On to the character gen….

Doing this a much prietier way



Working on the item database..

ALl objects have the ability to add to states / take away / change the percentage of stats and many many more things. They combine to form the model, icon, and stats for your character. Your level is your character and that is what opens the ability to gain abilities and use armor and weapons… exciting!
I would love to make this multiplayer VR also.. I will have to look into that though.. What this allows is one guy like me to have millions of items.

So a sword:
Describing word x Pummel x Handle x Sword x level x added effect for pummel x added effect for handle x added effect for sword x final word = X

So say I make just 10 of each…..with 30 start words and 30 end words..
10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 50 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 5,000,000,000 possible swords… yes 5 billion =)… all which look different in some way. For example words add a decal over certain parts.. start word is the base and handle end words are the blades. Anyway best get some work done!

(stats will change when testing… this is temporary)
All names are not final and there will be far more.

More later!

Words from DB:

word decrepit -90
word ruined -80
word ravaged -70
word wrecked -60
word ruined -50
word flimsy -40
word rickety -35
word shabby -30
word ragged -25
word rusted -20
word drained -15
word jaded -10
word worn -5
word regular 0
word strong 5
word agile 10
word enhanced 15
word augmented 20
word butressed 25
word radiant 30
word saintly 35
word ripping 40
word fabled 50
word unyeailding 60
word ethereal 70
word celestial 80
word legendary 90
word epic 100
word angelic 150
word godly 200

End words which will be preceded by OF _____

wordEnd agony
wordEnd misery
wordEnd burning
wordEnd torment
wordEnd destruction
wordEnd the tick
wordEnd the leach
wordEnd the hungry
wordEnd the voracious
wordEnd the vampire
wordEnd practice
wordEnd guidance
wordEnd training
wordEnd cultivation
wordEnd attainment
wordEnd wit
wordEnd intensity
wordEnd spirit
wordEnd mana
wordEnd understanding
wordEnd strength
wordEnd vitality
wordEnd the robust
wordEnd the flourishing
wordEnd aptitude
wordEnd the mind
wordEnd comprehension
wordEnd brilliance
wordEnd disorder
wordEnd poison
wordEnd infirmity
wordEnd affliction
wordEnd the reaper
wordEnd defense
wordEnd fortress
wordEnd bastion
wordEnd the juggernaught
wordEnd the dreadnaught
wordEnd saftey
wordEnd protection
wordEnd shelter
wordEnd aegis
wordEnd salvation