Still flashing it up

Here is the effect with the screen flash….yummy…and so easy
PLEASE IGNORE FRAME RATE. I have to run this in the simulator on a mac mini while running recording software.. sooo um it sucks. It runs like a dream on the iDevices.

I still need to add the camera shake… I am getting pleased with the explosion effect but there is a little ways to go =)…


I am working on the HUD and making things pretty =).. I am about to add in an effect that will tint the screen a color for big explosions and then I need to go and work on the bloom effect a little more it needs to operate a little differently. =)

I should get some seriously good work time tommorrow with a little tonight… =)…


The graphic tricks and effects will be off the chart in this one =)

Adding flash!

I am polishing as I go =). Things are really moving now. I moved the menu into the glow pass so it will actually blur and glow a little and not stick out like a sore thumb. I like the look now. You maybe able to see the difference.

I will work more on the final look when all is operational but as I go I am doing my best to make it the best experience I can =)….more later day job for now =)


Working on the final game HUD… starting to look a lot like a game finally =)


Just chugging along with any free time I can scrounge up… My weekend got eaten up with working on the jeep and family stuff…. Seriously need a time machine. Anywho I am working on the list.

More later right now it is Monday at the day job and I am sucking it up from a WAY to busy weekend….Have a wonderful Monday =P…

AHHHH memnory lane…

Imp about to go postal!

Hes hungry tired and cannot get to his home or some food… so he is pissed!

Wanna know how risky game dev is…… O and NEVER start a game company to make a MMO… only the very hardest type of game to make…and why o WHY would you put every bit of your 50 million into ONE basket or venture….

Buff Time!

I have a GREAT way of doing buffs and debuffs… so easy… get out of the database then hang off the transform of the AI and it will automatically operate on the AI =)… Any visuals or sounds hang off the Buff so when it goes away so do they =)… good stuff!

Poor imp is hungry!

Tired and hungry = bad mood! =P

More later ! Day job calls!

Got some good stuff in last night

Here is the list…
Update: Target tonight is still tweaking AI. I want them to behave better here is a shot of me training a blimp user. Go eat turret! More tonight =)

I placed in a script ability to load anything quickly to the render graph. Then I split up effects into pieces thus I can quickly combine smaller effect pieces into a larger effect. This is the way I always have to work being a one man band. Small Lego pieces that build to a larger product. The end result is great. Tonight I plan on plowing forward with the list. I should be getting down to the nuts and bolts of gameplay next week. 😉 for now the day job calls . Happy hump day!

Going strong

Update: Things are going well… not so well for this pus bucket playing chicken with a turret though =)

At the day job currently but I expect to get a lot of time tonight to work.

ARGH agrviating day and night =)… but as my motto goes it could always be worse =P. Refrigerator died, My jeep battery died, I had to drive all over town playing geek squad for the boss, and I spent the last hour and a half chasing a very hard to find bug. That is until I slowed down and read through the code where I thought it was. I then found what I should have found in about 15 minutes. O well so goes life =). Hopefully tomorrow holds more dev time in it I want to get this thing to testing!… I have a bout 30 more min of gas left in me then zzzzzzzzzz. =) Lets hope tomorrow has lots of dev time in it.

I found some more issues along the way but I will deal with them tonight. This week has been wiped clean to devote all of the evenings to Cursed Realms and making it better one hour at a time. I will have more later right now the day job is getting really busy =)..Happy Monday!

Picking up and dropping AI next.

Update: Got a off a little early and got all the grabbing and placing done that was super easy =). Now off to the list!


This should not be to hard to do. Simply grab and throw the AI on a hold graph. Then the AI appears on the left. when AI on left is pressed then the next owned tile pressed will drop the AI there with a short stun.

Interesting link of the day…
Void where prohibited

Imp almost complete

Break time… model viewer back up and running =)..

Now I need to update the model viewer so I can produce some icons for the characters using the engine. So off to revamp the model viewer to the new engine changes =)….


I have him doing everything right except when converting a tile to your ownership he does it from the ajoining square… should be a quick fix I just ran out of time. After that back to the list!… which is really getting shorter every day. More later

The slaving imp has its brain now! =).. on to bigger and better =P

I beat Diablo 3

A busy imp building his home =)
I am really getting there. I need to clean up some imp stuff tonight and tomorrow then get back to getting the game playing well. A bit of a ways to go but it is moving =)..


HOLLY LIVING BAT SH@# ROBIN… did you see the number of people that worked on that game!!!!???? My credits will have 1 name they had hundreds!… I mean I think I killed more NPCs then worked on that pile of crap. OMGosh. . Sorry I am shocked it took that many to make that short game. I put 1/64 the time into Diablo III then I did Skyrim. And Skyrim was a real game….. I think Blizzard truly is on the way out. The formula game will kill them. I really did not enjoy my play times. I just did it cause I payed for it. What a dissapointment. It really really felt like a team of 16 people could have done better. wow……anyway BACK TO WORK on cursed realms… with a sack full of diablo 3 disappointment….

Still on the imp

I sadly did not have the drive last night to work too late. Tonight hopefully I do =)… I did get the imp most of the way done. I have him looking around for a place marked to dig and getting there. I need to have him dig then also look for places to convert to owned spots. More after the day job… =)


Mission Europa SALE…2.99 Collectors

Dig spot demarkation in and awesome =)… now to get the old impy digging with some nice effects… Burning the tires and lighting the fires =)


Here is me firing a shot off at the AI Husk.. testing its on hit effect.

I fine tuned the HDR bloom, and the contrast of the final image. I LOVE the look now =)


Update: Here is the effect that goes off when your AI unit takes a hit. It represents the damage your brain case is taking.

Kinda fun =)… it only took a few minutes to toss together with the systems that are getting more solid everyday… tonight I hope to really get it going =)

Here is the last effect system I feel I need for now.

It can use any model and render it as a particle. Here I use exclamation points =0…

Not to special but very powerful later =)… I may add in some collision in there later as I already have the systems. Cannot wait to get done with the day job today and get to work =)..

More later.

Very good article about indie Devs

Creativity finding new light with people that will bite the bullet and take on the world by themselves =)

I do disagree with the last statement… Indie dev is alive and WELL on the ios NOT at universities….(I have a masters to prove it =P)

“At E3, we groan at the endless parade of violent and uninspired power fantasies, but in a way we are actually groaning at the absence of true authorship in the commercial games industry. When games fall into a handful of risk-reduced, market-optimized categories, we lament them not just as re-hashed ideas but as missed opportunities for human connections. Fortunately, these kinds of connections can still be found elsewhere; on the internet, at pop-up arcades, and in universities around the globe, regardless of whether or not most of the AAA’s want to (or even can) come along for the ride.”

Lightning done

Finally… the complexity of tracking down the particles that where the problem took some time. However, once it is done it is DONE… I will post some pictures later for now the day job is beating me with the deadline stick =)….

Here is a video.. I would like to tweak it more tomorrow before I move on. Its fun when it is generated and not just a texture map like you always see. Every time it goes off it will look different =).. It is REALLY slowed down so you can see it is in 3d and not just a texture operation on a plane…


Guys night tonight so the lightning effect will have to wait. I got off 2 hrs late also from the day job… weeeeeee…

I will get er done tomorrow though with some fancy screen shots to boot.

After the lightning effect I will have one more easy effect I can think of to do. Just a model render based on particle positions. That should take an hour or so if that.

More later…

Here is a shot of the first phase of lightning gen. The points. purple first arc, yellow second, red third. The next phase is branching. I will get a pic of that up in a few.. I am uploading between crap at work =)

Effects are BIG for games just like in movies =).. I am adding a pretty good one now. It uses particles as positions to fit the particle system paradign and give it more power. I start with two points then at 40% – up to 10% then another 32% after that same +- 10% and then 28% to the end. Each point along there vairies by a setting in the X and Y aligned along the axis Z through the two points. Each particle is marked 1. Then a second pass goes down the particles and has a chance of branching out up to 2 branches. These are marked 2. Then the last chain can branch once off of the number 2s anywhere. Each layer is a bit lighter and smaller. It should turn out really good and be very useful in the game for some wow =).

For now the day job… later work =)..

Bullet weapons in…

Working on a lightning generator that I should have done tomorrow. When I get it done I’ll post a shot. =)..

Keep on keeping on…


Here is a turret using a bullet based system.

Here is a pic from me taking over the turret and shooting it at the flying slime ball…

Working the list pretty hard!…

Still a ways to go but I am in a push mode to alpha. Working nights as hard as I can and limiting my play of diablo to 30 min at most (and that is not that hard as it really is so vanilla and amusement park like that I am really just playing to see the effects)

More when I get it =)…

(Down to the gameplay list!…. good stuff!)

5 in the (sunday) morning .. =)

Wow.. could not sleep after wifey left for work so I started working =)

Yea things are so easy to add it is pretty fun to see!… That is the beam weapon hitting =)… time to get ready for some churching then back to work!. . I should get some more decent work time today. I am starting to get excited. There is nothing like this out there and after we get alpha rolling it will only get better with all the input. And the future games will come much faster on this new design. About 3/4 of the dev time on Cursed Realms was based in the tech and new engine. This will hopefully translate to much faster release of games in the future =)….

More later. Have a great Sunday!..