I am thinking I need to test the VR waters with a more simple game to make. Basically ME and ME2 are a 30-50 man team normally… so lots of work..

I am going to think of a smaller game for VR to test the market. Any ideas are welcome. I need something that could make a little cash to afford making ME2.

Ideas are welcome. Goodness knows I have time now the main job has dwindled.

Anyway please post ideas I will be researching ideas of what works and what I like making… =)

I am still not sure but ME2 is a looooooong way from done.. I do not like releasing a half baked idea… I may just try for it but income may become an issue in the near future…..

Damn I am on the fence lol. Even writing this I want to finish ME2……We shall see… I am still looking into my ME2 assets to see where I stood.

OK now after sitting staring at my screen I want to do ME2. I need to redesign a little. I have the story line done and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it…. so I just need to get to work!.


I am going to restart working on Mission Europa 2 (Day job willing).
I have a lot to do to remember just where the heck I was.

I have had many people ask to get it done eventually -)

SOOOoooo… here goes again.. I will probably create a new project and bring over the pieces individually to keep it as clean as possible in the new version.

Anywho I will document the fun here!

Update: well the upgrade went really quick!
Up and running now to start digging into it again.

Working on the cobat and item system

Spitballing here….I want it to be as open as possible but also as compact and doable as possible. It is hard to balance the best operating method. Every item you wear may have a special ability on attack or defend. So far I have item effects. On weapons and abilities they get a down, held down, and up command and each item effect decides what to do. IE a ballistics weapon would on down fire a shot. Collect the closest enemy hit and operate on them and the attacker. It would 1 reduce the ammo count 2. Tell all equipped items there is a attack on X and do what you want. There is a helm with a 1% chance of life steal. It adds a life steam to the attack. Your chest piece might have a chance of butterflies attacking the enemy on hit (just an example of how different it could get down the road). However, when you are wearing all life steal I want to add it all up and use that. On the other hand the hundereds of other possible effects would be impossible to add. I think I need to look at the base stats of Health, Energy, and armor. Use them as a baseline somehow and all other effects would be their own thing. Then again there goes the open idea of having crazy effects like a possible pathogen that spreads to nearby enemys. I know there is a greay solution sooo… tonight I think =)… K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid..