Weapons break when dropped off bad guys…

So now they break apart… It is a really nice effect and excuses the lack of the ability to pick them up after they are killed…. It is pretty cool to see the scattering…. Really good stuff… IGNORE the shader on the bad guy something is screwy and he looks awefull… Ill fix that now..





It is about the little things

Today I am putting some time in. I am adding in things like dropping weapons on death of ai, converting the skinned mesh to a mesh on end of ragdoll, etc. Just the little stuff.. I am almost done and then I will get back to putting items in the game again and fleshing it out. The last items that need to be added now is the story, sounds,cut scenes, and final pre-alpha testing. Then on to open testing just the starting level. We will need to play the junk out of it and make it as good as possible =)


More Later…..



QUESTION: Ok I do not want you to be able to pick up the weapons dropped. So should I have them break into three pieces when dropped… or two… etc… or just add story they are infected and usuable…? The characters drop chests you open…


Now the graphics are on low for testing… so ignore the crappy look =)

But he died went ragdoll dropped what he was carrying and then converted to a mesh!!MissionEuropa2_drop.jpg

Adding story assets etc…

It is amazingly easy to add assets now. I am really excited about adding in the story and items, however I am far more excited to start adding in the story and cut scenes for the main story arc next!… Finally starting to get there!….

Here is a fully fleshed out item created from 3 different parts that all add to make its story and stats.



More later…