In the final run!

I am implementing all the assets I have created into the engine after one last step of generating 3 more tiers of zombies. Not a big deal.. but by the end of next week I should be into the play testing stages… . That should not take to long as I have been doing that since I started this project a long long time ago it seems with all the time I have poured into my baby…..

More as I have it.. right now really boring exporting importing argh…

Tier 3 Base Armor Set

There are 3 types of armor per tier now. I am dropping the cloth line as I am one man and I would rather have good looking sets then half ass sets cause I was spread to thin. =)

Here is the tier 3 because the player should be scary and mean. Not cute and fluffy =)..

Remember this is on a mobile phone ;)… not an xbox 360… O how I miss shaders… argh…


Tier 4 BASE armor…just the back.. I have to save some surprises for the descent into the necromancers lair =)


Hopefully I will be able to finish up tier 4 and 5 today =)…

Today 1 more boss to complete…

UPDATE: All bosses are asset complete. I need to get them in game but first I am finishing up the armor tiers for the player. 5 tiers of cloth and metals. Then Weapons 5 tiers 10 hilts and 10 blades.. per type woot asset time!

Then I am off to finish the armor and what not.. really nick nacks..

Then Time to comeplete the game. =)

Meet the necro I had to tweak down half the polies and the texture to fit my systems. But I am very happy with the 12 foot floating evil being. =)

The first boss in the necropolis awaits you now =)


(Modeled by: Kvakling on Turbosquid some GREAT prices to save you some time!…)

The bosses -)

The Flesh Maiden is on the ticket today.Then after her the Necropolises two bosses… Each level has a boss but 2 are very specialized per every ten levels.


Looking REALLY good and playing well I will try to get more info soon..

Flesh Maiden Done.. =)

Now Level 14s boss .. Corpulent Ooze


COrpulent Oooze done.. I love the easy ones.. sludge is so easy to animated and create =)..

Now on to …Death’s Hand 😉

Then on to the tomb of the kings and the boss fill out that will be this weekend.. after that 3 more bosses. Then I will finish the character equipment.. LOTS of that to go but equipment goes quick =)..

I am on the secret final tier

No screens for this one it will have to be discovered when you play it =)..

So off to construct the final tier where the Necromancer awaits..

O and I was just pointed to a new game coming out called Ravensword.. looks pretty nice =)..I am looking forward to some movies of it in action!

I am listening to my Diablo sound track CD from diablo 2 as I work… good stuff. o the memories… =)

Items left till ship:
1. 2 more rooms for the final tier (done today)
2. 9 More bosses to create and animate (a few days to a week)
3. Carry through the weapons and armor through the tiers. (a few days)
4. Create the intros to each level (a few days)
5. PLAY IT AND FIX IT UNTIL IT IS AS FUN AS POSSIBLE.. (it already runs like a bat out of hell 😉 )

Continuing the Suckling Abyss

Please if you can mention this project in forums and other placed to get more participants.. Input has gone to 0 and viewership has really dropped. If people have questions on development or the game please ask them I want this labor of love to fly high =). I don’t have money for marketing or the time to pass the word sadly. I am pouring everything into this bad boy. And believe me it has the fastest frame rate and is one of the best looking game I have seen on the iPhone because of it 😉 . Thanks for any help getting the word out I think this project deserves it.

I will post more shots when I get a chance.

After that on to the final tier. =)

OK DONE WITH TIER 4 The Suckling Abyss.. the last level will be kept for those that support me by purchasing this game on release =)..




The suckling abyss

Now the next to last tier the suckling abyss. A very scary place to find oneself. The walls are covered in thick membranes that are ….. You will have to find that out on your own ;)… So today the next to last tier. I will post screen shots as I go but first I have a stinking passport interview. Yes interview at the post office. The government is the worst at everything it seems. You would think the _post_office_ could securely deliver to me a passport for the 8 billion they are in the hole this year 😉 but o welltime wasted but when I get a few rooms done I will post some screens 😉

have a great day!

Tier 3 The Suckling Abyss


Tomb of the kings

Today I continue with tier 3. The tomb of the kings. It has a greek/roman asthetic to it. The monsters are a mixed bag of fast fighters and strong casters. The bosses are the biggest and baddest kings of old reengineered by the necromancer.

Back to work!


Tier 3 Tomb of the Kings rooms:.. no fx or monsters.. more later… next room..






More rooms today..

Update: I wanted to thank whomever posted in touch arcade forums about this huge project. It really got quite a few eyes on this project. I always need more. I have no budget for marketing nor time. So thanks for the help in spreading the word about this project.

I plan on being tier 2 complete today level wise. Then I will move on to tier 3. It is REALLY looking good. If anyone has any character creation ideas for bosses or minions post them here =)..

More pics soon! =)

This is a tier 2 room minus the effects IE torch in the middle..

Again another tier 2 room…(no effects or monsters..


Tier rooms 2 done on to tier 3 !!!!! woot!!!
An excerpt from the description of tier 3

Tomb of the Kings:
The front lines stop here. The danger ahead is not very well known. These foul beasts are stronger then we expected. Amazing and dangerous they must be defeated to reach the Necromancer and put a stop to this madness. There must be something more powerful feeding him… sourcing him…..

Video Upload on the way!..

UPDATE:BUSY AS A MOFO… combat and intros and death outros movies right now…

Today I got in state saving so if you get a call all your dungeoun progress on a level will not be lost =)..

Good stuff!

I may make it to where you can return to that level at its progress state with a town portal. I will see..

I am uploading the beta tutorial video for the first time you can see the whole game as how it is supposed to play =).. as soon as it is uploaded I will post it here..

This is a beta version I still have lots of fixes on the movie. Right now I am playing and fixing bugs!.. I have also started to create the necropolis or levels 10 – 20 .. good stuff! Getting close! Asset fill in is EASY compared to the systems and the root stuff. =)

Have a great day!

O.k. re-uploading it this morning I got distracted last night =)

Still going strong

I have cinematic intros for each level introducing its boss. =)..

good stuff..

Still a long way to go. I am working on smoothing out story lines and gameplay now… the gameplay is a really dog as there are so many variables to tweak…one HELL of a project for a guy to take on by himself… but I like climbing a mount Everest of a project…reaching the peak will be awesome..