Working on the ice pieces for the levels…

Update: Long way to go but starting to improve over time tonight… I am making pieces 8 units long ot interlock.. and so far so good.. =)….


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.33.56 PM

Working along the path of art… Looking devent but a bit to go -=)…. getting there I need to make a bunch of small interlocking pieces so I can easily make larger pieces that make rooms =)… loving this part!

OK inspirational art time…


After sleeping on it I think I will still use the level generator for a starting level. IE it generated the level in the editor. Then I work on it from there…. I already have the code done and it would save me a LOT of time to have a level setup and then add my own touches here and there =).. So I need to convert the room manager to the editor…First while I ponder that I want to produce 4 more rooms. So five rooms to create a level mixed mashed and rotated etc… I will also have the same rooms with different lighting further down the road as that really is what makes the game. The lighting is going to be key.

More later!


I need to make some ice cave rooms as this is Europa… so here is some of the looks I want to acheive with smaller parts.. So I need to make some parts to be able to achieve the below…..

maxresdefault01_UCII_IceCaveEntrance(1)Ice_cave_by_PE_Travers url Ice_Caves_1 images

So now time to make pieces =)….

Ok I am going to go ahead and hand make the levels myself with rooms I create. So I will be doing the randomizing. I have just had FAR to many problems with the levels auto generating. Unity does not seem to like this without a LOT of re-hashing. I personally think I will like creating the levels by hand anyway as I will be able to hand craft some items. I have wasted DAYS trying to get this or that to play nice with generated levels. The last hurdle is lightmaps and bringing in a level then offsetting it pre-run. The lightmaps got screwy…. So now it is time to create level one and quit with all the back and forth =).. I am going to make some more rooms. Then I will look into occulusion culling baking (Another thing that does not work with loading additive levels. ) . This will REALLY help. So off I go to make some cool rooms! After I get 5 rooms done I will put them together in a level and off we go to the story manager which will still be random or guided in my plans. IE everytime you play the level will switch around a little.

More later!…looks like a good work night tonight.


First Reply to a post by Proto


1. What are the names of the last boss in Europa 2?

–Not decided yet really. =). I have a couple of endings in mind and have not settled yet.
2. What weapons would you expect the hero to use on the final boss? (Maybe you could add an image of them so I have a general idea of the workings of the weapon)

–A combination melee left hand and single handed DPS on right… along with tons of abilities…
3. What are the names of the spells and abilities you would expect the hero to use on the final boss also?

–Summons, Slows,Dps,, the whole bag of tricks.
4. What items would you expect the hero to use?

–Void grenades. Potions
5. What attacks, abilities, weapons does the final boss use?

–Undecided but very strong single hits with a secondary multi missle hit.
6. What happens after you beat the final boss in Europa 2? (As detailed as possible please)

–Still not decided I want to get more into the story and see how it feels while playing.
7. What is the Alien Gate?

–A device that teleports the traveler to another plane of existence and possibly back.
8. Do you have any names for the Protagonist in Europa 1 and 2?(If not I could probably make them anonymous)

–Sadly I cannot remember I think the last boss was beezlebub (sp?)

9. Could you give me the general dates of the events that transpired? ( Defeat of the final boss, The events that happen after, When the Protagonist of Europa 2 gets the message from his little brother, when he decides to set out to save his brother and when he reaches Europa.) I know those are a lot of dates so if you don’t have them it’s fine, I’ll work with as much as you give me.

–You searching for your brother while ME1 is going on. Your seperated by a great distance on the surface. However, the VAST under ice network should get you there.

Wow now that I look at it those are a lot of questions 😀 . Don’t worry if you can’t answer any of them. I know it would be better if I finished the game myself and learned all the answers but the game would probably be finished and you’d already be developing Europa 3 by the time I actually finish the game. I know answering these questions will take a lot of time so if it eats into your development time feel free to disregard this. I’m also aware many people may want to find the ending out themselves so if you prefer it, you can send the answers via email. (

Oh I almost forgot the most important question! Would you allow me to write an extract describing the events leading up to Europa 2?😀

Oh and if you need help with planning the story for each level I’d love to help with that too! 🙂

–Would love it.. First I want to see how powerful the story delivery system is =-)..


I am now finally creating the story mode. Everything seems to be running great now and I am develping the level gen to deliver the story.

Organized the project… now back to experimenting…

Update: I think I found it!… It seems the lights are causing the batching to fail… So I need to reduce the lights that are real time of course I know this. However, I though lights marked as baked will not cause any slow downs and not be included. It seems I need to create lights soley for light mapping and then disable them for the game =)…. All good! So more light mapping tonight and then on to bigger and better!!!


For some reason the room I have constructed will not BATCH… all my experiments work out.. so I am dissecting the room into pieces to try and get it to batch properly.. I do not want to start over on that room. Somewhere along the way the meshes got disturbed into a mode that they will not batch together even sharing the same materials. I think it has to do with the light mapping. It seems it is burned into the mesh. So back to work!

I am looking forward to a full week of work…. I have shipped two out of my three day job projects so I will not have to work the extra hours!….I am looking forward to a good work week!


Update: Experimenting going well.. I am spending time organizing the whole project so klevel creation can go as fast as possible.. =)


Ok shipped 2 out of three work projects after spending the last 5 weeks doing overtime and weekends..Now Finally I hope to buckle down on ME..

I am experiomenting currently fidning out the right combination of settings to enable static batching.. which I HAVE TO HAVE for mobile devices… The old school AAA game maker in me cringes when I see high numbers of draw calls =)..

I will have more later!

Still experimenting…..

I may have found a reason to choose Unreal 4 over Unity… But that depends on the tools and research I have yet to find…

I am sure I will find the right path to resolution it will just take time and again I am home 3 hours after I am usually due to being relied on to much at the day job. However, I am working now soooo lets get at it….more later…