Working tonight….

Update: one of those nights where the bug was staring me in the face but the complicated system of making an AI think for itself hide the issue. ARGH… fixed now moving on.. Not sure I will have a cool pick mostly fixing crap =)
I have an issue with the imps behaving. So I am working on that. Nothing to amazing graphically but interesting in the way my AI behaviors work =)..

If I see anything screenshot worthy I will post it.

Wow what a weekend

Update: no cool screen shots tonight just running over scripts I should have some good shots tomorrow as I progress 😉

Well this weekend I got drug to two pool parties and very little done cursed realms wise. However, I did get a major recharge I needed from the day and night work. I am down to finishing level one. Then I will be play testing and polishing for alpha. I am thinking I will leave out fog of war for alpha 1 and then may put it in for alpha 2 and see what the testers think about it.

More later!



I need to do a little work on the first person mode when you take over minions. Then I will move back to making level 1 awesome. After that I need to do some performance tweaking and sound recording. Lastly I will have to update my devices and XCode to the latest IOS and build. Then ALPHA!… So judging the time left is a little difficult but currently I need about 15-25 hours of work + the update to the latest IOS as this is a total UNKNOWN. You never know how many obstacles Apple has laid out for you. So getting close!…

More later!

Profiling time!

Update : Below I am testing the foot step sounds when you have possessed a minion and are walking around fighting as them.. Back to work




I am taking a break tonight from level 1 (which is constructed I am just scripting cool stuff into it..) to profile. Last night I increased the main shaders speed . Tonight I need to look at the skeleton update,skin update, no spec no glow shader, and shadow map shader. I want to squeeze out all the performance I can =). So far it is SCREAMING fast even with a ton of guys on screen I am getting a solid 30 fps. I need to profile combat before shipping but after this I will get back to making cool stuff on level 1 =).. I think I want to make more props also but we shall see.


Getting awesome ;)




I brightened up the shader for level 1 a bit. Level 2 will be dusk I think. Here are some shots of me testing 😉 I also adjusted a lot of minion behaviors. I am just about to the point of just play testing level one as most can see I think!

Alpha is coming soon finally! Man I wish this was my day job I would have been done a long long time ago!

Again if you could spread the word Bout Cursed realms I
Would really appreciate it . The more input the better!

I got a lot done yesterday!

Zangy with a tom of loot.


Update: Also please pass along that we exist here. Use the pics on the blog in other forums =). We need to start growing soon to get more input during alpha to make Cursed Realms all it can be =)…Use whatever you want on the blog and when alpha members get their copies take whatever pics you want to send out. =).. No media control here as in the big boys what you see is what you get =).




I an this from yesterday I just love debug lines 😉

Running screaming fast !





Shots from yesterday…

Really coming along!

Look! A Happy mr spud 😉 got it done last night with a crafty fix 😉 so far nothing broke and we have commas in commands! (I know easy compared to everything else
In the engine just neglected way to long )


I am adding in something I should of a long time ago to my command parser. The capabiltiy to use escape characters. Pretty easy just takes a little time. I found a good way to slip it in and it turned out to be a lot easier. Just place a /, instead of a , when using commas. Then it will skip and reform the string when it sees that. Anywho I will try to upload some shots later today while I perfrom my day job =). Busy busy busy… Happy Tuesday…

Its a Monday





It is Monday and I might actually get more work done tonight then the whole weekend! My wife kept my butt busy. Go out Friday night, run an obstacle course that was 5 kilometers long. Then that night go out past midnight. Sunday go to a big bbq. Then throw a pool party at night. I am TIRED! =P….

So now back to the push to Alpha. I will be back on tonight after my day job and post as I work!

Have a great Monday all!