M.E. Hopefully completing the A.I. today..

Pretty much it.. going to try to get the Nav system done. I am really close so I should be able to get back to gameplay soon =-)

Last steps of AI

Really burned it up last night.

Tonight after the day job:
First redo the AI.. this AI has to be smarter as it is not zombie warriors. It is __ something __ else.. and much smarter then you if a bit confused.. SO I am removing the navigation method system with a new ai system that thinks a bit more 😉
I should be able to get a system working in about 3 hours. and fully operational in 6 so it maybe tomorrow evening before I get to the skill sets. I may want to first add the editable menu so I can start moving on the combat stuff quickly.

I want to get the AI back in the levels using the new system (a few minutes)
Then get the ability system back up and running to implement the new weapon systems. IE different guns/ammo etc.

The living design doc is on my forums at :

I am going to flesh that out a LOT more before I get into the weapons system so that will be tonight to ;)…

Tonight working on M.E.!

WOW did I flow tonight….. one of those HOLLY CRAP what is going on it is all working first shot!

IE check out the new and improved tier one level… No flat stuff anymore! RAAAAAWWWRRRR!

Seriously looking good imho…

I would urge you to checkout the new version of the lite app and tell your friends.. here is a quote from one happy user….
The Suckling Abyss???
That just made my head explode from sheer awesomeness.”

Man those words keep me going 😉

Today I may post a video of debug stuff in M.E. The plan is to wrap up the new collision system close the hood. Then I need to Create multi-level rooms for more fun =).. I plan on play-testing for a while and then to finish up tier one and get a alpha testing group together to help mold the game. =).. Hopefully within a few weeks depending on how the regular job treats me. =-)

Have a great day!