The new waterfall… What is cool is it takes the color of that region thus the green in one of them.. if the ground has a red tint it will take that.

AI husk upgrade:

Guarding his precious AI.. YO -=)

Looks better with the computer lights moving..I need to scale up the inner cube texture..LOTS of bug fixes and tool enhancements tonight. Still working towards level 1 completion and after that the levels will ROLL… I am very happy with the tool set now if I only had more time available =)


4 Responses to “Working!”

  1. Darkredninja Says:

    How many levels do you plan on making?

    • Darkredninja Says:

      Dog nvm read the wiki 40 levels that’s alot ._. Any way so far it’s looking awesome 🙂

      • Darkredninja Says:

        I many doh iPod auto correct -.-

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Yes I am thinking first 3 levels free then the next 7 are episode one and each 10 after that another episode.

        And each episode being 1.99 or 2.99 so I can have sales…

        I am also thinking of copying others and offering elite units for 99 cents.

        Thanks! I still have quite a few asthetic passes to go. It is taking so LNG because I am building a toolset to pump out games as I go thus future games will be much faster to make :)….

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