send me the link you find at sound dogs… and being not rich like I am I would have to request sub 40 dollar songs. Just post them in the comments I check this board more then my email =).

0 done last night sadly

UPDATE: A great if not short night of work. I have the game setup now to go from into to ingame seamlessly with the creator locked away unless needed. I added some more awesome to areas and fixed several issues. I did uncover some other issues in the level. However, that is how it goes. Here is the todo list as it stands when it is clear as a whistle alpha starts… ()



Update: Working hard fixing bugs and the like here are some shots as I work =)…

Kids baseball and wifey pulled the me time card do we watched 4 game of throwns season 2. Finished the season now I cannot wait for the third 😉
Which will be about a year ;(

Tonight I plan on getting a bit done but tomorrow night will have more work time. (I have jujitsu at 5:30 am wens ….that’s early for this night owl)

I am currently nailing down features and options. Descriptions and the like. If I had 5 -7 solid full work days we would be at alpha it’s just finding the after work time between a night shift wife, kids, baseball, and jujitsu that is hard 😉 …. Non the less it is so close I can taste it ;). More later have a great day!

Moving along nicely still

Not much new eye candy to show so far today mostly tidying up the front menus and some bugs. I am getting back to level 1 finally.. I really feel good about this game… Way better then mission Europa 😉


I am wiring playing and testing. Then adding and changing to make it more usable or more awesome =)… I will try to post some pics as I work later.