On the hunt

Hunting that crash bug!… found a few … not sure its the ONE.. Pretty sure I will be wrapping up this weekend as Apple does not work weekends… then submit first thing Monday!

OK.. played for an hour no issues!.. I am uploading a build for Doom and I to cehck out tonight for the arena… then I will play more this weekend to see if I can get any more crashes to fix.. Then Monday Submission

Update 1 ready..almost..

Update: I found a bunch of crash areasBUT I want o submit next monday!.. apple does not review on weekends…. So… lets do this!

Update… narrowing in on one of the crashes… Pretty sure it is in the text effect thingy… =)

Hopefully Doom can test tonight again because I HAVE THE RELAY SERVER DONE ALSO!!!

Good news Relay server now also up …the last method of connection but should accommodate everyone.. course I can only afford one so latency will vary there…Hopefully very few will have to deal with that one though and will be directly connected.. all depends on your firewall…

PROOF!!! 😉

MUAHAHAHAHHAH going to be awesome!

I need to test arena with Doom.. but everything else is ready… A huge set of leak improvements!…

Well……. the test with Doom revealed the need for one more feature needed a direct relay if all else fails… 😉 Then we will be ready.. 😉 so today that needs to be added then another test with the Doom! 😉

Chugging on!

Update 4: heading home for one of the last late nights I hope =)

Update 3: Yeap found another one =)

Update 2: Found a nasty leak in the sound manange.. OpenAL misuse..nice…

GREAT NEWS!! I am done with the next phase of the Arena! =).. O its going to rock!.. Now to test it with Doom and any other pre beta testers that would like to join =) then the masses.. Now I need to get to stability and the other issues!

Build of the day!

Well I cannot wait for Update 1 to be done.. I will love the sleep.

The hardest part is officially done. I am moving on to the smaller issues now. Stability is one of them.. That is MUCH easier it just takes time -)

Tired 2.0….

Update: Wow after the speed bump was destroyed (STUPID TCP AND 3G AND… ) things have gone great all night.. I need sleep now though =).. more tomorrow.. I feel like another few hours in the Arena should wrap it up.. then I can get to the major issues for Update 1. I want to do a beta test thurs or friday… then off to apple!

Update: SUCCESS!!!! We have lift off!… I just got through a whole connect to server find player I want to challenge .. challenge… he accept… we are tossed into the arena.. I killed him and took his head to return to the port!… pretty awesome! 😉 I need to add some bells and whistles now! Like pinging the other guy to see latency!.. Then I am off to stability.. and hopefully testing with doom and others in the next few days!!… 4 days of hell later… and 3 of them wasted on 3G.. argh… Well lesson learned..

Well 5 hours of sleep 3 nights in a row not to good =)…. BUT the hard part is done.. I will be taking some time off work today as I want to get this done and get some sleep =).(along with the fact that the day job has very little work right now… uh o….)….going home soon to work on it =)

Tired ;)

Update: I am so pissed I was right the whole time…. 3G will not allow what I want.. peer to peer connections.. ARGH!!!…the arena is working… I just need to clean it up now and the menus.. O so mad I wasted so much time without trying a remote client besides 3G…

umm wow… looks like 3G is not a udp forward-able thing over 3g.. took 2 days and a rewrite to find that out.. but connections a synch over wifi on both ends! … sheesh…. wish that info was out there would have saved me 2 days…. ! I connected to a computer on another wifi network and then tested all my code was GOOD!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! So Arena will be wifi only.. which makes sense anyway as 3G adds 200ms latency at the get go…

I posted this on TA:
“A note to developers.. I hope to save you guys 3 damn days!… I was attempting all sorts of Firewall punching one 3G one Wifi… and nothing worked.. NOTHING… I tried tcp server tcp client.. tcp server udp client.. and where I am now.. UDP all .. (I like it a lot) … then I connected to another external mac of mine.. and tried what I knew should work… and it did… argh…..WiFi only Arena is great with me … 3G is silly anyway it adds 200ms latency as a BASE… so insane anyway.. ARGH.. I hope this saves someone else some time…OK onward and upward after a 3 day learning experience…. stupid 3G…”

OK server rewritten working great.. now to finish the connection code on the client.. everything should work.. but I have something wrong somewhere … soon ;)..

Set of the day!


But about to get er done after some good home town churching… I got all the way down to client connection with the server so I have high hopes today I will be on to the stability… then a few minor issues people have… testing and shipping to apple..I am _HOPING_ to ship wens – friday of this week and immediately begin on Update 2 since have a bug list -) that one will include more toys.. 😉

5 hours sleep makes you a little groggy at my age…;)


Update: 2am again.. made GREAT progress after tossing all TCP from the system.. just a bit more I feel maybe 6-10 hours then on to stability..

Ok food in me and back behind this soft monitor glow…. argh… 😉

Get er done!

BREAK THROUGH!.. I finally have the whole connection system working! WOOT!.. not I need to move to messages and any UDP differences… then test! =).. Going well finally!


Update: There is nothing FAST about net coding.. so tedious… build to device build to simulator connect both join … try something else restart =P


UDP IN.. just trying to get it going.. should help with latency also..it is going to work like Skype.. 😉

Fav build of the day!


Update: Got about 30 minutes… I have the new socket structures set up … now to test the firewall busting and get some messages going..

Update: Tonight I have a friends birthday to attend… but all Sat and Sun will be Update1… I feel by the end of the weekend I will be able to be close to getting it to apple.. It all depends on the new UDP model for the arena (one of those things I KNEW I should have done but took what I though was the less time consuming route)

Update Small present in the mail.. more later it is PRESENT FRIDAY!

Update: OK… I made the executive decision to abort the TCP firewall punch and reserve TCP for the server communications… So no time lost there BUT for the client to client items I am going to go with want I knew I would probably have to anyway.. UDP… argh…. Nothing as hard as AI or collision code in the game BUT…. It might add a few days to get that layer working.. =(.. I will go as hard as I can at this =)..

Still stuck there… after that things should fly!.. really fly!…I have an iphone 4 now so I can test all the retina stuff =)

People really getting far… bodes well as I KNOW that is 40 hours or more of play there… 😉


Working as hard as one man can to get past this TCP thing!