I plan on getting the radar operational and moving forward with mission 2. This means I add more lego pieces to the mission system. Each piece I add means more variations on missions. So far I have the ability to place mission specific items in the level. Place triggers, have objectives, pauses and read the mission to the screen. Next is the Use function. This means if you are facing and close enough when you use. then the objective will trigger. what it does after that isup to the mission =)… .good stuff!… Not much eye candy right now, thus not to many screens to share but I expect by the end of the week to start getting back to items and polish =)..

Here is the look of the radar currently. Imagine aleins and the blip blip blip… =)… no map this time… you have to use your radar and your sometimes flakey radar!


Making stiry mode work =)

In the first mission you are tasked with checking out a howling mess standing on the edge of the drill platform. When you approach it drops in the hole. So I am putting that together to be sure my mission systems work. So far so god I will hopefully have it working tonight. Then on to the rest of the first missions. After I get that done I will get back on the AI and item systems. When that is complete I will polish ME2 up for its first open play testing. It will not be close to done but people who want to help mold the game can download and help make ME2 awesome…. =) more later

Story Time !

Its finally here.. the story manager will soon be in charge of creating the levels not me =)… I will be working on it today.

The process will be:

1. Game manager loads a level file which tells the game that there is a cut scene X… so play it first then tell the game manager to proceed.

2. Once done the game manager will load the rooms the level says it uses and then the room manager will load and arange the levels randomly.

3. Then the story manager will look at the rooms for specific tags. It will spawn the boss where he needs to be. Not the AI manager. Then it will spawn any special Trigger events listed in its trigger events on types of tags they call for and the distance from the boss they specify. Lots of special events will be in there to that are prefabs and they will be spawned on event tags. prefabs control every thing.

4. Once done the rest of startup completes and fade in from black… =)… good stuff!

With Unity I got a turrent from a model to functional in 20 minutes

Unity is so easy to prototype with I had a model and got it into unity then wrote a script that will spin until it detects a target. Then aim at the target and fire for a set-able amount of time. Then reload and fire again. This is if you are in range and are able to be seen. The effects all go with it. The upper part rotates up and down the base rotates around. This script will be portable to all turrents. I now am making a ceiling and wall version. Very impressive to tell you the truth. Once the systems are figured out prototyping is the fastest I have ever experienced in any engine =)… more later I am getting back to work this evening.!MissionEuropa2_asd

Good to go… Walls will take about fifteen minutes to complete. I got stuck in a collider issue where my spawn points in the level where hiding the player from the turrents other then that it took 5 minutes to rig up ceiling turrets =)


Good stuff and more later!

Time to get playable.

I now am going to add in the story manager / AI manager to create a full level. I plan on one room first then going forward with the others I already have built. First I have to drop possible spawn locations. Possible event locations. Possible anything. They are invisible game objects that have a script on them that registers with the story manager on load. The AI Manager has the same thing with spawn points. It is all laid out on the wiki. Now to get it done!…