AI generator translated…

It now will work for me in edit mode. Thus I can generate the levels and then the AI… Good stuff… Now I need to get it attacking etc… make sure those systems work.. Then I will be back to where I was post decision to go unity’s way and not have dynamically generated levels…. I kinda like that so you can map areas… and they will not change!



Got the system transitioned


Now the levels will be premade in the level editor. Which I like and it also allows Unity to do what it does best. This is because I would not be able to use directional lightmaps with rotation of rooms, light probes (which is a must on mobile devices), and I can hand tweak what is generated. Just a little time consuming generating the lightmaps. But I should be able to put together an editor script that will batch run all the levels.


More later!

Big change

Light probes have done me in a far as dynamically generating levels. Loading in rooms like I do to randomly will have to be done in the editor. I will reshape my generator to work editor size and thus I will have it generate a level to be filled out randomly with events/AI/etc…

I tried everything and it seems there is no way to have the lightprobes which I have to have for mobile devices….

Back to work!!!