Tonight Area effects


Area effects ROCk



I need to finish the area effect code tonight. I want all systems to run as smoothly an d through the least interface points as possible as I am also building this engine for the future games I make. So tonight I plan on finishing Zap area effect and then moving on the to do list. I limited down all the spells items and characters to what is in the alpha level one so I will no longer be making content and what not that will not be in alpha to get that done as soon as possible and into testing…

More later right now I am about to purchase the wife a used Challenger SRT8!!!

Fx here we come

Update: Wow this is getting awesome.. I added a super level haste to the enemies and they were tearing it up all over the map … so cool… They would blink and be up on my guys and start swinging kill him and blink to the next… Then I was casting heals on my guys to keep them alive…. awesome… I locked down level 1s abilities finally. I am now play testing and making pretty… I want to have some more scripted events and cut scenes. I also want to test the combat and FX with the following guys over the next few days:
Pus Bucket
User medics
Human Medics
and The demon called Sloth (he will be in level one…) I suggest leaving him alone.
Once they are tweaked I will place them in level one and then start scripting the cut scenes during gameplay I have not completed. I won’t get to alpha until I feel I have an awesome complete game at level one that will blow peoples socks off. It is getting there Very quickly =)…

Back to the to do list!…


Adding fx to buffs now and building them in game and it’s going well!

Here is a shot:

More later



Haste buff on unit 🙂


New tags on chars


Update: I settled with this look as I think all the other stuff was just to much I will convey buffs and debuffs with effects. The icon pool was too much now just a simple level and health 😉


Here is why you Mach things up first… I wanted to show all the buffs per chat at all times….and now way it’s to much just level and go bar is all I am going with… The buffs and debuffs will be effects then icons will be in the ai info window




Really getting good




Update: I moved the text to the menus so it is clearer and it looks better 😉


Really down to combat testing and making combat fun.
I need to get the looting system in also.

Here is the first run at combat numbers. I love it!

I also am going to revamp stats and game mechanics to make them
Better. Think of
It turning dials here and there to make the game tighter and
More fun 😉

I will post here when I decide how it is going to work 😉




Adding in combat numbers…


I went to a friends and checkout a board game he got last week and it reminded me how much a simple dice roll with specials afterwards could add excitement. So I am adding in combat numbers during combat and critical hits with some random effects at even more random moments… =).. Ill post when I get it done. I am adding in a new node that resides in world space but renders in screen space for the numbers and some cool targeting like effects. More later…

Got it all in and working fast its awesome.. I love number spew telling me the damage done by my choices… and the effects system is already stellar… good stuff this is getting good!..

Need an enemy that looks like this….scary

I finally finished the quotes…




Update lots of work tonight 😉 working on combat now




I added a button showing the current mode and that relays the description in the info window. Here it is at work..

There are a ton of them and enough for alpha for sure =)…I am getting back at it now and I will try to post as I work =) I am going about making it all fit together now and adding as much wow as possible =)…

Happy Monday!

i need some more good sayings

I want the helper to congratulate you on placing traps or otherr big spells with fun quotes…

So far:
You are devilishly clever
Oooo that will make a mess
I like your style
Clean up isle 13
Death becomes you
Say it ain’t so reaper
The Abaddon will envy you
My My you are dangerous
Wow… you are starting to excite me..
Shiver me timbers …
Get er done master…
That should slow them down….
Bleed them dry shall we?
Chuckle….That will be messy
I wish I could do that
Hmm bringing the wood are we…
I like it I like it…

From Doom:
Dude..have to have these..
That’s gonna leave a mark..
Your not going to have to tell him twice
Clean up on aisle 2
Shop smart, shop SMart..
Boom spelled backwards is moob…
Nesfartu nechtu …or whatever it really is..
Fist of Awesome would be proud.. (Tribute to a cool one coming..)
Red mist..
And of course..
It will be doomsday..
These all should rank with big stuff..;) I have many more..

Korean Wonders:
Way to greet visitors…
Who’s gonna be the lucky one?
Remind me not to step there…
I see you mean business…

Over 9000!
I can fix that…wait?
So what if I’m not licensed…
Don’t worry, it’s just going to sting a lot
Come closer I won’t hurt you..hehehe..
We save lives…sort of..
Want some, get some!!

Working hard on a database upgrade

I am almost done. This little idea I had opens up amazing possibilities and speed. I have every item now at a very high level in a main item database. they then point deeper into the databases. This way the engine itself knows about every part in it and can do amazing things with it. Every item has a description,name,icon name, and history. From that point on more information can be added to the item like cost or pointers deeper into the databases for a representation. Any-who I should be back to level 1 tonight after the upgrade is complete.

Working all day

Something is coming closer and closer to being born =)…




New factory effects here.. just posting as I go 🙂



Here are some more of the abilities and items you can use =)

Click for a better copy as usual




I will post if I make anything graphically new. Mainly I am tying it all together and finishing the last part of the tutorial I decided to add in. =) More when time permits =).

Currently here are the damage and debuff spells only…


Going ot be a good long work Saturday…I need to get this to alpha!

Here are some great tracks people have picked out please join in.

Read this post on how:

Here are some great tracks people have found and I have already bookmarked for looking into:

More later!

Mr Spud gave me an idea…

You can help by finding good level music….

I pay up to 75 bucks a song. So you can just search for some good music that would fit and then post the link here in the comments. Then we all can check it out…

For example:
Here is what I based the cursed realms title screen on before I worked on it…

The previews are all low quality but good enough to see if the song is good.
To get a music piece:
1. goto
2. Search for production music
3. press the name of the song so it opens into a new window
4. copy the address in the address bar
5. Paste it here.


More later the day job is REALLY busy right now….


Tonight I plan on finishing the tutorial script and getting to playing the level! =).. Alpha will come soon after I complete the level. I still need to script in lots of events in the level to make it really exciting to play. I will post tonight as I work. Again if you guys get inspired or have an idea drop them in the comments!… More later….

Tonight there will be work

Update or NOT lol forgot college Superbowl is tonight! I am going to watch the tide prove the SEC is awesome and notre dame sucks!!! 😉 tomorrow there will be work football almost gone ;(

Man I wish I could make my own games full time 😉 AND make enough to survive on 😉 Anywho tonight I will be back at the tutorial. It really is close then I will be full on into combat an finalizing gameplay! Weeeeee!

More later!



Update: Going strong. This has to be the longest tutorial I have ever created or worked on. It has to cover so much!..It is insane as this is no casual push your finger and play game it actually takes a brain behind the finger =P. I think I am 3/4 of the way through the whole thing. I have taught the player to dig, use the menus, create a treasury tile, how each minion needs food/homes, how to tell a minion to change jobs, how to tell a minion to research, and how to use that research so we can level up an ability. I still need to show the research menu and how it works, show how units create factory units to construct things, how to place the traps using factory units, how spells work, and combat….There is a little left on the tutorial but it is getting there. There really is a LOT of scripting and a powerful system that can follow the player through all the players input knowing they are completing the tasks =)… good stuff!… more later…


Argh I thought I would never get done with all those items and menus!.. But back at it. Not much to post I am adding in a lot more camera angles and shots during the intro to break up the scenes … and just making it cool as I can… then combat testing menus and alpha Finally… sheesh I picked one hell of a big project… but thats the way we roll around here =)….

More later..




TONS of items =)…

Update: Time to move on back to level 1 I am happy with the menu look now… I am sure I will add more flare later =)


iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz248

Update: Ahhh better:

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz247

I need to go through and make them pretty before release… but for now here are all the items in game you can loot…each has a history and a description that tie back into Cursed Realms Lore…

Here are the correct bottom labels… (not really happy with this menu border.. It will change.. )


iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz246

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz245

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz244

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz243

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz242

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz241

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz240

Ok holidays over finally!

I did not get the work time I really wanted due to family and friends time =). However, the holidays are done family and friends are back to work and so am I =)… Tonight I should finish the icons up and get to level 1 hopefully =)….more later when I get back at the moonlight job that is Cursed Realms… =)

Happy New Year again!

Update: I finished more then 70 item icons! … done.. now to get them in game tomorrow which should not take to long and then back to the level and looting finally! … =)… This project sure has grown from what I originally intended =P…

More Tomorrow!