If I only had a brain…..

Update: I needed to get a local menu system up for loading and saving. (Internet based menus and systems are great).. a little hiccup nothing to big =)…
If I only had a brain…..Well he is getting one. I expect to have him chasing things down to do with a few hours work. =)..

The plan is a AI Job manager that will queue jobs up that the user adds or circumstances add. Then when the AI goes idle after completing a job they will grab from the queue something they can accomplish. If they fall in the line of duty then their job is returned to the queue. The jobs will be digging, patrolling, building, eating, resting, training, researching, defending, and attacking.

Working on AI.. =)

Update: So finally midnight oil time..here is the little bugger that I want to be be dong a job soon! … For some reason I find AI to be one of the easier jobs.. Maybe because I have a lot of fun with it. Anyway TO WORK I GO!

That little dude needs to get a job! =)

That is from a level I qucikly tossed together and then used the game to upload to a server (with a screen shot) and then downloaded it from the server =)… all good.. NOW AI! =)

OK tonight!

I will be working on finishing the vis-cull node. I should bang that out in 30 min. Then I will get to the AI walking around on the ground and path picking. as far as the culling I am going for a very fast check. Simply take the cis Sphere position and project it onto the cameras view at direction vector. Then take the distance from there to the sphere minus the radius of the sphere (This is perpendicular and the shortest distance from the camera at to a point on the sphere). The last step is to be sure the dot of this vector is less then the FOV of the camera plus a bias. If so then you can see it otherwise skip the vis node and all its children.

Vis nodes on my scene graph are notified to update and when told to do so they build a min max off all the children below it. Thus entire sectors are dropped from rendering with one check.

More later =)

Did not get anything done this weekend due to a new addition to the family a JEEP!

I finally ditched the 15 year old dodge dakota for a 2010 Jeep!! saved half price to a new one!


Now back to making game happen. The internet based loading and saving systems are done. My next step is to create the visibility culling system (very easy). I am just going to base it off the sectors at render time do a check to the sector and render or not =). The AI will be on a different system.

Then after that I would like to see about a Cut Scene creation system. Where you have a time line and place in the text / animate the camera / and maybe even record the audio that is then altered to a different voice… (BIG MAYBES!) .. we shall see soon -=)

Excited about being different =)


Here is a picture taken in game by a render to texture. Then grabbed from the Render Buffer and converted to a UIImage JPEG which is then cataloged and stored server side for later use =)…

Update: Got some cool stuff in. I now can dynamically download textures from the web =).. neat stuff for maybe things that change in game also. Right now it is used in the level sharing only but it is modular and compacted to be used for any shader it is attached to =)..

Update: Watched the rest of the Anime Series Claymore on netflix last night… WOW what a good series. It is not a bleach or a Naruto but the quality is astounding I have not researched it yet but I hope there is another season. Anyway I really want to integrate that “spiritual pressure” effect seen in Claymore and Bleach. Where the screen blurs down in vertical lines and a deep electronic hum plays… I think it would be awesome to get that effect a few minutes before the boss shows in the game..It would be a warning something bad is coming =) ..
I would do thi sby using my scene render texture and when it is transfered to the back buffer use a shader that every other pixel shifts down or up a certain amount… most probably a sin wave with a certain frequency. Then I would also color shift with another sin wave. I might even use a normal map to push pixels in a certain direction. Or even render a particle effect with normal map colors in another texture and use that one as the normal map.. anywho it all depends on how much power I end up with after the game is optimized =)…

Anyway radnom thought =)

I finally took a look around at the competition and am very happy with this direction. Everything (read a lot not all) these days seems like a one trick pony with some good art… IE running around shooting stuff….. and well doing more of that.. There are some very good looking games coming thanks to the unreal tech (though I wonder if it limits the games as it did me when I used it back in the console days)… I am just kinda sick of the whole run and gun games. I do like the online ones though. They still pull me in. I am really looking forward to Battlefield 3…. I think that is the killer game of the year to me. Again though I would love some games that are more than fire(buy) and forget….I wonder when plants vs zombies 2 is coming?

Anyway not much to post about the game right now still getting the online downloading and uploading systems finished… 😉


Update: I need to make a texture down-loader from the web. I do not think it will be to bad (maybe an hour or two). This is so when you are picking out levels that other people have created you can see a representation of the level in front of you with the description,name, and ranking. No biggy as it is just another speed bump while also being something I can use in the future.

Upcoming thread added to Touch Arcade:
😉 Heading home to work!…

Update: So all I have left to get the levels back down from the server is to get the binary download working for the levels uploaded. (Should not be to hard)…;)

Wow.. man almost all the code I am writing is 100% portable between games now!.. and the tools are getting really nice. I am of the opinion 50% of dev time should be tools as they will increase productivity by several hundered percent…Right now I am inches from creating a level in game. Saving it to the web server then downloading it on another or the same device. I plan on using this to create the game. I also want to release it as a 99 cents a month gig for people that want endless levels and want to make new levels. I could add in new assets if it gets popular enough. IE add in new bad guys and weapons / environments. Who knows! For now back to the day job. More later =)…