Reyem neas is done!

And this wekend will be a big work weekend as the wifey is going out of town.

I need to just add him as an ability and add some targeting stuff… not to bad.. now summons are in!.. They can all follow the same code base……


Had a lot of evening junk this week I had to do

But back at it…. and hopefully some weekend time.. Reyem is about 50 percent complete. I had to add lots of scripts that will be useful with the other summons so the others will go much faster =)….

Again these are progress shots…

More later as usual


Reyem is getting close!


I also want to work on his testure more.. Not happy as I want to be.


He is almost alive… special effects next.. then the big ball of death he is know for. I think I will also add a ability that summons him to fight with you for a while =).. that would take a small amount of time and I could extend it to multiple summons =)..


Specular done….Animation time!






Last stages are texturing and specular. Then animating (easy)…

Here is where the old boy stands…er floats…..I really like him. Way closer to what I originally wanted to do back in the day… 1000 verts also .. Not bad at all for that level of detail…. He still has a bit more to go…some exposed bones etc… then specular then animation….




Reyem is returning….

Ill update tonight as he comes together..

Ambient Occlusion Bake Pass Added:


Just Started Texturing…… Will take until tomorrow… Characters take about 4-12 hours from scratch… but so much fun:

This will take a LOT more texturing…..




Here is final sculpt: (painting texture now)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.53.48 PM.png


I do not like UV mapping it takes FOREVER…… but uvs are done now time to paint.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.41.44 PM.png

Lots of sculpting left….but Reyem is going to be more bad-ass then ever =)…



Next stage sculpting …. long way to go there =P…



Reyem neas should be close to fully modeled and textured tonight.. I hope to start his summon tonight =)….

Here he is climbing back into our reality..(sketch was a 3 minute freehand to get a better idea on scale and face =) so not so good )