Redoing level 0

It has to be the best looking area as it is the area you spend your first time and a lot of time in. So I am not to sad Iost it..

I have about 2 hours work time and then the light mapping time to go.. I will post project pics so anyone can watch it progress.. Next to add more lights pointing at the drill site. Making it look like a research dig.


More later!

Planning can save months!

I am still laying out level0 the base and level1 the first combat level.

Things I want to get done now are place in the animation stuff so I can for example have a corpse run and jump into the hole when you first show up … scary freaky things not just a walk and shoot game..

Then after I get it all put together I want to go through what I have written down on the wiki and  find the best way to mass produce it and in the most efficient and time sensitive way. This will require balance and dropping some items due to the time it will take to produce… =)…Anywho really trucking now! FINALLY!

More later!

Story system going well

So I want to be able to deliver what ever type of mission/story I can think of. So first I want to write out the first coulbe of levels missions. Then I will analyze the components and make sure they will work in the system I have designed. Thats where I am… If you want to follow along here is where I will be working level0-2 most probably is where I will stop…then start building the systems..