Still on combat

Trying to not get to complicated while being the most robust!

8 thoughts on “Still on combat

  1. oh my god you’re making a second ME? I remember playing the first one on my ipod when i was a wee lad. I can’t wait to see what happens with this game

  2. Ryan please give us an update! The suspense is killing me. I played the first one and have been looking for a game like it ever since

  3. I still refuse to delete the Mission Europa icon off my phone until I can replace it with Mission Europa 2… Please continue the good fight in getting us a final product that we can appreciate as much (hopefully more) then the first one!

  4. I will try once I am not fighting for my financial life lol… main job went south now north but need to catch up cash wise first. No free time currently. Thanks for stopping by it is on my list and still VR first.. =)

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your job but I am glad it didnt keep you down! I am sure it will make completing your goals all the more satisfying when you finally do get to them.

      Also I didn’t go through whole thread but if you are taking donations to help you make this come to fruition (when you have to time of course), I’d be happy to donate.

      Good luck with everything you have on your plate and your fan base is eagerly waiting!

  5. Once I get back old feet not a bad idea to alleviate my asset store purchases lol… I spend way to much in there!

    Thanks again hopefully what I am doing in the day job now comes to fruition and things can start back up.

    The wife is asking me to restart also as I have put so much into ME2 already.

  6. There will be no casting of stones from this guy on spending money on frivolous things…lol. Spending a little to help ME2 take off would be a worthy cause though!

    I just checked out your YouTube page and watched the VR gameplay… Wow! I’m salivating at the thought that will be the experience I get to indulge ME2 in first… I’m glad us fans also have another fighter on our side to keep the (positive) pressure on you, your wife!

    It’s been years and people still think about what you brought us with ME1… That’s gotta be a testament to your abilities. I hope there is a way for you to demonstrate/exemplify those same type of abilities to your employer so he can see the value in having someone with your skill set in their workforce!

    Take care, good luck and I’ll be following updates closely!!

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