Going STRONG…..

I have the AI in there….

All that is left to get to alpha open testing is the below…

Cut scene system.

Tweak AI to be smarter and more fun.

Add assets to the game (potions skills items)

Polish the junk out of it.

Testing is getting closer and closer =)…

!MissionEuropa2_action-rpg-of-the-year !MissionEuropa2_asd


More Stuff Going In….

Lighting still borked because I do not want to waste the time re light mapping…but you can kinda see the darkness reaching out of the ground with a blowing blood effect… should be good for a scare or two and liven up the atmosphere =)



You can actually see here a body in the fire grabbing at you in the bottom right lol…. Random generation with guidance makes cool stuff I did not directly make lol =)

This is getting cool!!!

No that I have these little events randomly placing the level is different every time I run through it =)… swinging bodies in different spots or shaking shivering monsters that bolt away around a corner depending on what direction I come from. The whole time the computer is creating the level!… Love it.. So tonight I want to add some more events… then get back to weapons items and combat… =)

I want some jump scares now… so triggers will trigger QUICK jump outs and returns of ugly little monsters…

Here is me running around in the gruesome playland…

They are hard to spot when not moving in a video but that is what I want with the scare events….. barely there… did that move?… etc… =)..

!MissionEuropa2_b !MissionEuropa2_a !MissionEuropa2_c

Random events going in quickly.

I have a hanging corpse pulling into the ceiling, zombies jumping to their death, zombies sitting at corners and bolting away, etc. I need to wire them into the level. I plan on doing that with a game object script that registers with the random event manager. They are tagged by what they are like wall mount, Corner peek, corner run, floor mount, ceiling mount, ceiling hole low, ceiling hole high. The random event manger then after the level is assembled has a list of events to put in the level. It will find the right tag and then spawn the random events. I want some good jump scares in with the combat =)…More later I plan on posting pics later.

These randomly created levels will be VERY alive and different every journey down =)