Dumping that menu system.

I just do not like it. It works in VR pretty nicely and it is pretty. However it is more pretty and complex then usable in a hurry. I am looking to simplify at all places as to actually be able to finish. I am going with something like the last system. Sooo off to the races… First I am going to look for a pre-built ui system that might work and save time.

8 thoughts on “Dumping that menu system.

  1. sweet!!!!!!! when you are ready for music, atmospheres, and tunes, hit me up at Last Relic (former Replicant Theory)

      1. That would be awesome… making slow but steady process working lots of hours. So I am squeezing ME work here and there.

  2. Glad to see ya! Yes back at it trying to get things done around life! My real passion is making games so here we go!

  3. Honestly I miss just how good mission Europa 1 was.. you see that game always brought the feeling of an old n64 title with its graphics and gritty atmosphere. Honestly that’s what sucked me was how unique it looked and how enjoyable the gameplay was.. I know graphics are intense these days but something about the old look just wins my heart every time.. I’m happy to hear you’re back on making Mission Europa 2 a thing. I Really hope you never loose sight of what you love most and remember there’s fans out there who do love and support your work. I know I’ll never get the chance again to play and have mission Europa 1 forever cause it’s been taken down which honestly totally sucks. I wish I could still have and play that game right now.. if there were anyway to convince you to port it some how to the current iOS that would be awesome or if there’s a way I can still play it? I’d love that soooo much… damn makes me miss my iPod touch I had back in 2012 ..:/ this really sucks..

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