Another day!

Again guys if you are new this is VERY early and unfinished. I like to share as I go hoping for ideas and input =).

Yea! =)..

Turrets in and working. With effects!…
They use the same AI systems as everything else so here is what they do.
1. Serialize from the loaded database.
2. Save and load to a level file with the same code.
3. Hunt in the general area for targets. Via open pathways. Walls and doors obstruct search
4. Test to see if they can see them.
5. If found then start the combat update chain.
6. Charge (start spinning)
7. Attack. (perform combat math. Apply to both targets. Add effects for hit from turret.)
8. If target dies erase from graph. Then add explosion effect.
9. Resume search for enemies.

Now finally I am going to go back to the design doc and do some refactoring after watching hours of Dungeon keeper while I worked. Tomorrow I hope to get into making and remaking the 3 human types. (Medic/Researcher,Engineer/Maker,Soldier).

The engine is really progressing every asset is taking a good percentage less time to get in game with the new tools and methods I am gaining along the way!

For now off to the gym and time to enjoy a half day off!… A few tots and some Skyrim sounds good after the gym.. Then a bar tonight with wife and friends!.. A good day I must say!

I am about half way done reworking the classes =).. Much simpler and this will allow me to concentrate on making them all awesome and not just a bunch of them.

A decent work day on Cursed Realms.

I was actually able to work during the daytime on C.R. =). I have a few days off so I can work at my leisure a little. I fixed a bug where Axis Aligned Bounding volumes were returning a hit time based off a non normalized vector and the triangle collision was. That let me find a few other issues. Now I have two oppsoing turrets that hate each other. If the user then digs a piece out exposing the new turret then it will find out if it can see it and attack. The unit then explodes in a gratifying explosion. It may not sound like much. But with that and a few tweaks here and there with different models and combat settings I have the basis of all traps and AI in the game =).. All of which serializes off a main database file very nicely. I will try to post some pics when I get something interesting like a soldier walking in front of a mini-gun =). Soon I want to concentrate on getting the first person side running so you can play in First person or just tour your dungeon =).

Have a great night all I am taking this night off with the family =)..

I am still floating in the clouds with the Touchgen R.P.G. Game of the year win =) FREAKING AWESOME!

Thank you touchgen!

Editors Choice! TOP RPG GAME OF 2011

First place in RPG on the iOS….. Wow want to cry a little really…. Wow. Cannot really type right now…. More later after some champagne 😉

After a year+ of hard work on Mission Europa this is such a reward….It means so very much to me that such a great site would recognize little old me. It only inspires me to go harder and farther on the next go at it. Starting with a blank page almost two years ago I never would have thought so many would have so much fun in my little world. I really want to thank you guys that bought and played Mission Europa, and especially those that hang here on this blog. You guys are really what keep me going. Thank you guys!… and I cannot WAIT until we get to alpha on Cursed Realms!……The future just got A LOT brighter!

Update (Cursed Realms):
Things are moving nicely. I will be back in full production mode (After the day job) tomorrow. The family time is almost over and time to get back at it. I am currently trying to get the AI fully functional in the game. They can find you, chase you down, and find out if they can see you to shoot. The last one has an issue I need to resolve. It seems your AI can see through walls the bad AI cannot (Very strange). Every step of the way I am thinking to myself should I spend a little time here making a tool, or a new dev menu. Also will a new tool decrease future production time more then a few percent. If a new tool will I stop and create it. That has been what has been really eating my time. However, this should pay off in spades in the final run. I should be able to crank material out like a small team if the tools are strong enough and the engine robust enough. We shall see!… for now I have to go clean a garage out….argh… =P.. Have a great day!

Everyone ready for the flood of Christmas games and apps =)

It really is amazing the huge percentage of games that all vie for that Christmas sale. I will not be one as I will not ship until this baby is done and done right =)..

Last night I got hung up making effects and adding in features to Scene graph nodes to do some fun things. I think I am going to model my explosions and some effects off what I see in the new Diablo game. I love the aesthetics of it. I would prefer more realism but the art really brings me in. After I am happy with the first explosion effect I will place it in when a turret dies and Whammo I have gameplay =)…

Small Explosion Effect =O

I like it =)
O so easy to add in stuff now.. here is another one (A variation)=) with more impact =)

Feels like I am not getting very far

But today I should get the first combat complete.
The goal is to have two mini gun turrents fight and one win /destroy the other with a pretty explosion effect drawn up from settings in the database. After that off to rework the chars. Slowly getting there I have had quite a few distractions lately but I do not see to many more for the next few days 😉

Ok finally getting to some meat…

I finally have two turrents with different factions (Teams) that look different with a setting. They will search the visible area for enemies and attack by pointing at them and letting loose a chin of bullets =)..

Tonight I finally start combat!


Saving and loading is always fun when you have to save an entire level exactly how when and where it is including what the AI is thinking at the moment =)..

Today my goal is to be able to place in turrets one enemy and one friendly and let them kill each other. Then I will extend that to other AI. I need to revamp a little bit on the types of characters as I stated earlier.. I think the day job is abating a bit now so I should be able to get back to my fast roll =)

More when I have it =)