BIG work weekend!

My wifey works all weekend so I will be working also!… I have some big goals set forth… Alpha is getting REALLY close. I want it to blow the testers away so it will get done when it is done. However, after 3 solid full days of work it will be a LOT closer.

Tonight’s Goals:
Camera Cuts to position.
Add in the ability to set the position of the message bar and not an automatic icon.
Finish fixing the switching animations
Add in the helper icon..

Weekend Goal:

1 Create the intro Stage.
— Create a box with SouL_EnginE on it and a latch
— Create wicked audio mimicing pinball machine twilight zone “don’t open the box.”
— Fade in bounces around lit and showdowed labels glowing…
then stops and latch drops when it hits the base of the box go black and fade in the title screen…

2.Create the title screen Stage.
— all black with cursed realms showing through to the sky box.
— enable… A Demon walks behind seen through the logo…disable
— Model Cursed realms and texture map it to use the render texture as its texture… make it bumpy so it shines and animate the logo as it slowly moves around…. This should give a really cool effect…
(On top is a transform anim that is enabled to move it across slowly animating walk animation each one.)
— enable….A User does the same….disable
— enable….A Floater goes by… disable
— enable….A Puss bucket goes by…disable…Repeat
— Buttons Options, New Game, Load Game, Webpage
— Also place a button icon for Mission Europa and Necromancer Rising

3. Finally get on to finalizing level 1…. play and find ways to add in awesome….

The busy back to school Monday is over….


Putting in tools and items needed to create cut scenes in game =)

Last night I worked until around midnight on the first mission’s introduction cut scene. I believe it is turning out pretty good. I am also developing methods to increase the speed at which I can produce them. When I get it close I will post it here so everyone can critique it. I want every bit of the game to be as good as TIME will permit =)…

Good times and I will post more tonight and tomorrow early morning…..

Monday and the list!

Update: Home and working on the cut scene =)

The list:

I added a few tools to help with cut scenes.. I also recorded the audio last night I will animate them to… Soooooo more tonight.. I feel alpha coming on really fast!.. I bought darksiders 2 as the art looked compelling and……tired of it after one play session =(… Back to mine craft =)…I really want the next game to be a full on sandbox game with a huge online component. I will get more up here tonight however, for now I have to work the day job to pay the bills =)…

Taking a Day off today!


But here is the layout for mission one. A bit rough but I think it does a good job. I want to foreshadow a little more in it with some appearances of other story arc items…

Give it a read if you do not mid spoilers and might have Ideas. I do not think I am going to show the story arc design I have as I just do not want to spoil everything yet…

Cut Scene Time!

Boy things are moving now.. I am going to start the process of creating an Intro Sequence for level 1! =)… I updated the mission one page so I have a solid design to start with.

Spoilers but mission 1 on paper (Still some changes of course after I get it in and tested the first time):

Check list to alpha:
Title screen temporary to be created…
Intro Cut Scene to be created…
Level 1 to be created…
ending Scene to be created…

Lots of videos yesterday and one so far for today =)

Update: Tank firing a round BOOM!

Running Around…

And yes you taking over as with every other minion!

The tank “walk” animation =).. He will be in game tonight with some sweet effects. Slow lumbering defensive beast. Then back to the ever shortening list!

I am amazed PHONES can do this these days.. I started in Odyssey and Atari with clicking channel changing knobs on TVs with no remotes… and now we can achieve this quality real time rendering on phones the size of a credit card… truly amazing…

Working on the death screen now…

Update: Boy are things moving… steam is about out… here is the tank tanking a hit….. then I am done… out….tired

Update: Midnight oil running out…. Here is the same tank with a remade animation (a little screw up cost me an hour…argh)…

Update: Here is a video of me animating the mini tank attack. =).. next thing on the list for alpha…..

Update: BOOM! you dead..where I am at right now =)… coming together =)… I do have a long way to go on the sound and music however, I like to save that until the end. It makes the product way better in my opinion. If you make an animation for example it is really awesome without music. Add it in and go even further otherwise you might settle for less then awesome =)… Nothing final here but at least we are moving at a much faster pace =)


Imp watching a pus bucket =)


The death shader running over the game after you are dead… =) (Ignore frame rate it is being recorded in a simulator on a mac-mini)

That is good news. I will also most probably get the intro screen in for alpha… Alpha is still a bit off however, I am going full steam right now and no more family vacations in the near future =)…its go time =)

I will try to get some shots of what I did this morning up later =). I then will get on to the list tonight and tomorrow morning!…

Stone walls replaced..

Update: Not done but I want to use this pic during breaks and work on the map button border I still am not happy =)

Update: Got in some more player messages like this one. Also got in the counting of owned tiles for mana generation and mana generation…really moving fast now =)… feeling pretty dang good about this game as there really is not much out there like it =).. that could be good or bad =P… now off to the list (and mr spud I already changed that text to say … A minion is unhappy as it cannot find a home… =)..)

Update: I took a sec to get a different shot =)..

Here is the new upgrade stone walls… your imps upgrade walls to the level you have researched.

From imps point of view…probablly should have looked up more but o well…more when I get to it =)

Onward! Happy Monday

The list sure is getting short… Tonight I want to get the wall upgrades working. So a minion in build mode will upgrade a rock wall to stone then steel then void. The make a decision to either posses a piece of land or upgrade a wall on an owned piece of land.

I also want to try out a new method of working. Working late nights after the day job means my energy is already shot when I start. I want to try sleeping very early and getting up to use my morning energy to plow onward. We shall see how that goes it limits the work time a little but ensures I am getting enough sleep =)

more later…..


I finished remodeling and simplifying the AI systems then I started into one of the last areas that need work (combat also needs it but that will be last). The method of adding traps and devices to the realm. The player will press a menu button to open the items he has unlocked with research. Then press an owned non used area on the map and a marker will be placed. The marker will have an icon of what is supposed to go there with an arrow to the place it will go. Then an imp will go over and use work points built up in the factories to build the item. More later =)

Here is the tag that shows a steel door to go where the tag is placed =)

Here is an example of the placement of the mine trap. First these are the tags saying the tiles are waiting for an imp or other minion to come build this node…

Tonight there will be work ;)

My family vacations are over it’s time to get this big project done 😉 …. More tonight 😉

Here is a GUI that has had a lot of work =)… been busy tonight! Still going


The list is getting shorter… it will shrink and grow but always reduce over a timeline…. sniff sniff…. alpha maybe soon… I HOPE at least… tomorrow a lot of work will get accomplished… I have to align my steering in the jeep as I just installed a new tie rod at the pitman arm and a short kid weigh in for football but after I will be going full steam ahead!


It is getting good.

The imp has one last feature to complete. He needs to build doors walls and the like..
Currently he and all other minions can ( some are better then others at tasks)

— research new items and skills
— train to new levels
— eat
— sleep
— dig out areas designated by the user
— convert areas to owned
— Dig out gold to leave a gold pile on the ground
— Pick up the gold and deliver it to the treasury =)
— attempt to fight off enemys (imps are not very good at that unless you upgrade their weapons with research)

Good stuff onward and upward!

Its is a MOVING now




Man I can really dance with this engine…

Shot of most tiles down and one imp working them… Screamer of an engine =)

No fluff in there ie props and it still looks pretty good imo

From imps point of view =)

I plan on implementing different vision filters for different classes…. thus some see better then others =)… could be really cool…

BTW I am taking some time off to work on Cursed Realms -)… so a lot HOPEFULLY will get done the next few days…