Going awesome

I wish I would have tried this approach a long time ago. Now all props for per square and block. But that is great and makes level creation so much easier.

Here are some of the props moves over to the new system.




Imagine clash of clans play in that world. I think it is perfect 😉

Currently removing the progammers interface

This is needed for the new map building aspect that will bring this game closer to Clash of Clans. Moving quickly. =).. All the databases have been converted I am just checking for new conflicts that have shown up with the design change. Overall really smooth with the new engine =).. My next target is to get the items into the game interface to place them without using the in game programming editor that is ugly and un-refined.

Working at the new game style


I am going full bore multiplayer. The single player will change however it is needed to allow for clash of clans
Style multiplayer. I have converted the characters into the upgrade model, reworked icons (still in progress), and the up has totally changed. Still a lot of work to go but I am really excited about this new direction and the next testing phase.



Still making the hi pretty but it is getting there 🙂 lots of icons to redo.

Next Testing Session will focus on multi-player.

The single player levels will be there just very broken with the shift to multi-player focus. You will construct a base and attack others out there. I will make dummy players you can combat along with my own super powered base =P…If you were attacked while away you will come back to the destruction wrought on your base and minions. Then you simply press restore and you will load your base back to where it was minus the resources that were pillaged. Pretty much just like clash of clans except this is in 3D and FAR more building options =). O and you can personally raid a base in first person =)…. I am REALLY REALLY excited about the new direction. Thanks to Kyle for pointing me in this direction.

More when I get closer.

Simplification going well

The multi-player will be like clash of clans. A chat channel for your clan. When you leave your base open it can be attacked if it is then when you come back you will see the ruin suffered. Then you press a button and it goes back to the original state minus the gold / research / factory that was stolen =). I like this direction so much more it fits the quick play model of the iphone app. The episodic story line will still be there but the base defense I believe will be huge. There is SO much more then clash of clans including FPS, 3D, unit to unit combat. Patrol routing etc. Welp back to work this is a biggie but worth it. -) I want the best product out there I can make -)…

Revamping to a clash of clans model =)

I am addicted to that damn game and I think some of their ideas would be awesome for cursed realms. I can easily implement the ideas also. What I want to do is have two modes of play. The Scenario one player and online battles. Basically you have a base that you build and upgrade. Your cash, research, and gold do not change. You come into the level with what you had before. You can battle online destroying another players base and minions or play the single player. Almost all of the items I need to make this happen are already 90% done. The reasons this maybe more fun to people is the fact you can also go into first person to try and destroy the other persons base and AI. The home is ready and going up for sale in the next week so now I can finally get back to work. Good stuff… Ideas are always welcome. =) I like this new direction as I always prefer multi-player games.

Starting a simplification

I am going to redo the game a bit to simplify it. I finally got addicted to clash of clans. I would like a model like that. Simple easy to get into and menus that are simple to use. Also funding the production with acceleration techniques are nice. I will not be doing the ridiculous DAYS that upgrades take but short times. I will be moving the turrets into an one class that is upgraded not a ton of different ones. There are slowing turrets, DOT turrets, and damage turrets. The traps will be condensed into upgrade trees and not a bunch of different ones. The spells will all be up gradable with the research. I will be removing the research menu and doing some other things to make the upgrading and research work much more smoothly and in the most efficient manner. I am currently making level 5 =).. It is moving very quickly now. Check out the wiki for the design as I go. More later.