Sorry for the lack of posts.

April 24, 2014

My day job has been running me ragged trying to make up for some bad contracts… I have to be sure that job is solvent or the side job of games will not happen =)… hopefully over the next few days I get some good work time in =).

Balancing and adding cool

April 17, 2014

Work work work at night I am

Balancing will take some time now but almost all game play systems are there they just need to be tweaked :) and the game can handle a ton of action with its new engine :)




Fx for atlantians done

April 14, 2014

I need more work on their aim. Rough week last week so got very little done hopefully a lot more time becomes available this week



Necromancer rising is out now =)

April 13, 2014

Thanks Doom for the heads up. I am working all day on Cursed Realms. Long way to go but every little step helps!

Atlantans use a mortar type attack

April 10, 2014

And now time to create a mortar weapon for the player ;)

I also need to make the pretty Atlantian mortar effect that is just a test projectile.


Finally got time to get Necromancer Rising Reborn back to apple…

April 7, 2014

So now back to cursed realms finally! Lets hope they are not so picky this time.

Atlantans are loose!

April 1, 2014

Powerful ancient creatures



Work time!

March 31, 2014




Going to post some tonight as I work ;)
Lots to do as I need to ship this bad boy!

LOL wow… rejected due to low resolution…

March 26, 2014

Umm hello Necro is 6 years old and ran at a super high framerate on an iPhone 3G! … Welp going to have to do some more work on necro it seems…It does not seem to bad though I just need to redo some textures. I should be able to do that tonight.

Abandon going in

March 24, 2014

Finally then Atlantans and one more user model :)
That should be all for the alpha test time…. More when I get time :)



Getting some work time!

March 20, 2014


And it’s all coming back together after the huge design change to gear more to the pick up and play side of things :)

Demon!!! I need to add his floor fire effect now


Demon power!



Demon class back.. romp em and stomp em

March 19, 2014



Back to cursed realms for a while while test results come in

March 18, 2014

Glad to be back in current tech but I do miss necro and me play styles. Definitely have to do a sequel someday :)

Testing characters :)


Be sure to press the image for full resolution :)

One last build for Necro…

March 17, 2014

Hopefully.. I remove the need to press loot to open the loot window as that was annoying. Now you just walk up to a corpse pile and the loot window opens. I also fixed a counting system for the quest that caused some items not to count as quest items.

FINALLY back to cursed realms…. I will upload the test build first then send the same build to apple.

Note to testers for necro

March 16, 2014

Please be sure to delete the app before installing the last update.
Chris I think that is your quest issue. That debug code I removed did not trigger something that triggers when you install.

I deleted started over and ran great all the way to level 2 no prob.


Today finally back to cursed realms ;) I need to finish it ;)

About an hours worth of work left on necro

March 14, 2014

I have to redo a BUNCH of apple itunes stuff and then I can ship it off to them =)..
Latest build seems pretty good I played it four about 30 minutes.

New Build for Necro today…

March 14, 2014

It seems I left on a debug line of code that resets your character every time you load =)… nice huh!

I should have a new build shortly…


March 13, 2014

Drag points from your points bar o skills i forgot that one myself =)… so as you level drag the to the skills you want =)

Played all the way through level 1 to level two no crashes 30 minites good stuff

Necro is out to testers.

March 13, 2014

It was fun messing around in the old game. It was PRE-3Gs thus was competing with i-Fart apps mainly =)… It was really hard to get everything crammed into the slow as heck processor and little to no memory =).. Anywho I hope to have that done tonight. If I ever get the icons and lauch images right.. Seriously why not supply 1 large image and let the option be to create all the other versions. More later, the first day back at the day job and it is HARD catching up =)


March 13, 2014

I worked 3 hours trying to get the icons right for Necro. Game is good tested and more stable then ME but following apples guides are ridiculous… I followed them exactly and xcode says nope you need to name it this and have the resolution that… guess what they all are wrong..


So more trial and error tomorrow and I hope to ship necro to apple… VERY DUMB that I cannot provide ONE large resolution icon and have it create the 42 other icons (That is time consumed from making games / apps better)… I wonder if I should apply for the spot of Xcode icon manager. This costs thousands upon thousands of man hours for all the apps out there (around 250k). Quite funny actually that the company with the most cash reserves in the world would have something this crazy. O well a hoop we must jump through. Hopefully tomorrow I get all the icons and launch images right…

Yea, seems easy but those resolutions are WRONG and they each have to have special names not specified in the docs! Great huh! =)


Sooooooo fun =) … Hopefully tomorrow I can make enough different guesses to get it right again….


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