On the hunt

Hunting that crash bug!… found a few … not sure its the ONE.. Pretty sure I will be wrapping up this weekend as Apple does not work weekends… then submit first thing Monday!

OK.. played for an hour no issues!.. I am uploading a build for Doom and I to cehck out tonight for the arena… then I will play more this weekend to see if I can get any more crashes to fix.. Then Monday Submission

Update 1 ready..almost..

Update: I found a bunch of crash areasBUT I want o submit next monday!.. apple does not review on weekends…. So… lets do this!

Update… narrowing in on one of the crashes… Pretty sure it is in the text effect thingy… =)

Hopefully Doom can test tonight again because I HAVE THE RELAY SERVER DONE ALSO!!!

Good news Relay server now also up …the last method of connection but should accommodate everyone.. course I can only afford one so latency will vary there…Hopefully very few will have to deal with that one though and will be directly connected.. all depends on your firewall…

PROOF!!! 😉

MUAHAHAHAHHAH going to be awesome!

I need to test arena with Doom.. but everything else is ready… A huge set of leak improvements!…

Well……. the test with Doom revealed the need for one more feature needed a direct relay if all else fails… 😉 Then we will be ready.. 😉 so today that needs to be added then another test with the Doom! 😉

Chugging on!

Update 4: heading home for one of the last late nights I hope =)

Update 3: Yeap found another one =)

Update 2: Found a nasty leak in the sound manange.. OpenAL misuse..nice…

GREAT NEWS!! I am done with the next phase of the Arena! =).. O its going to rock!.. Now to test it with Doom and any other pre beta testers that would like to join =) then the masses.. Now I need to get to stability and the other issues!

Build of the day!

Well I cannot wait for Update 1 to be done.. I will love the sleep.

The hardest part is officially done. I am moving on to the smaller issues now. Stability is one of them.. That is MUCH easier it just takes time -)

Tired 2.0….

Update: Wow after the speed bump was destroyed (STUPID TCP AND 3G AND… ) things have gone great all night.. I need sleep now though =).. more tomorrow.. I feel like another few hours in the Arena should wrap it up.. then I can get to the major issues for Update 1. I want to do a beta test thurs or friday… then off to apple!

Update: SUCCESS!!!! We have lift off!… I just got through a whole connect to server find player I want to challenge .. challenge… he accept… we are tossed into the arena.. I killed him and took his head to return to the port!… pretty awesome! 😉 I need to add some bells and whistles now! Like pinging the other guy to see latency!.. Then I am off to stability.. and hopefully testing with doom and others in the next few days!!… 4 days of hell later… and 3 of them wasted on 3G.. argh… Well lesson learned..

Well 5 hours of sleep 3 nights in a row not to good =)…. BUT the hard part is done.. I will be taking some time off work today as I want to get this done and get some sleep =).(along with the fact that the day job has very little work right now… uh o….)….going home soon to work on it =)

Tired ;)

Update: I am so pissed I was right the whole time…. 3G will not allow what I want.. peer to peer connections.. ARGH!!!…the arena is working… I just need to clean it up now and the menus.. O so mad I wasted so much time without trying a remote client besides 3G…

umm wow… looks like 3G is not a udp forward-able thing over 3g.. took 2 days and a rewrite to find that out.. but connections a synch over wifi on both ends! … sheesh…. wish that info was out there would have saved me 2 days…. ! I connected to a computer on another wifi network and then tested all my code was GOOD!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! So Arena will be wifi only.. which makes sense anyway as 3G adds 200ms latency at the get go…

I posted this on TA:
“A note to developers.. I hope to save you guys 3 damn days!… I was attempting all sorts of Firewall punching one 3G one Wifi… and nothing worked.. NOTHING… I tried tcp server tcp client.. tcp server udp client.. and where I am now.. UDP all .. (I like it a lot) … then I connected to another external mac of mine.. and tried what I knew should work… and it did… argh…..WiFi only Arena is great with me … 3G is silly anyway it adds 200ms latency as a BASE… so insane anyway.. ARGH.. I hope this saves someone else some time…OK onward and upward after a 3 day learning experience…. stupid 3G…”

OK server rewritten working great.. now to finish the connection code on the client.. everything should work.. but I have something wrong somewhere … soon ;)..

Set of the day!


But about to get er done after some good home town churching… I got all the way down to client connection with the server so I have high hopes today I will be on to the stability… then a few minor issues people have… testing and shipping to apple..I am _HOPING_ to ship wens – friday of this week and immediately begin on Update 2 since have a bug list -) that one will include more toys.. 😉

5 hours sleep makes you a little groggy at my age…;)


Update: 2am again.. made GREAT progress after tossing all TCP from the system.. just a bit more I feel maybe 6-10 hours then on to stability..

Ok food in me and back behind this soft monitor glow…. argh… 😉

Get er done!

BREAK THROUGH!.. I finally have the whole connection system working! WOOT!.. not I need to move to messages and any UDP differences… then test! =).. Going well finally!


Update: There is nothing FAST about net coding.. so tedious… build to device build to simulator connect both join … try something else restart =P


UDP IN.. just trying to get it going.. should help with latency also..it is going to work like Skype.. 😉

Fav build of the day!


Update: Got about 30 minutes… I have the new socket structures set up … now to test the firewall busting and get some messages going..

Update: Tonight I have a friends birthday to attend… but all Sat and Sun will be Update1… I feel by the end of the weekend I will be able to be close to getting it to apple.. It all depends on the new UDP model for the arena (one of those things I KNEW I should have done but took what I though was the less time consuming route)

Update Small present in the mail.. more later it is PRESENT FRIDAY!

Update: OK… I made the executive decision to abort the TCP firewall punch and reserve TCP for the server communications… So no time lost there BUT for the client to client items I am going to go with want I knew I would probably have to anyway.. UDP… argh…. Nothing as hard as AI or collision code in the game BUT…. It might add a few days to get that layer working.. =(.. I will go as hard as I can at this =)..

Still stuck there… after that things should fly!.. really fly!…I have an iphone 4 now so I can test all the retina stuff =)

People really getting far… bodes well as I KNOW that is 40 hours or more of play there… 😉


Working as hard as one man can to get past this TCP thing!

Down to the last issue with the Arena


Wow just thought about it but the mail bug (which is fixed in Update 1) would allow level 1 guys to have guns that drop at any level IE a fire pistol.. is NEVER level 1

Wow I love the players check this dude!!

Update: Day job getting close to over.. Tonight.. HOPEFULLY I finally get the socket mess cleared up with the firewall punching.. there are 0 code examples I have found for the correct order of TCP hole punching with BSD sockets.. I just cannot afford (the cost or latency) of a relay server so I have to get this done =)

The hole punching system in the new version is not working YET.. if anyone knows a network guy with a working TCP BSD Sockets snippet of code it would really help =P.. This could take a while and its already midnight!

Good resource… my version not working.. more work on it tomorrow… argh



Update: New Arena code is awesome… In the future I hope to expand the multiplayer… CTF and other things would be awesome.. imagine the summons ripping it up while people run with flags!..


A major website has review M.E. AND 4.5 STARS!!!! WOW!!!! EVEN WITH THE ISSUES!!


Wow just looked and Rainbow 6 got 3.5 stars!.. AWESOME DAY!! 1 Guy can beat a huge big name team!.. ;).. Wow.. ok back to work on update 1!… Really tough update… the net code is SOO SLOW guys to work with.. you have to use 2 devices one in 3G and a server to test each step… and linux gcc compiler…. yea… no IDE at all… not fun!..

Working as fast as possible this entire weekend will be dedicated to the update!..


If you replace the name in caps below with your name (BEFORE THE .jpg) you can add some [img] [/img] tags on forums you can display your character wherever you are! =)

Stats moved to FAQ

strength 75%
agility 25%

strength 25%
agility 75%

faith 75%
int 25%

strength 100%

agility 75%
int 25%

int 75%
faith 25%

Attack Speed
strength 75%
faith 25%

Cast Speed Mutl
agil 75%
faith 25%

Health Regen
strength 75%
agility 25%

Energy Regen
int 75%
faith 25%

Crit Chance ( Lots of mods not mentioned )
agil 75%
int 25%

Agility 75%
Faith 25%

VampEnery 75%
int 25%

vamp 75%
faith 25%

Day 7..

Update: Moving right along with the update. Not sure the date yet. I am pretty happy with the new arena design. With such a low user count there will be laggy games but things should still be fun with the crazy light show you get with this game. Hopefully, that will be minimal. I am excited about this one. Really on average for a game this side and so few making it strong it was a really good launch! =)

We had 60 sales split right down the middle of collectors and standard yesterday. Not exactly exciting ( this is 1 year of overtime )… But again we have had no major site (iFanzine was the biggest) review the game. I am not sure as to why. I will see some of the worst looking weekend projects grace some pages. It could be they are going as deep as possible into the game. I have had requests from STP and APPSpy. I have not had any other major sites request codes. It could be Mission Europa is destined for a slow roll who knows.
I am starting to wonder without a major console company name if any app would be able to make it. Pretty much all 5 star reviews. A massive undertaking. Yet dropping off the charts like a rock as compared to the “named” company games. We will definitely see in the coming weeks. I may have to readjust my targets devices soon though. Way too soon to tell right now..just thinking 😉
In other news.. I hope to be done with the net connection rewrite tonight. Then move to just stability testing. Have a great day all!

Great progress on Update 1

I am to the point of the challenge reject system.. I guess another 3 hours programming and testing. Net code just takes SOOOOO long… I have to edit the code build fix on one side then do it all again server side through an SSH window and FTP.. not fun ;)…

After that stability… I plunged into a iphone4 today to be able to test retina. I have a 1st gen phone I dusted off to figure out why the few that have them cannot load… (did not know apple allowed them to buy 3.1.3 apps truthfully )

As for now.. bed my thinking has slowed to a crawl… Really the best place to get me while I am working like this is here.. =).. forums are good for others to help you out!..

Thanks to all for the interest.. please spread the word.. it really is near impossible to have a successful app right now with the oceans of apps and piracy… and we need more players when update one hits…

Night for now .. day job then a baseball game with the kids ( I might be that guy with a laptop there) .. then a late night of finishing the net.. I will move to the stability after that!

WOrking on Update

http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth…20#post1641820 SCREEN SHOT CONTEST! TOP 5 GET AWESOME PRIZES AND WILL BE THE GAME SHOTS IN ITUNES!

Ok iPhone 4 purchased…owach… will be testing soon for the issues.. so many devices now..

OK… getting to the day job (Lord knows how anyone survives on app sales these days)… I will read and respond later today.. do not want to lose the day job ;)… I am about 50% complete with the rehash of the Arena code. See yall soon!

BTW going to jump off the deep end today with no water and get an iPhone 4 so I can legitimately test retina.. (hate to burn the money but I need one) .. of course if they have one at the store..

How I feel right now

Multiplayer first then crashing.. going to be a tough day 😉

The current design for the new Arena Connection method.

Connect request page one of people waiting (you are added to that list while you look)

You can request a page down or up while looking. For now all players will be listed.. (later it will be by region but we do not have enough players to split them up to much)

Then pick a player OR one picks you and a challenge window pops up .. if they accept then you both go battle .. if not then you are rejected or you reject it… see the last post for what the window is starting to look like.. right now coding on the server side creating the listing process… good stuff.. LOTS of work ;)…

Starting the update this weekend!

Something like this…


Lots to do!!!

For multiplayer I am thinking a much simpler interface. It is really hard to get a interface that works as this is WORLD WIDE with not so many users… I am thinking keep it simple stupid at first… SO

You enter a short description to your location it is saves.. you can always change it. Then you get a list of users waiting on a game and their description. If you do not like the list you can refresh the list… (there will be so few it should not really be a big deal … people are slow to adopt a game not coming from a major label. )

If you are challenged you go.. I could make a challege accept.. BUT that adds a few days to warn all =-)…

What do you all think?

Update: 1 Plans




Update 1 Plans:
1. Stability. LONG play sessions on my oldest devices.
2. The Creanade! Not sure the effects yet but it will be a nice one shot throwing grenade =).
3. Spawn in a Column Arena Fix
4. Attempt a new interface for the Arena intro showing at least users online.
5. See if screen inversion is easy (Probably not..but at least far)
6. 30th death acheivement
7. Shrink Achievement Icon.
8. Increase joystick distance.



Update: OK I have to do some day job work to actually pay the bills =).. I will be answering questions all day. I hope the word gets out about this beyond touch arcade.. nothing like it out there!…. Tonight I will start the update I plan on including one of the suggested weapons from that thread =)..

Hey ALL! After 5 hours sleep kinda tired… going to have to stop staying up until 2:30 or risk getting fired =P.. I am going to read all the comments in a few and respond.. then tonight get to work on The first update to address the issues. We sold about 300 mixed units last night so soon hopefully the Arena when don will have a few people ready to play =).. (Spreading the word will hel that if I had a name like EPIC it would be auto buys for all! heheh 😉 of course then I would have a crew of amazing artist etc. 😉 ) .. So let me get some work done then get some reading done the back to posting!

Bug list:
30th death achievement
Someone said not running high rez on ipad?
Mailing items like armor moves them to level 0 FIX THIS
Look at schematics!
In column in arena
Check level spread in arena
change achievement icon to not block view!
Stability over more then an hour =)
Closing mailbox without wifi? strange issue reported
screen invert
ONLINE auction house…

Reward for retweet:





I am trying to spread the word!

If you re-tweet FROM twitter.com/bansheesoft

The message in the list:
http://tinyurl.com/4jvb4at IS OUT AND 18th PLACE! CHECK IT OUT 5 STARS! Re-tweet with your registered in game name For presents!

I will send you a gift it is the least I can do.


As of midnight list night Pacific I think.
89 Collectors sales. 0 Standard (was not released yet)

I will be letting everyone know the sales figures so maybe people can get a grasp on just how crazy hard the market is. DO not be shocked by how low they are as apps are a tough sell these days it seems unless you are a console dev with a 15 minute long VERY shiny game ;).

I may turn that way in the future.. instead of LOTS of different decent looking levels and bad guys.. just a utterly awesome Normal / Parralaxed / Detail mapped / etc room and bad guy. If that is what the market seems to like.. Who knows we shall see I really will not know for a month!

Thanks again for the support!!!

Fix ARENA! =)
Look at any crash logs that roll in.. I have one set.
After the plane is level add in player requested weapons! =)

If you do not want the loot pup ups goto the Options menu. LOTS of options in there.

If you have crashing rebooting will help…

(If I could afford to have a crew of artist believe me I would I am generally very happy with the result.)

The enemy AI changes over time. In the beginning they are very slow and stupid.. around level 45 you will be begging for slow and stupid 😉

Funny Os I never knew lol.. Nice!

Thanks guys keep the questions rolling I am sending out review requests. =)

Bug list:
Mailing items like armor moves them to level 0 FIX THIS
Look at schematics!
In column in arena
Check level spread in arena
change achievement icon to not block view!
Stability over more then an hour =)
Closing mailbox without wifi? strange issue reported
screen invert
ONLINE auction house…


standard edition approved on its way!

First review!


people are going to miss the Free Necro I do not think anyone knows ;/

good stuff keep the info coming 😉

Goto the teleporter pad .. goto level 49 =)

Collectors has the whole game open.. you will die fast but you can at least SEE the last guy 😉 standard editions have to get there 😉

BTW if you think you lost your skills you pressed the flip tab at the top left.. press it again until you get to the skills you set 😉 there are 3 tabs!

Missiob Europa Launch BONFIRE! 😉 Pops Champagne!

Lit the Celebration Bonfire!



Update: After a flood of mails.. I am shipping it…Keep your fingers crossed for a smooth launch… I hope my servers do not start smoking!.. 😉

Standard will ship as soon as I is ready and that is when the presents will start raining beyond one for collectors… Reyem Neas!

Now should I wait for standard?

Here is an IDEA!

I ship Collectors NOW.. and make Necro Free for the day for those that want to wait for the standard edition..
Then when the Standard edition (which has been in review longer then Collectors?) ships I will start the Present count down!..

I will ship a present to all collectors purchasers the day after it ships. I want to reward the loyalty and support!..

What do you guys think?

Still chugging!

Well the longest it has ever been in review so I guess the anti p. Changes and removal helped 😉

Glad to hear it is screaming fast on 4.3. I own a 3GS and have to say I saw a very noticeable speed up on an already screaming fast frame rate.

More later

Monitoring review as much as I can!