Deleted the forum post here with questions or communications

It is just impossible to keep up with the spam bots out there and not worth the hassle. I do not want to waste dev time moderating pill pushers.. not to mention this hilarious letter from a legal eagle. Did not even do a domain look-up to find my name. Love those lawyers as much as the spammers. Anyway back to work on cursed realms. =)

In the future if anyone knows a bulletin board that actually CAN keep out spammers let me know phpBB is not one.

Dear Domain Owner:

VIVUS, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that develops innovative therapies in the field of sexual health and is the owner of the famous trademark STENDRA™. As you are no doubt are aware, this trademark is used to identify, advertise and promote VIVUS, Inc.’s products and activities and is protected around the world under U.S. and international trademark law.

You are using VIVUS, Inc.’s trademark(s) as a meta tag, keyword, or other visible or concealed text in connection with your website located at By doing so, you intentionally seek to attract Internet users to your website. This unauthorized use of VIVUS, Inc.’s intellectual property falsely suggests VIVUS, Inc.’s sponsorship or endorsement of your website. This practice infringes on VIVUS, Inc.’s exclusive intellectual property rights.

We demand you immediately remove all VIVUS, Inc. trademarks from meta tags, keywords, and other visible or concealed text that are connected to your website located at:

Further legal action may be pursued if this situation is not immediately resolved.


Sandra Wells
Senior Director Legal Affairs

351 E. Evelyn Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94041”

Turkey day is over!

I went out of town to visit family the last weekend so not to much got done. However, I am still on track to have a playable multi-player COC style online game into testing in the next few weeks. I am fine tuning right now. I cannot wait to get feedback from the testers on the new path I have taken. More soon! =)