So animations are combining

All humanoid animations are combining to one blend file. I could see a huge mess of files coming if I had one animation in each file. Along with the bloated file sizes I was seeing. I already combined a lot of them. Then I will append the base skeleton to each of the characters and re-weight them with automatic weights this time to avoid seams in the segmented parts. With this procedure I will bring in at least two more characters. The pus bucket and a zombie I got from the asset store. I may buy more to save time. Anyway I expect the process to be done in the next few days and have a clean up session again. The clean up is needed because a lot of initial work I did was while learning unity. This I did not know the cleanest ways to get something done 😉 . I feel I have mastered unity now and things move really quick so I hope the clean up will not take long at all. I just have to be careful not to delete the wrong items 😉 . Thank goodness the asset server is there just in case 😉

I hope by next week to also have occulus rift workin in the game. It is a drag and drop. However I have a bunch of code that works off the camera so I have to move that over. I am very impressed with the occulus rift. The resolution is very impressive. The immersion level is ridiculous. I really cannot wait to walk around in mission Europa fully immersed 😉

More later 😉

I have to redo the animations

Not to huge but several hours. I need to move them to one skeleton. I had them spread out across many and it is causing issues… not the worst thing in the world but it must be done… more later as always.

Got my Occulous Rift

Holly crap it is the future. They just need to demo it to people and have a good price and it WILL sell. I do plan on putting mission europa on Oculous VR now. I would love to see my creation in VR….It truly is amazing in every way. I wish I could see more demos but the latest SDK broke all the old ones. So until they recompile I have to wait with eager hands and my DK2 kit on my head =)….

Back to work on the game -)…