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Update Beta V19 on the way!-UPDATE SENT NOW

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Update: You want achievements!… I give you over 300!

  • http://missioneuropagame.com/showPlayer.php?id=1
  • 😉 Back to finishing this MONSTER =)

    Cleaning up the final pieces as the test crew finds the quests bugs… good stuff..\-=)

    I will be working on the achievements tonight. (they should not take to long =) ).. I am not using game center as I find it kind of detracts from the game in my opinion and offers far less then I already have in my engine =)


    Day job until 5:00 =).. then midnight oil until this thing is DONE 😉

    Sorry for the lack of posts…



    The day job is really busy right now..its great working twice as hard for half as much isn’t it ;)..

    Then when I get home at night I am burning the midnight oil by the tanker to get everything just right..

    Thanks for keeping up! I really think it is soon. I finished the final boss last night and will get him and his level in game… level 49 =)… I then have the ending and bugs… I need to complete a full run through of the game in fast debug mode also. (and test mutliplayer even though it will ship as experimental)



    Hell guard says fix list below:


    – left handed controls…something weird…
    -Autowalk is still a bit cumbersome, Autowalk off not working, really really wish it did!
    – CAN sell or trash even quest items… if you trash a quest item you can always restart the quest at a warp machine =).
    -Quest 20, could not finish, once I got to my objective I was told to go speak to the avatar but I already did, going back to her she won’t speak to me! I try going back to level 6 but same problem, skipped.
    -Quest 21, says kill 30 in level 6 but turned out to be 10 only. — says 30 in code.. 😉
    -Once in a while the text gets all messed up, weird stuff (screenshot).
    -Sometime I press the menu button, hear the sound effect but the menu doesn’t pop up untill I press the button again, maybe 3% chance of that happening. — will see if I can dupe not a biggie to me ( could not dupe easily spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it..)…. I am guessing it is loading…if you can figure out a method to dupe please let me know! =)
    -I still have an issue with invisible random boss, I can hit him, kill him, but no loot and the name tag still floats around. Only happens with random bosses. It happened three times in a row, I also had an issue where I thought it was an invisible guy but it was a case of the enemy being on a lower level beneath me, I think (look closely on the map). Maybe that’s the root of the problem? (screenshot). You can also see on the picture how the colors on the map are messed up, zooming out makes it worse. -*** could still be there I DID fix one instance that caused it and did not see it again =)
    – Boss Loot
    I think the “pick up loot” text should not be on the screen for that long. As of now the text is on the screen for 7 seconds before fading, should be 3-4 seconds and you should speed it up a little. It doesn’t take that long to read and speeding it up would help with overlapping and less cluttering. I think it should be the same pace as the hit points you take from damage.
    -Every once in a while I can still see my weapon arm after dying (screenshot). – die the right way and that is what will happen =)..
    I’d say, if possible, for the game to automatically “upload char” as it usually ends up not getting done and it takes up valuable menu space
    -Have potions stack automatically if in action slots
    You start out every level facing the wall. Any way to fix this, -should be fixed now…
    Comment – A1 Harbinger and other such type of special enemies should drop much better loot, considering the difficulty of defeating them. will only drop weapons and armor none below
    Enemy on tutorial is doing the funky chicken (kids still say that?).
    Too easy to hit skills button instead of inventory
    -doomsday range doubled…
    – ball turret skills last one minute now or until it hits a non character.. =) or wall
    – Still problem with hold/aim/release/shoot when dragging over the R button, seems random, reboot takes care of the problem. – this is likely caused be being to close to the skills when you release… they will take the release then but since you did not charge it all is good. -)
    – You get 1 sometime 2 points when you level up. ( could not dupe ) supposed to get 1
    – With the new skip code you possible get reset to start the game again.. It could be the multi task system to happened on restart.. to one.. could not dupe….
    The intro stops halfway and cuts right to the tutorial
    Dont like the movement pads as much… Bring back v10! – New pads.. I like these! =)
    *****Says 10 tiny steel in q3. I have 17 (took me a bit to get) and apparently it’s not enough
    Loot compare window needs to come back..
    Set ammo reward in addition to quest rewards -you generally get ammo every quest as supplies..
    New menu text is great, if a bit obnoxiously big… downsized..
    Remove mailbox in 0037 – Need it there to receive mail…
    Make skills MUCH more forgiving. If you are using I skill like MIRE, I find it exceedingly hard to hit with, even when I’m sure I aimed correctly. Please make it so that even if you miss by a little, (crosshairs size or a little bigger) it will still hit.
    Not sure which one Mire is.. but enlarged energy bolt.. maser and energy bolts pretty much auto hit if in range.. =)
    Menu looks a bit cluttered…
    Mana regen is spot on, health maybe 3-5% faster? Not a whole lot but it feels just a little slow (with cheapness of health potions it’s not a balancing issue)
    Still no way to pause the game – Pauses when the game menu is up not the others though.. that is part of the game =)
    Lv 5 common CoolaidStyleCannon does less damage than lv 1 poor shotgun. Keep the shotgun damage, raise CSC by quite a bit – Not sure how this happens? The shotgun has a damage rating of 3 * 0.25 and the CSG has a damage rating of 30 * 1.0….. THE BIG difference is SPLASH damage… fire a close range CSG blast into a crowd and it will level all of them with one infection pop… currently happy with damage… it does a lot more then SG ( around 35% – 50% more ) AND.. the splash damage is killer…
    Add mention of store to tutorial or a quest description – would take a rewrite.. and will be mentioned extensively in its own tutorial video…
    Main menu says build 12.0? Pretty sure I’m on 13…Web based and not updated… not in game 😉 until ship
    U put a space in Austinplaya on main menu… Web based and not correct =)
    Have the tutorial give you one randomized skill along with town portal – you get them soon enough.. you one per quest up to level 6
    Beta v12 – A3 Invisible flame spawn on level 3.
    – reyem not firing enough.
    – look at headshot code
    – drag equip off equip dissallow armor off
    Remove town portal pickup in q1
    IMO, skills take a tiny bit too long to recharge. Who wants to wait 5 min of game time to be able to use skills? – speed up some but others are just to powerful to use often..max is now 2 minutes..
    Random bosses removed from levels 1-3 or so please. Keep getting raped by them – done
    -as Austin says with material quests..even if you have the amount of tiny things in inventory you have to split the correct qty from inventory before quest will recognize you are complete…part of plan..not sure..makes it confusing..tested over five times and confirmed on past 2 builds..must split..
    -Suggestion, when you go to the shop and it pops up, would it be possible to have both the shop and the inventory menu pop up at the same time AND have both screens laid out on a preset location so both screen are next to each other. They don’t have to be locked, just nicely laid out for convenience, here’s what I have in mind.
    The “help” text when you go to the shop pops up every time, should only come up once.
    Enemy name and health bar overlap when they are in the distance, more noticeable on bosses since it shows in the distance. When the enemy is close, the health bar should be just under the name instead of below right across their face.
    I don’t think headshots work, pretty damn sure it doesn’t, I see “headshot” under my health bar but I’m guessing it’s the enemy hitting “me” with a headshot, I can’t seem to be able to hit them. (DOUBLED HEAD SHOT AREA
    Still need to fix dragging graphic effect when moving items FROM the equipment menu.
    Also, I’m pretty sure it’s decrepit, not decrepid, that word comes up often.
    Shop should have more weapons, maybe a preset minimum of 3 weapons? I know it’s random but weapons don’t show up often.
    If you kill turned metal on port 0037 and then use the town portal, he’s back! But why would I do that, right?! AS designed he will keep coming for his head 😉
    Is skipping the tutorial when skipping the first cutscene a good thing? Lots of dummies out there, you gotta babysit them sometime
    Blank skill, icon and description, forgot the name, it’s the one with the mounted turret head thing spitting out bullets. The skill is also Very Powerfull!
    I died once but my right arm gun was still showing on the screen, but I did die!
    Random bosses are just impossible on low levels, they really piss me off! (but in a good challenging kinda way), I like it but I think most people will find it cheap.
    On the map you have the white sections and gray sections depending on what’s been explored but when you zoom out, colors get darker untill you can’t see much anymore, not sure if it happens everytime.
    – supperior showed 115 not 15%
    – schematics boost to angelic
    – start new by load even without save
    – open both inventory and store at once.
    3. My crossbow has a weird white bar on it. Seems like a graphical glitch? If you could, I’d like it to look more epic Ryan. it also seems really weak once you get past level 10. – textures on new weapons did not copy =( hitcher needs to be more epic.
    1. No music in the menu. Just sound effects. ( WORKS ON 3Gs reverify on 2G..)(COULD NOT GET THE TITLE SCREEN TO NOT PLAY MUSIC)
    – sound on epic pickup… saintly or epic.. or legendary items..
    – all ball turrets need to not die when hitting enemies
    – skills menu and others title siZe
    -one handed nerd -25%+ and take more damage +50%
    – infection -30%
    4. Died one time and I didn’t fall down. I just lost control and was standing up while enemies beat on me. I may have died from friendly fire on an explosive if that helps. — you got toasted sitting up.. happens =).. if you are getting smashed pretty good..
    – mana potions
    – on buy make sound
    – summons take WAY to much energy…
    2. No tutorial level. Started over several times and it doesn’t begin with the tutorial.



    Hell Guard says hi! =)..Still chugging as hard as I can….

    Update Me testing Reyem Neas’s Level.. and having a HORDE after my butt!.. this is on a 3G same as a 1st gen device… and very playable =)..

    Update: Day job kicking my tail end but still burning the midnight oil.. nothing like 12-16 hour days to make life interesting =)….but this baby will rock! ;).. ok back to work then handling the test returns tonight =)

    Check your email… day job is killing me today so more later hopefully… although there is a great football game tonight… laptop and tv it is =)

    Tester Weapon Time..

    Legendary Artifact Crimson dawn

    description not done

    The strange DOOMSDAY turrent =)… almost done with it.. needs some more effects..you place it and let it go..

    Things are really shaping up =)..

    Doom, (unnamed tester), Austin Playa, MellowTom, hitch Please check the forums I need to verify your custom items I am making you for your heavy participation… ;).. I think there could be a submission to apple within 2 weeks now.. depending on the day job =)

    Ok about to send out the build…

    Looks awesome in motion =)

    TO TESTERS: Email and build sent check your mail! =)

    While the great test team beats it up I get to have some fun!… New more amazing effects and abilities =).. I want to put in some more abilities…

    Noogardlous: A charge effect that gathers energy at your fingertips.. the longer you charge the more energy you drain but the more powerful it becomes. When release it is a direct beam attack that will rip through the air. (think cool bleach effect like the cero beam Ichigo uses in transformed mode =) )..

    Axiom of Carnage: After a 3 second charge you emit a slow powerful ball that blasts energy beams randomly at enemies as it passes.

    Nova Zembla: The energy of your suite after a charge will release a ball of absolute zero cold that spins out and throws bolts that will slow and damages any target it hits for a long period.

    Ball Lightning: After a charge your suit emits a ball of pure energy that spins out and as it does emits lightning randomly at targets as it passes.

    All will be level dependent on your level. Thus you can use them all the way through the game =).. I may add more but for now that feels pretty good on top of the other ton of abilities.. =)


    Wow that really ticks me off that little issue was it the whole time… with all the VERY complex systems I have hand written from my AI code to my Collision detection and response code even to the skeletal animation systems and blending…. and a damn question mark causes all that…. sheesh!

    Found a huge stability bug =).. wee!!! Go go memory manager and its memory stomp detector.. So glad I made that first =P..
    I can crash in just 3 reloads of any port with sierra in it… lol a stupid bug with the damn Question mark over her head… nice huh! ..

    That was the BIGGIE…. argh… lol.. well at least it forced me to clean up some other minor almost invisible issues.. simply not setting something to null … that was all it took =P..

    New build tomorrow

    Tonight a long test session and a little more balancing.. =)

    FIXED IN V12
    – Squish sound.
    -q1 – Is the block skill equivalent to just using the “L” button while having a shield equipped in the left hand? The block skill uses energy, but the “L” button does not.
    -Beta 10 – a2
    Skills can end up in inventory if you replace the skill with an inventory item in any action box. Also, inventory items can end up in the skills menu by replacing inventory items with skills in an action box. AS designed you can organize however you want. =).. more space that way for multiple armor sets
    -Beta 10 – a1
    Sabatons seem to be missing textures.
    -Beta v11 – a2
    Name tags are still shifted to the upper left in relation to the target enemy. – NEED TO VERIFY IN RETINA MODE!
    -Beta v11 – b1
    Some items give Necromancer Rising stats, such as bonuses to “faith”. It only just hit me that this didn’t seem right, so I didn’t get any pictures, but I will get pictures as I find them again.
    -Beta v11 – b2
    After leveling, message says that player gets 4 points to spend on stats, even though the player only actually gets 1 stat point to spend.
    -Beta v11 – c1
    Various items contain duplicate effects that use separate naming conventions such as both “vampiric” and “vamp” for the same value on the item below. This item is far from the only item that has stats like this.
    – Fixed many boss quests to allow you on after you kill no need for head it is for fun =)
    – Q59 – head returned cannot complete
    – farther health bar display
    – collison issues at some doors I wish I had the rooms that would be easier.. (STILL COULD BE MORE UNTIL I GET EXTENDED TESTING TIME NOT JUST FIXING TIME)
    – better in town texture on building.
    – Fire Double Axe bad skin envelope…
    – increase ground enemy damage.
    – raise name tags and health bars..
    – weapon strength tweaks across the board..
    – increase base text font size….sucks for retina
    – Some rooms collision found to be off so rounds would not pass through…
    – skills tab to action bar dragging..fixed no longer cluttering item view… it caused it..
    – Give warp to Dr.Sierra on quest start…
    – state use warp at quest end 36
    – chaingun shoot in head on zoom =).. good stuff! LEFT HAND
    – Deadzone joystick Auto-walk off problems..stop only when finger lifted up
    – see about L49 and starting a new game.
    – Add text on zoom that warns of slower firing
    – Store trigger to far..
    – stand up in totorial and fade in …
    – equipment menu dragging! =)
    – SHIELDS REALLY increas armor now … LARGE increase…
    – Store prices work better now….
    – FIX STORE! Buy button sell button…Added notification.. I like the way it works now.. the dragging system is so much slicker…
    – headshot graphic on screen instead of npc
    – Font

    Got the tutorial level in…

    Update:.. we will need a new nick name for a new type of class… a person that duel wields shields and uses only abilities and spells… .neat =)

    Tweak time I need to go through and collect all the bugs people have posted and emailed me then get them squashed… I then will get a build out with the tutorial level for testing.. I need to wire in the online items like the game center and my web stats… The build after that I will add the final weapons and skills ( along with tester honorary items… )… Good stuff! Back to work!

    Thanks for checking in -=)

    Posted on touch arcade and wanted to put it here to =)


    Price Model
    Included at 3.99 are:
    -Episode 1
    -Retina Support and great Graphics. (While running VERY well on older devices such as the 3G)
    -20-30+ hours of fun,
    -Over 40 quests
    -FULL CUT SCENES at both start and stop of each quest and other spots
    -15 bosses
    -2 summon levels (With the ability to earn the summons when you defeat them)
    -Build your character with stat points and the gear you find.
    -20-30 enemies on the screen with little slow down…epic fights…
    -Randomized Weapons with everything from shotguns, missile launchers,
    grenade launchers, pistols, rifles, axes, swords, shields, spells, and abilities…
    -Randomized Armor (Think Diablo with 3 Base types and 1 PVP per Episode)
    -Item Creation System
    -Mailbox to mail your friends messages,items you have found, or made.
    -Online stat tracking and photos of your character.
    -Online ranking system
    -MULTI-PLAYER! ( Some games just have multi-player alone for more then this price =P )
    -Did I mention Multi-player yet? This extends the play time dramatically. All items including summons can be used in the arena to test your might. So you found a new skill or weapon and want to smash heads. Head to the area and you will be paired with another fighter close to your level and location to fight it out… I will be spending a lot of time playing that myself.. I mean what other game lets you summon a beast while using a shield and firing an automatic plasma gun at another human. Or duel wielding a Plasma Scythe in your left hand and a flame thrower in your right while casting melt-down as a spell? O the player vs player fights will be awesome =)..Tip:When the room goes dark RUN…

    After the initial purchase each episode will be just 1.99 for the next 10 levels and all the treasures, multi-player, story, and questing to go with..(there are 5 episodes in the entire game. The Mines,Port Orion,Orbital Platform, __spoiler__ City, AND __spoiler__ )

    That is the price model I would like if I were the one buying. For example a lot of big name games that I bought for 5.99 – 9.99 I wish I could of bought for 3.99 as I really did not play past the first or second level. However, if I did enjoy it then I could make the choice to delve further as I wanted. This also allows those that do not like this genre of game to try it out and choose to go forward or not …..heck just buy the episode one and play multi-player indefinitely…or until you want to move up in the ranks..

    I tried other models and I like this one the most. I do not want to slap people with a huge dollar figure initially. What if they just do not like this type of game? I have tried the free app with a few levels and that did not work… I wasted a lot of time and so no difference in sales…..

    I hope to get a preview build out in the next 4 weeks to sites that are interested. Then I hope everyone will see how large this game is.. .. ( and hopefully get more suggestions on how to improve it even more )

    As far as Necro.. I have the engine its mine … Not to bad of a deal!

    Thanks for the interest!
    If you have any more suggestions or questions fire away!

    Forgot to mention you can also buy the whole game after the initial purchase instead of individual episodes for 2.99….. it is less then buying them individually..

    In essence either 2.99 for everything after the initial purchase or…0.99 per episode… =)


    Update burning up the tutorial level…

    I wish I had more game work time during the break BUT… I had to replace my carpet it was terrbile.. .. NOW for the final drive to game completion!.. Mostly balance issues now. and small bugs .. Good stuff!..

    Tonight I will get the tutorial level completed. Then I will get back to the issues listed here and in email form. I am loaded at work right now (which is a good thing as the day job was looking scary the last 3 weeks. )…

    O.K. back to the day job. I will probably post a shot from the tutorial level tonight. It is VERY small and is meant to get you up and running if you skip all the tutorial videos I will have in the final. I could have this game done within the next 4 weeks if all goes well….

    Thanks for keeping up guys!.. almost there!!!!