Intro scene almost done

Update: Working it!

Here is where it sits… still working on animation and I need to work on the lighting and visual effects….






Then back to the list!!

Here is a shot of where it sits

I still bees to add the broken ground below the hand, clean up the tombstone, and animated the hand better. The I will add visual effects as I think it needs 😉 lighting needs a run also.

Got a voice submission! =)


Working on it .. I need to fix the thumb and the animation … I have a lot of work to do on making it look awesome… I am going to add a post process vision blur effect … Some ground to come out of and the tombstone 😉 it has to look incredible as it is the first impression 😉 more later as I am posting from my iPhone and will be hard at work home soon 😉

I have one submission for Zang bloods voice! Good stuff.

Here is the next boss if You have a mic and would like to have a credit in this game record the lines for sloth below and email them to me .. =)..(Sloth will be recurring and I will need some more later but not to much he is a weaker demon…)

Sloth: I am called by the name sloth…..we have been watching you….O poor Zangblood your contract has expired it seems..

Sloth:I will take his soul and treat him to all the pleasures of hell. Now then there is the matter of the rest of you sad little souls. One of you is a very interesting soul mixed into a machine.

Sloth: We want you badly. However..the others ordered me to leave you alone for now and I could have Zangbloods soul. How tempted I am to lay waste to all you insects where you stand and taste your deaths.

Sloth:BUT… I must do ask I am told.. for now… I sense confusion and fear.. *Chuckles… you have much to learn mortals.. I think I will take just one more as I cannot resist..

Sloth: Ahh…better… I must go now. Do not grow to confident as I am sure you will see all of us soon.

Helper:That was rather unpleasant. Maybe I should be appreciative I do not contain a soul.

Helper:What exactly did he mean using the term US. We have to find a way to drive the demons back into the maws of Hell. For now we need to obviously find a safer place to reside.

Helper:Rest AI I am shutting you down so we can transmit ourselves to a newer husk….|

As far as tonights work I am still making the banshee soft intro scene. It needs to be kick ass as it is the first thing the player sees. Currently I am creating a creapy night scene with a tombstone close up, mountains in the distance, a HUGE glowing moon. On the tombstone is bansheesoft as if it was gone. Then a fist rips out of the ground in one flash and moves slow like in slow motion up with pieces of debri spinning in the frame then it whites out and whites into the title screen… =) rebirth baby…More later day job now,

Level 1 is FINALLY coming together

Last weekend was a little to busy!… I had a bunch to do for the family and a wedding to attend. However, this week is all clear after hours for a bunch of work to get done =)… I have a little work on the level 1 end cut scene. and I am tossing the box intro and going back to making a banshee for the frontal intro with some cool effects. Other then that I just need to get to work =).. Alpha is coming soon. I would say about 2-4 weeks depending on how my after hour work time is =)… More later…

Want to be a part of cursed realms?

Want to a be a part of the game? … do you have a microphone and a decent skill at making voice recordings?

I have posted below here Zangbloods lines for level 1. Record them acted out as best you can (Add in effects with audacity) and if they are good enough I will put them in the game and credit the voice to you in the credits. There will be lots of characters that need them so if you feel up to it give it a shot and email the result mp3 file to me at RyanMitchellGames at gmail (with what you want your name to be in the credits IF it is selected). Pass the word on =)

So here goes an experiment =)… I use audacity for my audio. It is free and very powerful.

At 5:00 Zangblood spawns out of a bloody messy area on the map. A shrine of sorts. Zangblood was a human that has lost his mind due to the drug bliss. His speech is hard and labored… he is insane.

Zangblood: “I need more bodies… I need more.. of it… my precious liquid…. I need flesh… I sense you…weak soldiers of nothing…I used to be one of you…UNTIL I found true bliss… Now my masters have sent me here to gather more bodies for more Bliss… they WILL give me more BLIIIIIISSSSS!!!!… “

Helper: “This is not good. Zangblood has found us and he is insane as ever. His power levels have greatly increased. A little background information is in store. Zangblood was one of our best soldiers until he was addicted by the alien pushers to the drug Bliss. These addicted people are called Users… An alien race has taken control of its entire galaxy with the use of this drug. It is produced with the flesh of living organisms. They hope to take victims alive as the more agonizing the death is the better the resultant bliss produced. The exact methods of production are unkown. However…we do know that bliss gives extra-ordinary power, extacy, and a slow painful death as the user reverts to a fetal mess. Zangblood has somehow avoided this death and has grown amazing powers.”

Zangblood: “Confused are you… hehehehe.. my power has increased exponentially! I cannot DIE!!!! yet you CAN… and you wonder my secret… my secret of living in bliss!?!?!… It is you!.. I need living bodies to graft into my beautiful body… my body of many…we live together in bliss……chuckle… now you ALL will join us…”

Zangblood death: “NOOOOOOoooo!!! Impossible…..I had a contract……I was decieved…..SLOTH…. I . I……..(death exhale)..”




Man things are rolling!!!! First boss is in! It is amazing a character can be from concept to in game in about 3 hours. Good stuff!!

There Zangblood goes!! Good stuff!! Man alpha is close!!

Rolling towards alpha pretty quick.

There is only one decent system left (fog of war)….the a bunch of polish as I do no want to waste alpha teams time… If this was my day job we would be on to another game by now =), however I have a lot of midnight oil left to burn =).. I will be getting -er- done tonight and the whole week really. The forecast looks good for overtime work and little day job/life interruptions.

The goals tonight are to finish up the menu flash. Get the spells or abilities point and click finished. Then get to polishing. I also still have to make the level 1 boss and the final cut scene for level one. Those however should not take to long… more later when I get back to Cursed Realms… Happy Monday! =)

Had to do some car work for the wifey tonight but back at it =)… working the list. =)

5:00 in the morning…. and not a T-pain song ;)

Update: Playing enhancing =)

Update here is the minion creation process…you have selected your 4 units before (i would suggest always having an imp =) )… then you pick your corpser… In the job location you choose what you want minion you want to create then let er rip. When it is done creating the minion it will spit it out on the tile next to it that is open.

Here are shots of the process =)







Went to bed when I ran out of gas so I would be fresher in the morning for more work.
I have the Corpsers in.. the units that create your units from corpses you have stored away under your AI husk.

In Game:


More later…(Day job starts soon)


Update: Just working … funny thing I was watching an anime and they had a soundtrack I used in Mission Eruopa we must shop at the same place =P…..

I put the event system in. It took about 30 minutes. I LOVE my current engine!.. So now scripts are SUPER powerful… say for example. You want a script to watch for a certain guys death.

t key
f t 0.0
s event |death KillaFull|

When killafull is destroyed an event is sent and that script will fire….So I can do things like make a computer you need to destroy. Once the computer is destroyed it sends a message death levelComputer. Then 4 scripts that are listening set upp explosions..and a chain reaction occurs.. etc..

Going to be awesome.

Back to the list!…


Update: BTW nothing here is art final.. if you have ideas toss them out.. For example I want to put in movie “bars” behind the logo ti simulate a widescreen effect

And lastly please ALWAYS VOTE FOR FREEDOM … :)..delusional last post of the night i guess.. but true…

Buttons on title now to the last cut scene then the level =)…. going well super chargers in full effect =)

Logo pulsing through colors

Update: Working on the title now… weeeee….

Dead and Creepy tree in =) NEXT!

Update: Tall Tree done creepy tree next…

Update: Home and going to finish those trees… I need to hide the polies more and tewak the look… mean creapy tree coming also 😉



Anyway… Adding in more props tonight to get more of a 3D feel… I want to add a tall palm like tree and a Creepy twisted tree… then back to working on the end cut scene and level one. As I need new props I will construct them =) For sure more later =)

Now the title Screen

Low Poly Tree In: (Needs tweaks this is 30 min max.. had to create a new alpha tested shader with some bells and whistles)
Adding some color finally

Update: (I am now down to a working list. I will write it here and when done with the small list post a new one as I see new items…)
Goal List
— Create Menu For Title
— Checkout Excavation lighting seems weird
-Done- Make a blank scene to setup the shadow items.
-doing- Create a Dead Tree for height that cannot be removed.
Lower land around water tiles.

I added so many new tools and ways to do things last weekend I missed 1/3 of my goals =/..
I have rethought the title screen also. I want it to be a camera slowly spinning in a nice level at first person level. The title will be the inverse colors of the screen with a solid glow around it. Very different looking. The buttons overlay-ed on top of that. This will save time and produce a better result IMO.

More when I get to it =)… I hope to get a little time to post some shots from last nights work but we shall see the cowboys play today. Cannot wait to be disappointed 14 years in a row =)…

Made it past the long weekend with some good work time….

I have the intro visuals close to done. I will come back later and add some bells and whistles from other parts of this project… here are two screens from the 6 second engine screen..

So now I will be moving onto the title screen and then the post win cut scene. That will leave just the finalizing of the first level. Then the alpha team will be put together to tweak the game to the best we can . After it is tweaked episode 1 will be completed. 9 levels and 18 cut scenes. Good stuff!

Saturday Work Day..

Update: Break time…. here is where the cut scene is now at least a piece of it… Little ways to go then off to the second day list… =).. still need sound effects and some tweaks… in timing and look… pretty happy so far for just me doing all of that…

A shot I tok to make a icon =) not bad when your not supposed to be this close =)

Tonight’s Goals:
Done-Camera Cuts to position.
Done-Add in the ability to set the position of the message bar and not an automatic icon.
Done-Finish fixing the switching animations
Add in the helper icon..

Weekend Goal:

1 Create the intro Stage.
— Create a box with SouL_EnginE on it and a latch
— Create wicked audio mimicing pinball machine twilight zone “don’t open the box.”
— Fade in bounces around lit and showdowed labels glowing…
then stops and latch drops when it hits the base of the box go black and fade in the title screen…

2.Create the title screen Stage.
— all black with cursed realms showing through to the sky box.
— enable… A Demon walks behind seen through the logo…disable
— Model Cursed realms and texture map it to use the render texture as its texture… make it bumpy so it shines and animate the logo as it slowly moves around…. This should give a really cool effect…
(On top is a transform anim that is enabled to move it across slowly animating walk animation each one.)
— enable….A User does the same….disable
— enable….A Floater goes by… disable
— enable….A Puss bucket goes by…disable…Repeat
— Buttons Options, New Game, Load Game, Webpage
— Also place a button icon for Mission Europa and Necromancer Rising

3. Finally get on to finalizing level 1…. play and find ways to add in awesome….